Thursday Bible Studies

Each Thursday night at 7:00 PM, we have Bible studies in the format of open Q&A. Any question you want to ask about the Bible or related topic is open for discussion. For serious Bible students who want KNOW the Bible, this is a great resource. This page contains an archive of every Thursday Bible Study, some with descriptions of the questions/topics that were discussed.

If you listen to a message on this page that lacks specific questions that were discussed, we kindly encourage you to write some of the main questions covered for that date and send it to Jenny or Caleb to help others find the material they are looking for in the future.


Thursday 1-4-18 – Deuteronomy 10:16 – What does it mean to “circumcise the foreskin of your heart”?
– What to say to a 7th Day Adventist who says the church should meet on Saturday?
– God’s hand in America – The 7 Revivals in America and the 7 Cults to counter them.

Thursday 1-11-18 – 1 Corinthians 13:13 – Why is charity said to be the most important?
– Who are the 4 black men in the New Testament who model what we should be as Christians?
– Biblical principles for dealing with a family where the kids have different parents?
– Numbers 32:15 – God’s warning to Israel’s 2nd generation out of Egypt if they turn away.

Thursday 1-18-18 – When was the last Book of the Old Testament finished? Was there a “completed” Old Testament before Jesus was born and where was it?
– Did Wescott and Hort ever try to corrupt the Old Testament?
– Revelation 3:5 and Revelation 3:21 – explain why this isn’t a works-based system fo salvation, as it says you must “overcome?”
– “Book of life” in Revelation 21:27, Philippians 4:3, Revelation 13:8, and Revelation 20:12.
– Why is the word “church” found in Matthew if the Church doesn’t start until Acts?
– Explain Matthew 12:32, the so-called “unpardonable sin.”
– What are the 3 times Paul is told to not go to Jerusalem?

Thursday 1-25-18 – What are the different “levels” of demon possession?
– 1 Samuel 16:14 – explain the “evil spirit” from God that troubles Saul.
– The 13 evils of the heart in Mark 7:20-23.
– Did Jesus burn and suffer in hell after he died on the cross?

Thursday 2-1-18 – What are the “7 periods of prophecy”?
– Genesis 5:23 – Is there any significance to Enoch living for 365 years?
– Titus 3:2 – what is the “balance” of speaking harsh against or calling other people out (like Paul does in 2 Timothy 4:14)?
– John 21:25 – if Jesus did all of these things, how is it possible for us to do “greater works” than him (John 14:12)?

Thursday 2-8-18 – Genesis 24; principles for dating and finding a spouse

Thursday 2-15-18 – Acts 15:20 and 15:29
– How does God deal with a paranoid schizophrenic?
– Job 38:33 – what are the “ordinances of heaven”?



Thursday 1-7-16 – Ecclesiastes 12:7 – Does man’s spirit return to God after he dies? (spirit vs soul)
– Judges 8:20 – Why was Jether’s firstborn afraid to draw his sword?
– What do the 3 items behind the veil in the tabernacle picture?
– James 4:7 – Does this mean that Satan himself will personally attack me?
– Matthew 23:14 – What is the “greater damnation”?
– Can a person really be saved but have no change in their life?

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Thursday 10-13-16 – Study on the Apocrypha  — [CLICK FOR TRANSCRIPT]

Thursday 10-20-16 – Study on Westcott and Hort, other King James Version subjects  — [CLICK FOR TRANSCRIPT]

Thursday 10-27-16 – The 7 garment changes of the Devil, and the 8 of Christ. Christians in eternity also covered  — [CLICK FOR TRANSCRIPT]

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Thursday 1-2-14  – Explain the geocentric theory.
– Acts 18:18 – What was the vow Paul made?
– Job 4:3-4 – Do these verses line up to the six questions in Job 26?
– I John 5:14-15 – Explain these verses.
– Permissive will vs directive will.
– Why does Jesus need to make intercession to God for us?
– Psalms 66:18 – If you’re out of fellowship with God, does he hear your prayers?

Thursday 1-9-14  – Where was Noah’s ark built?
– Revelation 7:3 – What does “hurt not the earth” mean?
– Job 14:14 – What kind of body will Job have after death?
– Genesis 14:14 – Why were his servants trained?

Thursday 1-16-14  – II Samuel 12:25 – Why did David call Solomon Jedidiah?
– Will people in eternity eat from the tree of life once, or many times?
– What is the definitive chapter on New Jerusalem?
– Did Adam and Eve go to hell?

Thursday 1-23-14 – I Corinthians 1:25 – What is the “foolishness” and “weakness” of God?
– What is the proper way to present the gospel to a lost person?

Thursday 1-30-14 – Revelation 22:11 vs John 20:23.
– Why do homosexuals think they are born that way?
– What does the Bible say about speaking in tongues?

Thursday 2-6-14 – Galatians 4:26 – Explain this verse.
– Galatians 1:8 – Were people preaching other gospels during this time?
– What does the phrase the “testimony of Jesus” mean?
– Psalms 78:49 – What “evil angels” is he talking about?
– Lamentations 5:8 – Who are the “foxes”?

Thursday 2-13-14 – I Corinthians 15:29 – What does “for the dead” mean?
– How many siblings did Jesus have?
– How did they choose the tomb to put Jesus in?
– Leviticus 2:11 – Why is honey not allowed?
– If we can find dinosaur bones, why can’t we find satyr bones?
– If there a definitive verse/chapter/book on God?
– Are giant-sized people born today descendants of Goliath?

Thursday 2-20-14 – Luke 1:24 – Why did Elizabeth hide?
– In the book of Proverbs, are the words “riches” and “wealth” interchangeable?
– Isaiah 65:25 vs Genesis 3:14 – serpent eating dust Where is the Lake of Fire located?

Thursday 2-27-14 – Why did God speak to Moses out of a burning bush?
– Genesis 4:7 vs Genesis 3:16.

Thursday 3-6-14  Pillar 1 & 2 – Kingdom of Heaven and Kingdom of God

Thursday 3-13-14  Pillar 3 – Doctrine of Creation

Thursday 3-20-14  Pillar 4 – Nation of Israel

Thursday 3-27-14  Q&A for Pillars 1 – 4

Thursday 4-3-14  Pillar 5 – Doctrine of the Church

Thursday 4-10-14  Pillar 6 – Doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ

Thursday 4-17-14  Pillar 7 – Doctrine of Christ

Thursday 4-24-14

Thursday 5-1-14

Thursday 5-8-14

Thursday 5-15-14

Thursday 5-22-14

Thursday 5-29-14

Thursday 6-5-14

Thursday 6-12-14

Thursday 6-19-14 – Where did God come up with the 10 commandments?

Thursday 6-26-14 – Joshua 2 – Why was it okay to lie about hiding the spies?
– Why did God allow the Israelites to make an agreement with their enemy?
– John 20:7 – Why was the napkin separate from Jesus’ body?
– How do you determine a type or picture in the Bible?

Thursday 7-3-14 – Exodus 32:14 – Why does it say “God repented of the evil”?
– Daniel 11 – Who are the north and south kingdoms?
– II Kings 2:23-25 – Explain this story.
– Job 42:7-9 – Is this the same burnt offering as when they were under the law?
– Were the earlier translations of the Textus Receptus inspired by God?

Thursday 7-10-14 – What is the history of the Free Masons?
– What are some verses on the Rapture of the Church?
– Explain what Armageddon is.
– How bad will the Tribulation be?
– Job 26:5 – What are the “dead things under the waters”?
– What does the Bible say about predestination and election?

Thursday 7-17-14 – Exodus 31:17 – How is God “refreshed”?
– What is the difference between the Philadelphia church age and the Laodicean church age?

Thursday 7-24-14 – Zephaniah 1:10 – Explain this verse.
– 7 areas of stewardship.
– Can we trust the Bible even though we don’t have the original meaning?

Thursday 7-31-14 – 5 steps to recover a wayward child.
– What is the mark of the beast?
– Exodus 28:30 – Why did God speak through the Urim and Thummim?

Thursday 8-7-14 – What is apologetics and hermeneutics?
– Daniel 1:4 – Are these things we should strive for?
– Acts 2:46-47 What salvation is this talking about?
– What is the significance of Melchizedek?

Thursday 8-14-14 – Jon Bousquet – Moses

Thursday 8-21-14 – If a Christian is ill and has prayed for a cure and doesn’t get well, what are they supposed to do?
– What is the woman’s role in the church, as far as leadership and preaching and teaching?
– Leviticus 10:31 – What is the “strange fire”?

Thursday 8-28-14 – Psalms 119 – What are the words above each stanza?
– Psalms 119:83 – Explain this verse.
– II Chronicles 16:11-12 vs I Kings 15:14 – How can you have a perfect heart, and then end your life having a disease in your feet?
– Isaiah 45:7 – How can God do both of these things?
– Proverbs 24:1-7 – What is the difference between wisdom, knowledge, and understanding?
– How do you respond to people who have doubts about God?

Thursday 9-4-14 – Leviticus 25 – What is the purpose of the year of jubilee?
– How would a Gentile get saved, after the death of Christ but before Acts 7?
– John 12:3 vs Luke 7:37 – Is this the same story?
– Why did they choose a calk to make out of gold?
– Acts 9:7 vs Acts 22:9 – Why does he say different things?

Thursday 9-11-14 – Job 5:2 – What’s the difference between silly and foolish?
– Catholic Church is built on 5 concepts.
– Why does God change someones name?

