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Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Kids Channel. Mrs. Barb and I have been working on a few videos to have available to you and your kids that connect to what we do in Sunday School with them. We are working with several of our church members to put out a resource for you and your kids. Please enjoy these videos until we can get back to normal meetings after this Coronavirus gets more under control. Some of the videos are songs we sing, some are stories we read, and some are lessons we teach. We love you all and miss you very much. Your OPBC kids are the best in the world and we want them to know how much they matter to us all. Feel free to contact us if you need anything.

– Barb and Olivia Christie

Week 12

Who wants to be a Bible Believaire part 2

Week 11

Wreath Crafts

Week 10

Who wants to be a Bible Believaire

Week 9

The Fiery Furnace

Principles with Anna

Week 8

Joshua and the wall

Songs with Silveys

Balloon Animals

Little Lambchop Learns to Obey

Pamela Pumpkin

Philippians 2:5 Memory Verse

Week 7

Bible Principles with Liam from Scotland

Down by the river with Matt Foley

The Old Paths Show (the Oehring’s)

Week 6

Books of the Bible

Buddy and Sally on Obedience

Songs with Lincoln girls

The story of Eleazar

Bear hunt with Olivia

Week 5

Memory verse – Luke 24:45

The story of Adam and Eve

The story of David and Goliath; being strong and courageous

Principles with Barb

Week 4

Cupcakes with Betty:

Crafts with Kristine:

The Old Paths Show:

Week 3

Easter Puppet Show:

Story of Daniel chapter 1:

Story of the Prodigal Son:

Story of Jonathan and David:

Bible Songs:

Week 2

Songs with the Kennicutt’s:

Baking Crownies with Julia Childs

Week 1

Songs with Ms. Barb and Ms. Olivia:

Memory verse – 2 Timothy 1:7:

Queen Esther shadow play:

Noah’s Ark Story Book:

The Old Paths Puppers

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Daisy (Pastor Bob)

Spot (Pastor Bob)

Skyler (Joanne Cox)

Chloe (Brackeen family)

Hughes family

Matisyn (Amaro family)

Jack (Kennicutt family)

Sammy (Kennicutt family)

Buster (Christie family)

Willard (Bradford family)

Tyrell and Chubbs (Bradford family)

Finley (McClenahan family)

Speedy (Betty Calhoun)

Jack (Sharon Gowans)

Maggie (Miller family)

Buster (Wood family)

Charlie (Addi Nelson)

Bella and Jessie (Rutt family)

Izzy and Otis (Barb Alexander)

Nigel (Stevenson family)

Willis (Tucker family)

Vega (Anna Sellaro)

Jazzy (Slaughter family)

Bella (Bousquet family)

Abby (Schmidt family)

Maggie (Crust family)

Chester (Crust family)

Ellie (Bradford family)

Sweetie (Henslee family)

Tallie and Poppy (Sterling family)

Buzz (Leat family)

Kevin (Leat family)

Henry (Leat family)

Kitty (Sisson family)