Thursday 9-18-14 – Hebrews 11:7 – What is the practical application of this verse?
– Jonah 4:11 – Why is there no answer given from Jonah?
– Philippians 3:5 – What is the significance of Paul being of the tribe of Benjamin?
– 1 Samuel 1:3 – Is there a significance of why it says “LORD of hosts”?
– Zechariah 14:1 – What is the time element? Second Coming?
– Deuteronomy 1:2 – The time it should have taken the Nation of Israel to get to the promised land
– Isaiah 35:8

Thursday 9-25-14 – Nehemiah 8:10 – What is the “joy of the Lord”? 5 results of a changed heart.
– John 5:8-24
– Deuteronomy 15:12-18 – What is the practical application?
– Genesis 7 – the flood
– Jeremiah 7:18 – the Queen of Heaven and Baal worship

Thursday 10-2-14 – Esther 9:26 – What is Purim?
– What are the 7 things that God loves?
– Mark 9:28-29 – Why couldn’t they cast the devil out?
– Breakdown of Ecclesiastes 5

Thursday 10-9-14 – Proverbs 9:1 and 9:14
– Proverbs 26:25 – “when he speaketh fair”?
– Acts 19:13-15 – the Devil portrays himself as two things to different people. Natural vs unnatural sins. Demon possession.

Thursday 10-16-14 

Thursday 10-23-14 – 1 John 2:16-17
– Ecclesiastes 3 – the 28 things that make up the cycle of life… Revelation 18:12-13 and the 28 counterfeit things
– 1 Corinthians 3:11-12 – the Judgment Seat of Christ

Thursday 10-30-14 – Job 26:1-4 – 6 questions that will show up at the Judgment Seat of Christ
– Assisted suicide
– Amos 1
– 3 categories of Minor Prophets
– Genesis 5:32 – beginnings of the Gentiles after the flood

Thursday 11-6-14 – Genesis 10:2
– 1 Samuel 16:18
– John 12:28 – The Mount of Transfiguration
– Judges 13:5
– Breakdown of Proverbs 31

Thursday 11-13-14 – Ezekiel 3:17-18 – Ezekiel as a “watchman” of the Nation of Israel before their captivity
– 2 Corinthians 12:7 – What is Paul’s “thorn in the flesh”?
– Proverbs 30:7-9
– Ephesians 4:8
– Job 42:13-15 – Why does it name the daughters and not the sons?
– What are the gates for in Nehemiah 3?

Thursday 11-20-14 – Ezekiel 7:20 – Ark of the covenant; Nebuchadnezzar’s three sieges on Jerusalem
– Saul was the people’s choice; David was God’s choice
– The pre-millennial return of Christ
– Genesis 5-8 – Noah’s Ark; were dinosaurs on the ark?
– Genesis 11:1

Thursday 12-4-14 – Psalms 133:2
– Joel 2:16 – What is the chamber and the closet?
– Hebrews 8:2 – covenant; tabernacle; universe

Thursday 12-11-14 – Luke 11:4 – What is the “temptation” in this verse?
– Jeremiah 10 – What is the Biblical stance on Christmas? Baal-Peor
– Purpose of the New Testament Local Church
– Sinner, Son, and Servant

Thursday 12-18-14 – Breakdown and explain Revelation 10
– Matthew 17:1 – The Mount of Transfiguration
– Hebrews 11:5 – What does it mean to be “translated”?
– Outline of the Book of Ezekiel
– Colossians 2:23 – What is “will worship”? Outline of Colossians.


Thursday 1-3-13 – Why is Lucifer called a “ruler” in the Bible?
– II Samuel 6:6 – Why did God kill Uzzah?
– Was Luke a Gentile?
– Isaiah 14:12 – Is this a cross reference to Genesis 3?
– Ephesians 4:11 – Are these Apostles the same as Disciples?
– Where is the principle “if you want to keep it, you have to give it away” found in the Bible?
– Did God use King James because he had a Jewish name?

Thursday 1-10-13 – What did Jesus do between the time he died and resurrected?
– Zechariah 5:7 – Who is this woman?
– What’s the difference between a trespass offering and a sin offering?
– Job 33:14 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 1-17-13 – Different types of laughter in the Bible.
– Is there such a thing as a “heavenly prayer language”?
– Colossians 1:1 vs 1:4 – Why is it “Jesus Christ” then “Christ Jesus”?

Thursday 1-24-13 – What is Abraham’s Bosom?
– What will happen to our physical body at the Rapture of the Church?
– What is the process of becoming a proselyte Jew?
– Was the constitution inspired by God?
– What’s the difference between the torture in Hell and the torture in the Lake of Fire?

Thursday 1-31-13 – Proverbs 17:6 – Explain this verse.
– Psalm 127 – Is this a Tribulation passage?
– In eternity, will people be naked like Adam and Eve were?
– Galatians 5:21 – Explain this verse.
– How do you witness to someone who believes they can lose their salvation?
– Cannibalism.

Thursday 2-7-13 – Psalm 43:3 – What is the “holy hill”?
– What are the 5 stages of child training?
– Genesis 2:18 – How is Adam “alone” when God met with him?
– Is 33 the perfect age to have children?

Thursday 2-14-13 – God’s hand in World War I.
– Are there any parallels between the American Indians and what happened to the Jews?
– Is what the Pope says considered prophecy?

Thursday 2-28-13 – Luke 14:26 vs Matthew 22:37-38 – How do you reconcile these two verses?
– Is there a period of time between the Rapture and the Tribulation Period?
– How do we earn our crowns?

Thursday 3-7-13 – I Thessalonians 2:13 – What is the “cause” he’s referring to?
– Did the Holy Spirit have a different role in the Old Testament?
– Would the Old Testament Jew have the same struggle with the flesh as we have today?
– Ephesians 4:30 – What does it mean to grieve the Holy Spirit?
– Can a father baptize his child, or should baptism only be done by a pastor?
– Isaiah 50:7 – Explain this verse.
– Proverbs 8:22 – Explain what “possessed me” and “brought forth” mean.

Thursday 3-14-13 – Why do some people pray to the “most honored parent”?
– Who are the 18 types of antichrist?
– Is the antichrist alive at this time?
– How does the antichrist know who he is and when to take power?

Thursday 3-21-13 – Why does Jesus tell people not to say anything about his miracles?
– Does the Bible mention zombies?
– I Samuel 4:8 – Why does he say “Gods”?
– What does it mean to “fear the Lord”?
– Deuteronomy 27:11-13 – Explain this passage.
– I Samuel 16:15 – How does an evil spirit come from God?
– Is there a head seraphim?
– Psalms 3:8 – What does “selah” mean?

Thursday 3-28-13 – Judges 3:21-22 – What does “the dirt came out” mean?
– Genesis 19:26 – Why did she turn into a pillar of salt?
– Genesis 7:2 – How do you get pairs with 7 animals?
– What is the criteria for being an apostle?
– Daniel 12:11-12 – What is the “abomination of desolation”?
– Colossians 3:1 – Why give thanks to God and the Father?
– Zachariah 14:16 – Who are the people in the Millennium?

Thursday 4-4-13 – Galatians 6:14 – Explain this verse.
– Genesis 2:16 vs Genesis 3:3 – Why could Adam touch the tree and Eve couldn’t?
– Genesis 22:2 – Why does God say Abraham has only one son?
– What are the 4 spirits on the earth?
– Genesis 3:8 – Explain this verse.
– I John 4:1 – How do you “try the spirits”?
– Why do Jews not work on Saturday?
– Who gets a glorified body?
– Ezekiel 8:14 – Who is Tammuz?

Thursday 4-11-13 – Ezekiel 28:13-16 – Lucifer was “the anointed cherub that covereth”.
– Isaiah 6:13 – Explain this verse.
– Revelation 17:4 – Is the antichrist going to use the Catholic Church to accomplish his plan?
– Daniel 2:31-35 – How do these kingdoms line up with the present day nations?
– Daniel 11:1-15 – What are these kingdoms of the north and south?
– Ezekiel 16 – What is the context of this chapter?
– Genesis 3:24 vs Genesis 4:16 – Are these places close to one another?
– Ecclesiastes 5:3 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 4-18-13 – John 2:18-22 – Are the Jews confused about which temple Jesus is referring to?
– Genesis 3:6 – Was Adam present when Eve ate the fruit?
– Genesis 2:24 – Why does it speak of leaving your father and mother, when neither Adam or Eve had any?
– II Kings 8:26 vs II Chronicles 22:2?
– Psalms 150 – How do you give praise to the Lord?

Thursday 4-25-13 – Proverbs 25:3 – Explain this verse.
– II Samuel 18:1 – Was David not supposed to number the people?
– Genesis 28:15 – What is “that which I have spoken to thee of”?
– Why does God use Gideon, who was not part of the Nation of Israel?
– Genesis 22:1 – “And it came to pass after these things”
– Tempting vs Trying.
– Revelation 4:6 – Why do these beasts have “eyes before and behind”?
– Deuteronomy 14:26 – Is this saying it’s okay to drink alcohol?

Thursday 5-2-13 – If a saved person donates their organs after they die what happens to those organs?
– John 14:2 – What are these “mansions”?
– What are the 7 members of the household of God?
– Genesis 35:29 – What does “gave up the ghost” mean?
– Does God speak to us today through dreams?
– Genesis 36:12 – What is a concubine?

Thursday 5-9-13 – What is the Book of Enoch?
– Proverbs 16:18-19 – What does “haughty” mean?
– Revelation 6:6 – What does “hurt not the oil and the wine” mean?
– Job 21:19 – Whose iniquity is he talking about?
– Revelation 22:18-19 – Who is this verse for?
– What group of people?

Thursday 5-16-13 – What are the 10 questions you ask someone to see if they understand the Bible?
– Isaiah 34:5 – Explain this verse.
– What are the 7 things God loves?
– How do you know when God is chastising you for something?
– Joshua 6:9 – What is “rereward”?
– Joshua 5:2 – What is the significance of the people being circumcised again?

Thursday 5-23-13 – Revelation 20:4 – Are the souls here people from the Church Age?
– What are the 21 types of Christ found in the Old Testament?
– Can you lose your salvation?
– Did Adam always have blood in his veins?
– What fruit did Eve eat?

Thursday 5-30-13 – How do you reason with someone who thinks they’re demon-possessed?
– Exodus 4:25-26 – Explain this passage.
– What are some verses on balance?
– Esther 1:12 – Why did Vashti refuse to come before the king?
– What are the 7 spirits of God?
– What happens at the Marriage of the Lamb?

Thursday 6-6-13 – How do you handle sexual questions from a 6-year-old?
– Genesis 6:4 – Were these children born with souls?
– II Kings 4:34-35 – How does this passage deal with salvation?
– What is the significance of sneezing?

Thursday 6-13-13 – Where in the Bible does John listen to God’s heartbeat?
– Who are the apostles to the church?
– Genesis 12:13 vs Genesis 20:2
– Why isn’t Daniel mentioned in Hebrews 11?
– Song of Solomon 4:3 – What does the “thread of scarlet” represent?
– Deuteronomy 22:10-11 – Explain these verses.

Thursday 6-20-13 – How many types of God the Father and the Holy Spirit are there?
– When did Paul receive his “thorn in the flesh” (II Corinthians 12:7)?
– Where in the Bible does it talk about what Jesus looked like?
– How do you do a Bible character study?
– When will the Temple in Jerusalem be rebuilt?
– Revelation 11 – Who are the two witnesses that are brought back to life?
– What is the “abomination of desolation”?
– Does Joshua’s name change in Numbers 13:16?
– Luke 12:5, Matthew 10:25 – Who is this referring to?

Thursday 6-27-13

Thursday 7-11-13

Thursday 7-18-13 – Were there “cavemen”?
– 48 prophecies fulfilled at Christ’s first coming.
– Before Christ came, where did people go after they died?
– Exodus 32:20 – Why did Moses make them drink the ground powder?
– Daniel 10:5 – Who is the “certain man clothed in linen”?

Thursday 7-25-13 – When we stand before God at the Judgment Seat of Christ, how will we recall the things we did in our earthly bodies?
– What are the questions we will be asked at the Judgment Seat of Christ?
– What is God’s definition of when life begins and ends?
– II Timothy 3:16-17 – Are people still receiving inspiration from God?
– What is the definitive verse for “blessed”?
– How do you explain where God came from?
– What do you say to people who believe in polytheism?

Thursday 8-1-13 – How do you relate the Feast of Tabernacles with Christ’s birthday?
– Genesis 1:5 – What is this “light”?
– Is there a feast that goes along with the Rapture?
– Do Christians have guardian angels?

Thursday 8-8-13 – Two Lines of the Bible.

Thursday 8-15-13 – Is Moses the only Old Testament Jew named by a Gentile?
– Where is the Ark of the Covenant today?
– Did Hitler have 12 apostles?
– In Heaven, will we see the Trinity?
– How does Israel marry God?
– How does the church marry Jesus Christ?

Thursday 8-22-13 – Ezekiel 19 – What is the context of this chapter?
– Jeremiah 31:22 – Explain this verse.
– Luke 10:18 – Why does Jesus say he “beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven”?
– What happens to a Christian after they die?
– Romans 14:13 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 8-29-13 – Isaiah 17:1-5 – Is this passage talking about what’s happening in Syria right now?
– Psalms 76:10 – Explain this verse.
– What happens to a Christian after they die?
– 7 Judgments.

Thursday 9-5-13 – What are the 13 abominations that come out of the heart?
– Leviticus 21:16 – Can these priestly qualifications be applied to a Christian?
– How did we get our King James Bible?
– At the Rapture, which of the religions will cease and which will continue?
– Galatians 4:26 – How is New Jerusalem “mother of us all”?
– Are the cherubims still guarding the Garden of Eden?
– Numbers 8:15-18 – Why did God choose the tribe of Levi to make up the priesthood?

Thursday 9-12-13 – 9 gates in Nehemiah.
– When the anti-christ comes, who will be deceived?
– Are there different levels of hell?
– Genesis 10:5 – Where are the Jews here?
– Psalms 51 – 5 aspects to repentance.

Thursday 9-19-13 – I Chronicles 28, 29 – charges David gave to Solomon.
– Genesis 4:24 – Why does he say Lamech will be avenged “seventy and sevenfold”?
– Philippians 1:9 – How does love abound in knowledge and in judgment?
– I John 2:18 – Is there more than one antichrist?
– Matthew 4:24 – 3 categories of problems.
– I Kings 19 – first case of bi-polar in the Bible.

Thursday 9-26-13 – Did dinosaurs exist?
– Dead Sea Scrolls.
– Acts 12:4 – Why is the word “Easter” used?
– Why are Christians called “saints”?
– How are we judged as sinners, sons, and servants?
– 7 characteristics of God.
– Acts 9:36-43 – Explain this story.
– Before the New Testament was written, did Jesus exist in Heaven?

Thursday 10-3-13 – Since we’re made in God’s image, why are we responsible for the bad things we do?
– Genesis 8:1 – Did God forget Noah?
– Does the covenant of circumcision still apply in the New Testament?
– I Kings 20:35-43 – Explain this passage.
– How do you explain to someone that knowing Greek and Hebrew isn’t necessary when it comes to understanding the Bible?
– What is the significance of the words “like” and “as” in the Bible?
– Hebrews 6:7-8 – Explain this passage.
– Hosea 2:3 – Explain this verse.
– Do we still need to obey the Old Testament laws?

Thursday 10-10-13 – What’s the difference between a Jew, Gentile, Israelite and a Hebrew?
– If you listen to secular music but tune out the words, does it still affect you?
– Why does Fred Phelps protest at funerals?
– Genesis 21:28 – What does this verse mean doctrinally?
– James 2:21 – Is this verse talking about works for salvation?

Thursday 10-17-13 – What is “soul sleep”?
– Explain Biblical separation.
– How do we know that children under the age of accountability will go to heaven?
– When a Christian is depressed, is it because God’s plan is that they get strengthened in their faith?

Thursday 10-24-13 – 7 foundations of the church.
– Was Bathsheba supposed to be killed for committing adultery?
– Judges 9 – What do these trees represent?
– Why would God allow someone who is going to hell to be born?
– How much responsibility do we have in getting someone saved?

Thursday 11-7-13 – Galatians 4:19 – Explain this verse.
– Spiritual gifts given to the apostles.
– Do we, as believers, have the power to cast out demons?
– 7 things you lose when you lose your Bible.

Thursday 11-14-13 – Explain what the different names of God mean.
– How powerful are our words?
– How does God handle someone who waits until their deathbed to get saved?
– Romans 1:28 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 11-21-13

Thursday 12-5-13 – Daniel 9:27 – Who is the “he” and what covenant is he referring to?

Thursday 12-12-13 – Explain the two lines of the Bibles.

Thursday 12-19-13 – Why did God choose a female judge?
– Judges 4:8-9 – Why does Barak say this?
– Genesis 38:8-10 – Why was God displeased?
– Numbers 12:1 – Why didn’t God punish Aaron also?
– Exodus 6:12 – Why does Moses say his lips are “uncircumcised”?
– Deuteronomy 30:1-10 – Explain this passage
– Do Jews today know they’re in captivity?
– In the Tribulation, will the antichrist only attack orthodox Jews?
– Romans 2:25 – Can someone use this verse to prove you can lose your salvation?
– Ezekiel 4:5-6 – Why does God tell him to lay on his left and right sides?
– Is Rahab the harlot the same person as Matthew 1:5?
– Are John the Baptist and the apostle John the same person?
– Matthew 26:40 – Why did Jesus only mention Peter?

Thursday 12-26-13 – How do we know when Jesus was born?
– What is the Torah?
– During the captivity, how did people get God’s righteousness?
– How many animals were on Noah’s ark?


Thursday 1-5-12 – Revelation 3:5 – Is this verse saying you can lose your salvation?
– I Peter 2:12-16 – Explain this passage.
– Matthew 4:2 – It says Jesus fasted 40 days, did he do anything else during this time?
– Revelation 10:2 – What is the “little book”?
– Revelation 13:2 – Who is the beast like a bear?

Thursday 1-12-12 – Matthew 8:12 – Who are the “children of the kingdom”?
– Ecclesiastes 3:8 – Does God hate?
– I John 4:6 – What is the “spirit of error”?
– II Corinthians 9:15 – Why is Christ’s gift of salvation “unspeakable”?
– Genesis 10:10 – How did Satan know Christ would be virgin born?
– Revelation 1:7 – How will every eye behold Jesus?
– What is Enoch a type of?

Thursday 1-19-12 – In Exodus 5-12, why was Pharaoh’s heart hardened?
– Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 – Explain this passage.
– Acts 1:9 – Is this cloud a spaceship?
– Ezekiel 1 – Explain this passage.

Thursday 1-26-12 – What’s the difference between knowledge, wisdom, and understanding?
– Luke 4:13 – How long was the season that the devil departed from Jesus?
– What does the Bible say about listening to secular music?

Thursday 2-2-12 – Jude 1:9 – Why were they disputing about Moses’ body?
– Will God bring up our sins at the Judgment Seat of Christ?
– How does God get light (John 1:9) to people?
– Acts 13:1-12 – Why did God change Saul’s name to Paul?

Thursday 2-9-12 – Is it okay for Christians to play with Ouija Boards?
– What was the world like before Adam?
– Why does God still call Israel Jacob after God had changed his name?
– Psalms 139:15-16 – Explain this passage.
– How do you deal with people who think we’re going through the Tribulation?

Thursday 2-16-12 – Proverbs 9:1 – What are the 7 pillars?
– Genesis 46 – Why is “soul” used in the place of “son and daughter”?
– Mark 9:38 – Was it wrong for this person to cast out devils?
– Where did the Nation of Israel get their supplies to make the Tabernacle?
– Explain Biblical fasting.
– Exodus 18 – Jethro’s counsel.

Thursday 2-23-12 – Mark 14:22-23 – Is the Lord’s Supper and Communion the same thing as Transubstantiation?
– Genesis 1:28 – What does God mean by “replenish”?
– 7 concepts of the Fear of the Lord.
– Wise man vs foolish man.

Thursday 3-1-12 – Exodus 28 – the priest’s garment.
– Psalms 32:8 – How does God guide us with his eye?
– Ezekiel 20:25-26 – Explain this passage.
– Proverbs 26:25 – What are the 7 abominations?
– Isaiah 1:31 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 3-8-12 – John 15:6 – Who are the men?
– Doctrines from Sunday.
– Matthew 13:4 – What kind of seeds are these?
– Why are the apostles called “Saints” in the titles of their gospels?
– Galatians 5:22 – Why is fruit singular?
– What is a Bible principle?

Thursday 3-15-12 – Psalms 23 – Why is this chapter recited at funerals?
– Numbers 3:15 – Why were the Levites numbered differently?
– Luke 9:27-30 – Why was Jesus transformed twice?
– Genesis 48:8 – Why did Joseph switch the herds?
– Psalms 119:164 – Should we praise God 7 times a day?
– Job 41:34 – Explain the “children of pride”
– Proverbs 30:18-33 – Explain this passage.

Thursday 3-22-12 – What’s the difference between the Geneva Bible and the King James Bible?
– How do we know that Paul wrote Hebrews since it’s so different than all his other books?
– Was Paul blind?
– Genesis 7:2 – What is the reason for 7 clean and 2 unclean animals?
– What are the 2 sides to the devil (from Sunday’s sermon)?
– Deuteronomy 28:13 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 3-29-12 – Matthew 1:20 – Does this tie in with Joseph from the Old Testament?
– Explain the will of God.
– Deuteronomy 10:13 – Why is there a question mark at the end of this verse?
– Proverbs 12:18-20 – Why does it keep going back and forth between good and bad attributes?
– Proverbs 24:30-34 – Explain this passage.
– Luke 23:12 – Why were Pilate and Herod now able to be friends?

Thursday 4-5-12 – Matthew 10:29-31 – What does a sparrow represent?
– Exodus 28:41 – What does anoint, consecrate and sanctify mean?
– Proverbs 6:5 – Explain this verse.
– Jeremiah 48:10 – Explain this verse.
– Joshua 8:18 – Why is it a spear and not a sword?
– 2 Corinthians 6:14 – Can you use this verse for a business partnership?

Thursday 4-12-12 – Revelation 1:4 – Why is John capitalized?
– Define the philosophies in Ecclesiastes.
– Do we know when Christ was born?
– If Constantine made people Bishops at the Council of Nicaea, did they have a title before that?

Thursday 4-19-12 – Deuteronomy 32:27 – Why does God fear the wrath of the enemy?
– Are there any Biblical convictions, or are they just personal preferences?
– Job 13:15 – What does this verse teach?
– If the Israelites would have accepted Christ at His First Coming, would there have been a Tribulation Period?
– Job 14:17 – Explain this verse.
– Job 14:14 – What is the “change” Job is talking about?

Thursday 4-26-12 – Romans 1:25 – Who is the “creature”?
– How do you respond to someone who says that you should not judge them?
– I Thessalonians 5:22 – Explain this verse.
– Jeremiah 5:6 – What are the lion, wolf and leopard?
– Explain when the Kingdom of Heaven comes in and out of power.
– Is it a sin to get tattoos?
– What does the Bible say about casinos and gambling and is investing in the stock market considered gambling?

Thursday 5-3-12 – Godly Sorrow.

Thursday 5-10-12 – Does God open and close wombs today like he did in the Old Testament?
– Joshua 4:1 – What does “clean passed over” mean?
– Psalms 51:17 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 5-17-12 – Romans 11:4 – Who are the 7,000 men?
– David’s Mighty Men of Valor.
– 2 Corinthians 2:9 – What are the different things we are to prove ourselves in?
– Proverbs 18:8 vs Proverbs 26:22.
– 2 Chronicles 12:14 – How do you prepare your heart to seek the Lord?

Thursday 5-24-12 – Anointing of God’s Holy Spirit – What are the signs of this?
– Exodus 8:17 – Why couldn’t the magicians create lice?
– Where did all of the animals come from that did not get on Noah’s Ark?
– Exodus 4:24 – Why is Moses called a “bloody husband”?
– Romans 9:25 – Who is Osee?
– What are the 7 Covenants?
– Psalms 119:83 – What is the “bottle in smoke”?
– Definition of the legal terms in Psalms.
– John 2:6 – What does “purifying of the Jews” refer to?

Thursday 5-31-12 – Psalms 119 – What are the words between the verses?
– Losing your inheritance.
– 2 Corinthians 5:10 – How does your heart attitude play into this?
– What did Adam and Eve look like before they ate the fruit?

Thursday 6-7-12 – Why did God blind Paul in Acts 9:7-9?
– Explain our liberty as Christians (Galatians 5)
– Proverbs 27:4 – Explain this verse.
– Kingdom of Heaven vs Kingdom of God.
– Job 1:6 – When Satan came to accuse Job, is there a parallel to when we will be judged?

Thursday 6-14-12 – Where is Hell located and are there different levels?
– Isaiah 66:24 – Who are these people and where are they?
– What’s the function of each of the 3 heavens?
– When people pass away, where are they right now?

Thursday 6-21-12 – Is it a wrong motivation to work for God in order to get rewards?
– Jeremiah 7:18 – Who is the queen of heaven?
– How do we relate Gog and Magog to Russia?
– Daniel 4:34 – If Nebuchadnezzar is a type of the antichrist, why is he giving praise to God?
– John 19:7 – What’s the Old Testament law Jesus broke?
– Proverbs 21:17 – Explain this verse.
– Proverbs 24:9 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 6-28-12  Ecclesiastes 2:21, 23, 26 – Explain these verses. Ecclesiastes 3:1 – Is this to Israel? Genesis 6:4 – Can spiritual beings co-habit with physical beings? Revelation 21:1 – What does “no more sea” mean?

Thursday 7-5-12  Dean Hays.

Thursday 7-12-12  Why is 666 associated with the devil? Is there a time during our day when we’re not sinning?Proverbs 13:23 – Explain this verse. Matthew 25 – Parable of the virgins. Leviticus 7:13 – Why are they offering leaven with this sacrifice? What is a “wave” offering and a “heave” offering?

Thursday 7-19-12  If someone has never heard the gospel, will they go to hell when they die? What’s the difference between Methodist and Baptist beliefs? What do Scientologists believe? What are the Baptist distinctives?

Thursday 7-26-12  I Kings 16:33 vs I Kings 18:19 – Why are the number of prophets different? What are “groves”? If you’re saved and commit suicide, do you still go to heaven when you die? 2 Chronicles 18:7 – Explain this passage. How do you balance studying the Bible without getting overwhelmed? Job 38:33 – What’s the significance to Orion?

Thursday 8-2-12  Exodus 10:13 – If God moves East to West, why does he bring the locusts from the West? If Satan and his demons are already on earth, what comes out of Orion during the Tribulation? Revelation 17:1-6 – Why is she called the “great whore”? II Kings 6:18 – Why did God smite them with blindness? What are the 7 functions of the Holy Spirit?

Thursday 8-9-12  Numbers 5:11-31 – Explain this passage. I Corinthians 3:16-17 – How would we “defile” our temple? Zechariah 13:5-6 – Why does he say “husbandman”? II Corinthians 5:3 vs Revelation 19:8

Thursday 8-16-12  Son of Man vs Son of God. I Chronicles 6:7-8 – Why is Ahaziah missing from the list? Genesis 1:6-8 – Why doesn’t God say “it was good”? Job 1:1 – Where is Uz? Job 1:5 – Why is Job sacrificing, when it wasn’t required yet? Are Shem and Melchizedek the same person? Should Christians vote?

Thursday 8-23-12  Is there a list of questions that God will ask people at the Great White Throne Judgment of every occupation? Mark 3:17 – What does “Boanerges” mean? Joshua 1 – What are the 3 things God told Joshua to be? Acts 9:7 vs Acts 22:9 – Explain the difference. Job 26:5 – Explain this verse. II Kings 6:1-7 – What is the significance of the floating ax head? Colossians 3:8 – What is “filthy communication”? Explain I Kings 19:19. When Israel goes into the Promised Land, why are Joshua and Caleb the two to lead them?

Thursday 8-30-12  Did Enoch ever get the Kingdom of Heaven? I Timothy 5:24 – Explain this verse. II Kings 4:35 – Why did the boy sneeze 7 times? Daniel 1:1-8 – Explain the Evil Day.

Thursday 9-6-12  Song of Solomon 2:10-13 – Is this a reference to the Rapture? Job 25:6 – Why does he say “worm”? I Chronicles 1:19 – What does it mean “the earth was divided”? II Kings 9:35 – Why did the skull, feet and palms of Jezebel’s body remain?

Thursday 9-13-12  7 Spiritual Blessings in Ephesians. 7 Things God Loves. 7 Things God Hates.

Thursday 9-20-12  Luke 17:30-36 – How/When does this take place? Church Triumphant vs Church Militant? 7 Members of the Household of God. Genesis 6:3 – What is God saying about the 120 years? Are there verses that show the Church leaves before the Tribulation?

Thursday 9-27-12  What does Beulah mean? Acts 17, 18 – When Paul and Silas were asked to go to Athens, did they not go right away? Isaiah 7:15 – Why does it say “butter and honey”? II Corinthians 4 – 9 concepts from this chapter. Psalms 91:6 – Explain this verse. Ecclesiastes 12:7 – Explain this verse. Isaiah 34:8-10 – Will there be a lake of fire in the Millennium?

Thursday 10-4-12  Acts 9:10 – Is this a different Ananias than the one in Acts 5? II Kings 13:21 – Explain this verse. What does it mean when God uses the phrase “fair to look upon”? What is the Book of Joshua about? Where in the Bible does it say that every nation will turn on Jerusalem? I Corinthians 7:8 – Is Paul saying it’s better not to get married?

Thursday 10-11-12  Galatians 5:17 vs I John 3:9 – Why do you ask forgiveness for your flesh when it sins, when your flesh isn’t saved? Deuteronomy 21:10-14 – How is this different from Solomon and his wives? Why did they shave her head? I Chronicles 5:2 – Why is Judah above his brothers? 8 new things under the sun for a Christian. I Samuel 3:3 – What is Samuel a picture of doctrinally?

Thursday 10-18-12  What does the Bible say about drinking wine? I Chronicles 23:3 vs I Chronicles 23:27 – Numbered from 30 or 20 years and up. Deuteronomy 25:9 – Why would they spit in his face? Matthew 22:1-12 – Explain this parable. Joshua 20:3 – Who is the “avenger of blood”? Should tithing be the standard for giving in the New Testament church?

Thursday 10-25-12  Why are there no paragraph marks after Acts 20? Genesis 1:26 vs Genesis 1:29 – One says “us” and another says “I”. Image of God vs Likeness of God.

Thursday 11-1-12  What is the definitive verse on sin? Genesis 1:1-1:2 The Gap. Music. Deuteronomy 34:5-6 – Who buried Moses?

Thursday 11-8-12  Lamentations 3:27 – What does “bear the yoke” mean? Acts 5:1 – Explain this story. Isaiah 42:9 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 11-15-12  Proverbs 18:16 – What is the “man’s gift”? Luke 9:26 – Are these 3 different glories? Exodus 24:10 – Does this relate to the Mount of Transfiguration in Matthew 17? I Corinthians 2:6 – Who are “them that are perfect”? I Samuel 1:24-28 – Are all the things that Hannah brought for an offering? Jeremiah 4:23-31 – Does this passage prove the gap between Genesis 1:1-2? Joshua 24:30 vs Judges 2:9 – Are these the same names? II Peter 3:5 – Where was the water? Which heaven? Why does Genesis 1:1 list only one heaven?

Thursday 11-29-12  United Nations recognizing Palestine as a nation. How do we keep going when people don’t do what’s right and apply Bible principles? Isaiah 34:14 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 12-6-12  Are we in and out of fellowship all day long with God? 5 basic principles to live by? What is Shekinah Glory? What is coming in the future to America? At the Rapture, what happens to babies?

Thursday 12-13-12  What does the phrase “God gets the honor and glory” mean? Ecclesiastes 12:7 – all spirits go back to God. Why is abortion wrong if life doesn’t begin until a baby takes its first breath? God opening and closing wombs. What does the phrase “Lord willing” mean?

Thursday 12-20-12  Explain the age of accountability. Acts 7:55 – Why is Jesus standing? Acts 6:15 – Why would he have “the face of an angel”? When Lucifer fell, did the angels who went with him make that choice? Or were they forced to go with him? II Thessalonians 2:9 – What are the “power and signs and lying wonders”? Matthew 25:25 – Is this verse about the Second Coming? II Corinthians 7:6-7 – What is the coming of Titus and why is Paul so focused on it?

Thursday 12-27-12  Where did Jesus’ body go after he died? Job 17:14 – Explain this verse. Star of Bethlehem. Revelation 12:5 – Who is the manchild? Where do people get the idea of purgatory? What is a holy kiss?


Thursday 1-6-11  Proverbs outline.

Thursday 1-13-11  Ecclesiastes outline. 48 prophecies fulfilled at Christ’s first coming.Revelation 6 – Explain what the 4 horses represent. When/How does the anti-christ get killed? What are the 3 verses on the unholy trinity? Is there any Bible significance to all the birds and fish dying lately?

Thursday 1-20-11  Song of Solomon outline. Song of Solomon 1:5 – Is this the same woman as I Kings 1:2? Acts 8:9-22 – Was Simon the Sorcerer saved? How do you know which people in the Bible represent certain things? Why were Aaron’s clothes given to his sons? Why did God have all the rules concerning death and dead bodies? When Eve was tempted, was the serpent a manifestation of Satan or Satan? What’s the difference between a Jewish day and a Gentile day?

Thursday 1-27-11  Isaiah outline. Explain the keys to the Kingdom in Matthew 16. Explain the judgment of the nations.

Thursday 2-3-11 Jeremiah outline. Ezekiel 2:10 – What is the roll and why was he told to eat it? Who do the 5 wisdom books represent? What are the 7 things we’re told not to be ignorant of?

Thursday 2-10-11  Ezekiel outline. Acts 1:6-8 Explain this passage. I Samuel 16:14 – What is an evil spirit from the Lord? Revelation 6:5-6. Psalms 18:10 – Is this talking about Christ and the Second Coming? If the Lord comes back at the Second Coming, what’s the purpose for the Rapture?

Thursday 2-17-11  Lamentations outline. Ezekiel 14:21 – Do these 4 judgments line up with the ones in Revelation? Why are there so many 7s in the Bible?

Thursday 2-24-11  Daniel outline. Why is Nebuchadnezzar’s named spelled differently at times? John 20:17 – Why couldn’t they touch Christ? John 5:4 – Explain this verse and what troubling the waters means. 2 Samuel 17:17 – Who is this Jonathan? Luke 2:36 – Who is Anna is this passage? What book of the Bible lines up with Sardis? Why was Ehud left-handed? Numbers 35:25 – Why abide until the death of the high priest? Psalms 93:12 – What are palm trees in the Bible?

Thursday 3-3-11  Hosea outline. What fruit did Eve eat? How do you know that Adam was not with Eve when Satan came in Genesis 3? If you were in the Tribulation and you died for God, would you go to heaven?

Thursday 3-10-11  Joel outline. John 16:16 – What does “a little while” mean? I Samuel 1:12 – What does it mean that he “marked her mouth”? Why do you always find Judas Iscariot’s full name mentioned? What countries are Gog and Magog? Why is the route of the Second Coming important?

Thursday 3-17-11  Obadiah outline. Luke 13:1 – Explain this verse. What is Lazarus a type of in John 11? What is the time span between Abraham and Jacob? What are the 7 things a successful church needs? Why is Baptist not a denomination? Acts 1:20 – What scripture is he quoting?

Thursday 3-24-11  Amos outline. See bookstore for CD.

Thursday 3-31-11  Jonah outline. What are the 7 furnishings in the Tabernacle? What does the term “the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of men” mean? Was it God who died on the cross, or Jesus the man?

Thursday 4-7-11  Micah outline. What are the 11 dispensations in the Bible?

Thursday 4-14-11 Nahum outline. What are the 6 main verses to lead someone to Christ with? What are the 7 changes to the earth? Explain Daniel 11. Mark 7:34 – Explain this miracle. When was the right time for Jesus to be king? If the serpent is a picture of the devil, why did Moses have a serpent on his staff? Proverbs 24:16 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 4-21-11  Habakkuk outline. Matthew 19:23 – Why does he mention both the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven? I Corinthians 1:28 – Explain this verse. What is the Judgment Seat of Christ? What are the 5 things that will get you naked at the Judgment Seat?

Thursday 4-28-11  Zephaniah outline. Proverbs 8:22-36 – Explain this passage. What is the “first resurrection” in Revelation 20:5-6? Are fallen angels bound up in Orion’s Belt? Explain who Michael and Gabriel are. Mark 5:15 – Is the only man possessed by the devil the Son of Perdition? What will stop in eternity?

Thursday 5-5-11  Haggai outline. Exodus 18 – What was wrong with Jethro’s counsel? Explain I Corinthians 2:10

Thursday 5-12-11  Zechariah outline. John 21:18-23 – What is Jesus saying to Peter? I Corinthians 13:9-13 – What does “know & prophesy” in part mean? II Corinthians 11:18-23 – Why does Paul say he speaks as a fool? Numbers 8:26 – Who is supposed to do this and who is not? Where do the 144,000 come from? How many Jews will remain at the Second Coming?

Thursday 5-19-11  Malachi outline. How do you deal with the discussions on the Rapture? What is “soul sleep” Who is the remnant in Revelation 19:21?

Thursday 5-26-11  What are the 3 institutions that God ordained? Where does the word Bible come from? What’s the difference between the 4 gospels? Who are the 24 elders in Revelation? Explain II Peter 3:4.

Thursday 6-2-11

Thursday 6-9-11

Thursday 6-16-11

Thursday 6-23-11  Zechariah 11:7 – Explain what Beauty and Bands are. I Peter 4:10 – What is the manifold grace of God? What is the difference between God’s grace and God’s mercy?

Thursday 6-30-11  What are the 6 questions that are going to be asked at the Judgment Seat of Christ? Explain Genesis 15:8-12. Deuteronomy 32:22 – What is the lowest hell? What level of power does the devil have today?

Thursday 7-7-11  Genesis 19:26 – Why did Lot’s wife turn into a pillar of salt? Explain Malachi 1:11. How old was John the Apostle when he wrote Revelation? Psalms 78:49 – Who are the evil angels? What are the 3 visions for our church? Was Paul ever married? Explain Song of Solomon 4:1-16.

Thursday 7-14-11  Explain 2 Thessalonians 2:11. What is the significance of Job’s kids coming back in Job 42?

Thursday 7-21-11  Does the Bible talk about dinosaurs? What are the 4 types of laughter in the Bible?

Thursday 7-28-11  Do angels have a purpose in the church age? Layout the 10 principles Philippians is built around.

Thursday 8-4-11

Thursday 8-11-11  What are the 7 functions of the Holy Spirit?

Thursday 8-18-11  Spiritual Gifts clarifying questions. Does the Bible give any indication on what month the Rapture will take place? Explain Acts 2:13.

Thursday 8-25-11  Explain predestination. What are the 6 questions that are going to be asked at the Judgment Seat of Christ?

Thursday 9-1-11  Genesis 24 – Layout the 19 principles on finding a help meet.

Thursday 9-8-11  Where do the different races come from? Is it wrong for a Christian to be cremated? John 19:23 – Why didn’t they rip the garment and why didn’t it have seams? Did the Bible prophesize about 9-11?

Thursday 9-15-11  How did salvation work during the 400 silent years? What are the signs of a demon-possessed person?

Thursday 9-22-11  Do clouds represent anything in the Bible? Ezekiel 31:3 – What is the cedar of Lebanon? When did Abraham become a Hebrew? What does the Bible say about capital punishment? Numbers 31:28 – Does this verse mean that animals do have souls?

Thursday 9-29-11  What is the correct way to pray? How should you witness to an atheist? II Corinthians 7:1 – Explain this verse. What is the covenant of salt in II Chronicles 13:5? Colossians 3:16 – What are psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs?

Thursday 10-6-11  Why did God destroy the earth twice with a flood? Deuteronomy 21:1-9 – Explain what the red heifer is for. I John 3:1-3 – glorified bodies.

Thursday 10-13-11  Explain 2 Corinthians 7:1. Isaiah 20 – Why was Isaiah naked?

Thursday 10-20-11  Rainbows. I Samuel 2:1-10. What is the unpardonable sin? What’s the difference between the Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost? Explain fasting.

Thursday 10-27-11  Are near death experiences possible? James 1:13 – What’s the difference between tempted and tried? Psalms 91 – Is this a Tribulation Passage?

Thursday 11-3-11  I John 3:8-9 – How does someone born of God not sin? Hebrews 9:27 – Can you use this verse when someone says they died, went to heaven and came back? Revelation 6:9 – Are these souls in “limbo”? Revelation 4:4 – Who are the 24 elders? Revelation 5:6 – Who is the Lamb? What are the 7 Spirits of God? Revelation 5:6 – What are the 4 beasts? John 13:27 – Is this a picture of something? Did Judas have remorse for killing Jesus? Is being late a sin? Explain the New World Order and if it’s found in the Bible?

Thursday 11-10-11  Isaiah 65:20 – Explain this verse. Will people still sin in the Millennium? Isaiah 66:24 – Explain this verse. Isaiah 19:23-25 – Why does God call Egypt blessed? Joshua 10:13 – How did the earth stand still? What is the book of Jasher? Are more frequent earthquakes a sign of the end times? Isaiah 66:14 – Explain this verse. How does Revelation 12 breakdown?

Thursday 11-17-11  Genesis 2:7, 2:11 – Was Adam made up of gold dust? What are the 12 mysteries to the Israelites? Job 2:13 – Why did they sit with him 7 days? Matthew 24 – Explain the dual application of this chapter. Song of Solomon 8:8-10 – Explain this passage. Genesis 3:13 – What does beguile mean in this verse?

Thursday 12-1-11  Hebrews 11:1 – What is the “substance of things hoped for”? What’s the difference between having a heart knowledge and head knowledge of salvation? Psalm 19:1-4 – Explain this passage. Why is the earth God’s footstool? James 5:7 – What is the early and latter rain?

Thursday 12-8-11  Romans 15:1 vs Revelation 2:2. What’s the significance of dragons in the Bible? What are the 7 baptisms? What are the 7 things they rejoice over in heaven? I Samuel 26:9, Ezekiel 28:14 – Why are Saul and Satan called the Lord’s anointed? Why are some churches legalistic?

Thursday 12-15-11  Jimmy Stimetz and Jon Bousquet.

Thursday 12-22-11  John 16:23 – Explain this verse. Zechariah 3:9 – What is the stone? Genesis 6:20 – Why does it say “his kind” for the creeping things? Do we know for sure when Jesus was born?

Thursday 12-29-11 Does the Bible say anything about the moon affecting people’s behavior? Proverbs 11:25 – What is a “liberal” according to the Bible? Song of Solomon 7 – Why is he comparing her to these things? Genesis 7:11 – What are the “fountains of the great deep”?


Thursday 1-7-10  Explain the events of Genesis 1:1-18

Thursday 1-14-10 Biblical perspective on Haiti

Thursday 1-21-10 Was Hitler ex-communicated from the Catholic Church? Heb 12:15 – the 8 similatities between roots and bitterness. Is it wrong for a christian to be cremated? Do Chrurch of Christ members believe they are the only ones who are going to Heaven? Proverbs 31-what is the virtuous women a picture of?

Thursday 1-28-10 Explain Gen 28:17. Is everyone given a “thorn in the flesh” like Paul? 11 Corinthians 12:7.

Thursday 2-4-10 Do the rivers in Gen 2:10-14 represent anything? What is the difference between Zion and Sion? 2 Chronicles 6:26-27 – is this a reference to the former and latter rain?

Thursday 2-11-10 Explain Proverbs 9:17-18. Are “stolen waters” referring to a man and woman who should not be together? Does myrrh refer to death? Is the Holy Spirit gone during the Tribulation?

Thursday 2-18-10  Did the land masses used to be together? How do we know that the flood happened in 2340 BC? Does job 12:7-17 go along with the flood in Genesis? Explain Matt 5:21-22. Who are the people getting out of line during the Millenium? Does the devil get another chance after the Millenium? Do animals have a place in Heaven?

Thursday 2-25-10 Where is the Ark of the Covenant?

Thursday 3-4-10 What is the difference between sins and works? How did the kings in the Old Testament behave badly if their father behaved good? What are the 12 doctrines of salvation?

Thursday 3-11-10 What is the Millenial Reign of Christ? Is David the only one reigning with Christ in the Millenium? What is the role of the 12 apostles in the Millenium? Does David have to eat of the Tree of Life? Why do we celebrate Christ’s birth in December if he was born in September?

Thursday 3-18-10 What is the purpose of fasting? Explain Romans 11:20-22. What are the 12 new things above the sun? Explain Nehemiah 4:17-18

Thursday 3-25-10 How do the 400 silent years apply to us today? Explain the Catholic church child abuse situation. 6 questions to ask yourself when measuring your spiritual growth.

Thursday 4-1-10 Is it possible to redeem the time you wasted before you got saved? Explain Proverbs 21:9.

Thursday 4-8-10 What is the difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven? How do the KOH and KOG affect the Jews? How do you witness to a Jew? How will Jews know that the antichrist is not the Messiah in the Tribulation? To become a jew, do you have to go before a council? Do Jews have to trust Christ in the Tribulation? Explain Jeremiah 13:1-10.

Thursday 4-15-10 How can we say we are “one nation under God” when God’s nation is Israel? What does the Bible say about speaking in tongues?

Thursday 4-22-10 Romans 9:18 – free will versus God hardening people’s hearts. Amos 1:9 – what is the “brotherly covenant”? John 20:7 – Explain why the napkin was separate. John 20:2 – Who is the “other disciple”? Explain how Christ was separated from God at the crucifixion. Where did the term dispensation come from?

Thursday 4-29-10 Revelation 6:9-11 – why were they given robes if they were just souls? Explain John 2:1-11. Is the phrase the “third day” always a reference to the 2nd coming? Explain why we sleep. What about premonitions from dreams? What about Satan’s influence over unsaved people’s dreams? Exodus 9:6-19 – What’s the timeline of these events? 2 Kings 2:13.

Thursday 5-6-10 Why can God not hear unsaved people’s prayers? Isn’t it true that God doesn’t know unsaved people? If Christ died for the sins of the world, why doesn’t everyone get into Heaven? Why is God obligated to hear us when we open up our hearts to Him? Explain John 2:10.

Thursday 5-13-10 Why can’t the carnal mind be subject to God? Acts 28:15 – if the 3 taverns is a city, why isn’t is capitalized? Judges 9:7-21 – Explain this passage. Do all the numbers mean something in the Bible? Why is 666 the number of the anti-christ?

Thursday 5-20-10 Explain 1 Jon 5:7-8. Explain the unholy trinity. What does the image of the unholy trinity look like? Daniel 2 vs Daniel 7. Explain Psalm 19:31. Revelation 3:5 – what does it mean that he’s going to not blot out a name from the book of life? What is the definitive verse on the Tribulation saints? What is the teaching for the church on marriage, divorce, and remarriage?

Thursday 5-27-10 Any significance to the frogs in Greece? Job 19:26 – What is Job referring to when he says he will see God in his flesh? Is there anything in the Bible on North Korea being at war? An unsaved person is without what four things? What does the bible say about suicide?

Thursday 6-3-10 What are the Babylonian Penniform Tablets? Who is the “elect lady” in 2 John 1:1? What is the doctrinal application of the pool at Bethesda in John 5? Why did Abraham offer the ram and not a lamb in Genesis 22?

Thursday 6-10-10 What is the definitive verse on sin? Explain the second half of 1 John 5:17. Genesis 47:22 – who are these priests? Explain John 20:21-23. Matthew 18:21-22 – what is the significance to seventy times seven?

Thursday 6-17-10  Psalms 60:7-8 – Explain this passage. I Samuel 22:2 vs I Kings 22:6 – Is there any correlation to David having 400 men and Saul having 400 men? Psalms 2:7 – What “day” is this? Who are the two men with the Lord in Genesis 18:2? What bodily form are the two angels in Genesis 18:2 in? Did the angels that went with Lucifer look like Christ? Could the genealogy in Luke 3 help you determine the difference between the godly line and ungodly line in Genesis 4?

Thursday 6-24-10 Zechariah 3:8 – Why si the branch capitalized? Song of Solomon 2:14 – What are the secret places?

Thursday 7-1-10  How to Put Notes in Your Bible part 1

Thursday 7-8-10  How to Put Notes in Your Bible part 2

Thursday 7-15-10  How to Put Notes in Your Bible part 3

Thursday 7-22-10  How to Put Notes in Your Bible part 4

Thursday 7-29-10  How to Put Notes in Your Bible part 5

Thursday 8-5-10  How to Put Notes in Your Bible part 6

Thursday 8-12-10  How to Put Notes in Your Bible part 7

Thursday 8-19-10  Exodus outline. Define definitive verse. Genesis 3:14 – Is there a connection between the serpent eating dust and man coming from dust? Matthew 25:31-46 – What is the context of the sheep and goats? What are the 7 definitive passages on the 7 Judgments?

Thursday 8-26-10  Leviticus outline. I Kings 22:43 – How can he walk with the Lord and still not remove the high places? I Kings 8:9 – The Ark is missing 3 things, why? What are the 7 things that God rejoices over?

Thursday 9-2-10  Jimmy Stimetz and Zach Sanders

Thursday 9-9-10  Numbers outline. Psalms 118:22 – Who is the stone? I Kings 14:13 – What was the “good thing” that he saw in him? What are the Proverbs that go along with the kings of Israel?

Thursday 9-16-10  Deuteronomy outline. Isaiah 63:2 – Will Jesus’ garments already be stained with blood when he comes at the Second Coming? Why is the Second Coming likened to different things Revelation 21:1 – What sea is he referring to? What is a leviathan? What is an oracle? Revelation 4:6-9 Do these 4 creatures line up with the 4 Gospels?

Thursday 9-23-10  Joshua outline. Genesis 2:18-22 – Why did God wait to create Eve? Explain standing and state. Exodus 6:30 – Why does Moses say he has uncircumcised lips?

Thursday 9-30-10  Judges outline. Does the devil have the power to influence our choices? Do people who practice witchcraft or devil worship have any power? What is the Koran?

Thursday 10-7-10  Ruth outline. What is the Urim and Thummim?

Thursday 10-14-10  I Samuel outline. I Samuel 16:23 – What is the evil spirit from God? Lamentations 1:3 – Why does it say that Judah is in captivity when they are not yet? Why are there 5 crowns for Christians when 5 is the number of death? Isaiah 24:13 – Is this verse talking about the rapture of the Tribulation Saints?

Thursday 10-21-10  2 Samuel outline. Explain Daniel’s 70th Week.

Thursday 10-28-10  Job 39:9 – Were there unicorns on earth at some point? What was Goliath? Where did he come from? Isaiah 66:24 – Is this a specific place on earth?

Thursday 11-4-10  Kings of Israel Breakdown part 1

Thursday 11-11-10  Kings of Israel Breakdown part 2

Thursday 11-18-10  Kings of Israel Breakdown part 3

Thursday 12-2-10  Ezra outline. Job 38:22-23 What are the treasures of the hail and snow? What’s up with Holy Ghost possession and talking in tongues? Why do Catholics have extra books in their Bibles?Do religious leaders have “higher powers”? Why do men in the Old Testament have multiple wives? Do animals have souls?

Thursday 12-9-10  Nehemiah outline. Genesis 9:20-26 Why was Noah upset that Ham saw him naked? Why did Noah curse Canaan and not Ham? Can people be hypnotized? How do we minister to the Lord?

Thursday 12-16-10  Esther outline. Who are the 18 types of anti-christ? What’s the difference between free will and predestination? Explain Jeremiah 5:6. What are the “dark sayings” in Proverbs 1:6?

Thursday 12-23-10  Job outline. What is the whirlwind in Ezekiel 1:4? Explain casting lots. Proverbs 22:28, 23:10 – What are the landmarks?

Thursday 12-30-10 Psalms outline. What is the Marriage of the Lamb?


Thursday 1-4-07 – 1 Corinthians 4:20 Kingdom of God vs Kingdom of Heaven? Job 24:24 explain? Genesis 1:26 did the Jews have a concept of the trinity? Numbers 3:40-43 what’s the significance? How did they decide how much money people were sold for? John 16:25 what does he mean “spoken unto you in proverbs”? Proverb vs. a parable?

Thursday 1-11-07 – What does the phrase “complete in him” mean? What is the book of Romans about? Isaiah 14:13 who is this verse referring to? What are the stars of God? Do animals go to heaven? Matthew 27:3 what does it mean that Judas repented himself? Can you get saved before the age of accountability?

Thursday 1-18-07 – What are the 3 ways in the Bible to study church history? How does God view sin and sinners?

Thursday 1-25-07 – Proverbs 15:27 what is inspirational application? What is the law of attraction? What does it mean that he has doves eyes in Song of Solomon? Genesis 8 why is the Holy Spirit a dove? What does Noah’s ark represent? What do Enoch and Methuselah represent?

Thursday 2-1-07 – What is a millennial inheritance? Explain the 5 crowns at the Judgement seat of Christ?

Thursday 2-8-07 – What’s going to happen to our bodies when the rapture happens? Is sin brought up to the judgement seat of Christ? 1 Thessalonians 4:13? Acts 7:55 why is Jesus standing? Was Job a jew or gentile? Judges 13?

Thursday 2-15-07 – Matthew 24;39 is the one taken to judgement? Mark 16:15? Was there hell before satan fell? Does the antichrist know he’s the antichrist? Did Christ’s sweat/tears turn into actual literal blood? What does it mean that Jesus was in agony in the garden? What is the purpose of prayer?

Thursday 2-22-07 – Revelation 14:2, 17:1, 17:5 what is the water? Why does it say “Lord’s Christ”? Leviticus 14:24-25 why does he do this with the lamb? Deuteronomy 2? Revelation 19:4 who are the 24 elders? Who are the 4 beasts? what is a dispensation?

Thursday 3-1-07 – Judges 14 where’d he get his strength from in his hair? If Samson broke his vow how did he get/keep his strength? How do you witness to someone who’s been burned by religion? Did Christ drink wine or turn water into fermented wine in John?

Thursday 3-8-07 – What is Good Friday and Ash Wednesday? Why did Jesus wait 3 days before resurrecting himself? What does the “Jesus fish” today represent?

Thursday 3-15-07 – Do angels have souls? who will be in the millennium? When people die in eternity, where do they go?

Thursday 3-22-07 – Revelation 2:7? Luke 23:24-25 will Pilot be accountable for crucifying Jesus? What is God trying to teach us when we lose loved ones?

Thursday 3-29-07 – Why do churches primarily use drums and organs and their services? 1 Corinthians 13:8 what is charity? 1 Kings 7? Joshua 5:13?

Thursday 4-5-07

Thursday 4-12-07 – Who are the 144,000 in the tribulation? Are they successful in their efforts? Do they go around the world or stay in one location? After Jesus died, were his bones left behind? Are there more than 4 gospels? Colossians 3:16 psalms vs hymns vs spiritual songs? Ezekiel 39:8-11 what 7 years are these? What does it mean in 2 Peter 3 that the earth will get renovated by fire?

Thursday 4-19-07

Thursday 4-26-07 – Is there such thing as unpardonable sin? How does God view someone out of fellowship for a long time? Nahum 1:8 what is the overwhelming flood? Genesis 9:11? Joshua 17:13 paying tribute? where in the Bible does it say our atmosphere changed? Revelation 6:8 what is the 4th part of the earth?

Thursday 5-3-07 – Revelation 8:11 Why is wormwood capitalized here and no where else? Revelation 10 what is the “little book”? Acts 19? Jeremiah 51:29? Matthew 11:7? Ezekiel 4:12? 1 Samuel 17:14 why 5 stones?

Thursday 5-10-07

Thursday 5-17-07 – What are the 12 mysteries to the Nation of Israel? What’s the difference between hell and the bottomless pit? Why is Moses called a “bloody man” Exodus ?:??? Exodus 28:31 is this a picture of the universe?

Thursday 5-24-07

Thursday 5-31-07

Thursday 6-7-07 – What is the “operation made without hands” Colossians 2? 1 Corinthians 11:6 explain? When did people stop speaking in tongues? How do you witness to a homosexual?

Thursday 6-14-07 – history of the Baptists?

Thursday 6-21-07 – What are the 12 boundaries of earth… Do they line up to the 12 tribes? Explain the 2 lines of Bibles? Why did the pilgrims come to the US? What does the Church do in the Ages of Ages?

Thursday 6-28-07

Thursday 7-5-07 – What are precepts, statutes, laws, commandments, judgements, testimonies, and ordinances? Job 26 how do you know these are the questions asked at Judgement Seat of Christ? Is the sun the largest star in our solar system?

Thursday 7-12-07 – Ezekiel 28:13 is this a reference to the first garden of Eden?

Thursday 7-19-07 – Joshua 8:3 what is a mighty man of valour? 1 John 5:1? Daniel 1:2? What are the “sins of our fathers”? Proverbs 24:16?

Thursday 7-26-07

Thursday 8-2-07

Thursday 8-9-07

Thursday 8-16-07

Thursday 8-30-07

Thursday 9-6-07

Thursday 9-13-07

Thursday 9-20-07

Thursday 9-27-07

Thursday 10-4-07

Thursday 10-11-07

Thursday 10-25-07

Thursday 11-1-07

Thursday 11-8-07

Thursday 11-15-07

Thursday 11-29-07

Thursday 12-6-07

Thursday 12-13-07

Thursday 12-20-07

Thursday 12-27-07


Thursday 1-5-06 – Luke 1 – Explain the chapter and what is taking place? Explain how and why the Nation of Israel split north and south? What’s the difference between an NIV and KJV? Genesis 6:2 – who are the sons of God?

Thursday 1-12-06 – Did the apostle Peter go to heaven? Is this the same Peter that wrote 1 and 2 Peter? What are the 7 deadly sins? What are the 7 seals in Revelation 6? Can saved people become demon-possessed?

Thursday 1-19-06 – Mark 3/Matthew 12:31 explain this verse? Isaiah 20:2 was Isaiah really naked? Why did God tell him to do this? What does handling the Word of God deceitfully mean? Is there such a thing as an untimely death? Matthew 25:1-10 explain the parable of the 10 virgins? Who makes up the household of God? What is the outline of Song of Solomon?

Thursday 1-26-06 – Phillippians 1:15 what does it mean to “preach Christ of contention”? Revelation 12:2 who is the woman and child? Was King James a homosexual? 2 Corinthians 6:18 why does he say daughter? Genesis 4:25? What is a proselyte Jew? What kind of Jew was Jesus? How do you witness to a Jew? Mark 10:14-15 what is someone doesn’t have child-like faith? 2 Corinthians 9:7-8 does God like it when we give our money to charities, or just the local church?

Thursday 2-2-06

Thursday 2-9-06 – Acts 10:1-17 explain this passage? Genesis 4 – Why did he name a city Enoch and then name his son Enoch? Galatians 5:22-23 why isn’t fruit plural? Revelation 13:1 what do the 7 heads represent? Do the nations in Revelation 13 line up to Psalms 83? What does the Bible say about murder?

Thursday 2-16-06

Thursday 2-23-06 – Zechariah 4:11 who are the 2 olive trees? Exodus 20:26 explain? What does the Bible say about drinking alcohol? Did Jesus drink wine?

Thursday 3-2-06 – Revelation 22:2 what is the purpose of the tree of life? Why are there 12 types of fruit on the tree of life? Will people who are born in eternity be allowed to make a choice of whether to stay with God or not? At what point will someone eat of the tree of life? Is there a difference between the leaves and fruit on the tree of life?

Thursday 3-9-06 – Matthew 3 – is this baptism different than a Christian’s baptism? Hebrews 9:19 why did Moses sprinkle the book? Explain Hebrews 11 inspirationally? Is there a difference between turtle dove and turtle? Did Adam and Eve go to heaven? John 6:48-50 explain? Why did the sacrificial animal have to be without blemish? Where are the OT saints right now? Exodus 3:2 why does God appear to Moses as a burning bush?

Thursday 3-16-06 – Explain how healing and miracles apply to church age? Are the 10 nations in Daniel all gentile nations? What question will be asked at the Judgement seat of Christ?

Thursday 3-23-06 – Does at least one parent have to be saved for a child to go to heaven? If you don’t obey your parents will you still go to heaven? When is a marriage recognized by God?

Thursday 3-30-06 – John 20:17 – where does Jesus go after he died? Matthew 28:2 which heaven is this? explain the body, soul, and spirit? what happens to our spirit when we die? 1 John 5:7-9 explain? 1 John 5:17 what is the “sin not unto death”?

Thursday 4-6-06

Thursday 4-13-06 – Explain Revelation 17:5 Mystery Babylon the Great? What do you say to someone who wants to use a non-King James Bible? what day of the week was Jesus crucified on?

Thursday 4-20-06 – Genesis 38 – Explain this story about Judah and Tamar? Acts 2:31 – why does NKJV say Hades and not hell? Proverbs 24:16 who is the “just man”? what does it mean to dress and keep a perfect garden? How do you explain to someone that the Bible is inspired by God? Genesis 8:7 why doesn’t the raven return?

Thursday 4-27-06 – Can the Devil read your mind? How many times is the Devil kicked out of heaven? If you doubt your salvation, does that mean you’re not saved? Genesis 4:15 – what is the mark set upon Cain? Matthew 27:5 vs Acts 1 – if Judas hung himself how did his bowels gush out? Matthew 26:50 is there any significance to Judas kissing Jesus? Does the Bible say what kind of tree Christ was crucified on?

Thursday 5-4-06 – Romans 2:11 what does it mean that God is no respector of persons? Exodus 32 How can the Lord do evil and not be evil? Is Job treating his wife properly according to OT standards? Why did God allow multiple wives in OT? Genesis 5 why isn’t Abel in the line?

Thursday 5-11-06 – Matthew 19:12 what is a eunuch? Isaiah 61:10 what are the ornaments and jewels? Explain how Noah’s Ark is a picture of the universe? Exodus 2 is the basket Moses put in a type of the universe? What is gopher wood? 2 Samuel 9 Explain the inspiration aspect of this story

Thursday 5-18-06

Thursday 5-25-06 – The Davinci Code

Thursday 6-1-06

Thursday 6-8-06 – Genesis 1:6 is the firmament a type of the cross? Exodus 29:5 is this the breastplate of righteousness in Ephesians 6? Isaiah 2 what did Mt Zion mean to Isaiah? What is Scientology? What are the 7 great awakenings? What are the 7 american cults? How does God communicate the gospel to people living in remote areas? Are works needed for salvation?

Thursday 6-15-06

Thursday 6-22-06

Thursday 6-29-06

Thursday 7-6-06

Thursday 7-13-06

Thursday 7-20-06

Thursday 7-27-06

Thursday 8-3-06

Thursday 8-10-06

Thursday 8-17-06 – Why do Catholics call their priests “father”? What is the definition of a cult? Explain the Kingdom of Heaven? Explain where and what hell is? what happens to hell after the earth is renovated by fire? Who are the angels that kept not their first estate? If angels don’t have bodies, what part of them burns in the Lake of Fire? Why is the Melchizadec priesthood superior to the Levitical priesthood?

Thursday 8-24-06

Thursday 8-31-06 – What is the earliest english translation? Leviticus 2 what is the significance to all the different sacrifices? 1 Corinthians 16:22 what does Anathem and Maranatha mean? 1 Corinthians 11:14 explain? Why do people say Peter is standing at the gates of heaven?

Thursday 9-14-06 – Ecclesiastes 5:3? Song of Solomon 8:8? Song of Solomon 8:1? Is there a covenant given to the church? Song of Solomon 8:12? Ecclesiastes 7:6?

Thursday 9-21-06 – Ezekiel 24:3? Proverbs 20:10 what does “divers” mean? Are the Jews still looking for a messiah? Deuteronomy 28:55?

Thursday 9-28-06

Thursday 10-5-06 – Are guardian angels real? What is an archangel? Is Hagar a type of the church? Is there any truth to astrology and every zodiac sign characteristic true for ever person born under certain “signs”? What does it mean in Ecclesiastes that there’s “no new thing under the sun”? How does the Kingdom of Heaven and Kingdom of God fit into the new heavens, new earth and new Jerusalem?

Thursday 10-12-06 – Why should we fast? What is rama-don? Wha does the Bible say about abortion and when life begins?

Thursday 10-19-06 – Is there a difference between a KJV and an NIV Bible?

Thursday 10-26-06 – What does the Bible say about atomic structure?

Thursday 11-2-06 – 1 Samuel 25:18 Is there any significance to Abigail preparing these items? Is there such a thing as sinning in ignorance? Matthew 16:9-12 explain? Goliath’s brothers also being his sons?

Thursday 11-9-06 – Why did the Devil go after Job? Does the Devil target certain people to attack? At what point do you know God saved you? What do you have to know in order to get saved? If you’re possessed by a demon how do you get rid of it? Why do you always hear of Catholics performing exocisms? Can saved people be demon possessed?

Thursday 11-30-06

Thursday 12-7-06

Thursday 12-14-06

Thursday 12-21-06 – Daniel 2:2/4:6-7/5:11 magicians references – are they the same as the magi in Matthew 2? Revelation 3:14 church of the Laodiceans why is it phrased that way? Revelation 2:13 is Antipas going to come back in the tribulation? What day was Jesus born on?

Thursday 12-28-06 – Acts 1:10-11 who are the 2 men and why are the in white apparel? Revelation 20:11 what is the book?