Thursday Bible Studies

Each Thursday night at 7:00 PM, we have Bible studies in the format of open Q&A. Any question you want to ask about the Bible or related topic is open for discussion. For serious Bible students who want KNOW the Bible, this is a great resource. This page contains an archive of every Thursday Bible Study, some with descriptions of the questions/topics that were discussed.

If you listen to a message on this page that lacks specific questions that were discussed, we kindly encourage you to write some of the main questions covered for that date and send it to Caleb to help others find the material they are looking for in the future.

If the audio file is not uploaded to the website yet (usually only happens with messages very close to the current date), you will see error saying “Access Denied”. We’ll try our best to stay up to date by uploading the messages every week, but if if it not there yet, you’re best off going over to the  Youtube channel and finding the message you’re wanting to listen to on there.


Thursday 1-5-23
– Joshua 24:1-3 – What does it mean “other side of the flood”?
– Who, where and when did someone put the Old Testament and the New Testament books together and made it one volume?
– John 10:1 – What are the key words to find out what the phrase means that he “climbeth up some other way”?
– 1 Thessalonians 2:8 – What does it mean to “impart our own souls” to other people?

Thursday 1-5-23
– Is there a definitive verse on the “Day of the Lord”?
– Explain the idea of 7th day Adventist teaching of “soul sleep”
– Where does a Christian go if he were to die right now, before the rapture?
– Is there one place in the Bible you can go that puts all of history into context?

Thursday 1-12-23
– Revelation 21:2 – Does New Jerusalem touch the earth or hover above it?
– Galatians 4:26 – Why is New Jerusalem called the mother of us all?
– Leviticus 14 – Why would a leper who is unclean need more sacrifices than a regular unclean man in Leviticus 5:3?
– Matthew 11:12 – What does it mean that the Kingdom of Heaven will have violence “take it by force”?
– Genesis 1:26 – Does man’s image and likeness come and go just like the Kingdom of Heaven and Kingdom of God?
– Psalm 17:15 – Why does David say he will awake with God’s likeness?
– Exodus 18 – Why was the advice Jethro gave to Moses damaging to him as a leader to Israel?

Thursday 1-19-23
– Who are the 2 witnesses in Revelation 11?
– Where does Enoch go after he is raptured?
– Mark 1:8 – If Jesus baptizes with the Holy Ghost, why are they baptizing with water in Acts 2:38? How does Mark 1:8 connect with 1 Corinthians 12-13?

Thursday 1-26-23
– It’s been laid out before that Israel’s judges in the book of Judges line up to Israel’s prime ministers in their recent history. Where does that currently stand with recent current events?
– Exodus 37:7-9 – Why did God put the cherubim over the mercy seat?
– Genesis 25:31 – What is the difference between a birthright and a blessing?
– 1 Chronicles 5:1 – Did Judah get a blessing or a birthright?
– Where in modern-day geography are the cities listed in Exodus 14:2?
– Ruth 2:23 – What is the difference between the barley harvest and the wheat harvest?
– If a Jew today gets saved, does he lose the Kingdom of Heaven and go in the rapture to be part of the Kingdom of God?

Thursday 2-2-23
– Deuteronomy 4:19 – Does this line up with Deuteronomy 32:8?
– Mark 9:21 – Why did Jesus ask this question about his child if he would’ve known the answer?
– What are your 4 rules when studying the Gospels?
– Could you explain Deuteronomy 1, 2, and 3 and the battles that took place?

Thursday 2-9-23
– Explain the 7 churches in Revelation 2-3 and the heretical doctrines that they had to face

Thursday 2-16-23
– What are the 12 doctrines of the Bible found in Genesis?
– 1 Samuel 3 – What are the character qualities of Samuel that made Samuel special?
– Isaiah 34:4 and Revelation 6:13-14 – Are these passages dealing with the same thing? Why does it say heavens in Isaiah and heaven in Revelation? What is the reason for the figs being shaken?
– Revelation 7:1 – What are the 4 corners of the earth?
– Why did it take God 1600 years to “finish” the Bible that we have today?

Thursday 2-23-23
– Why did no one in the Bible live to 1000 years?
– 2 Samuel 9:13 – Mephibosheth dies while at David’s table, is this a picture of anything?
– Romans 8:1, 6 and 13 – Explain how we can be in Christ, yet still walk after the flesh
– How does a Christian recognize when something in your life is because you’ve been walking after the flesh or just bad luck?
– What are the main “types” in the Bible that we should know?

Thursday 3-2-23
– Matthew 9:5-13 – What is this a picture of doctrinally?
– 1 Timothy 2:6 – What does “testified in due time” mean?

Thursday 3-9-23
– 1 Timothy 3:1-7 – Explain the qualifications of being a bishop
– Luke 19 vs. Matthew 25 – Why are there some minor differences between these two stories?
– Explain Genesis 3:15


Thursday 1-6-22 – No Bible study

Thursday 1-13-22
– Joshua 24:1-3 – What does it mean “other side of the flood”?
– Who, where and when did someone put the Old Testament and the New Testament books together and made it one volume?
– John 10:1 – What are the key words to find out what the phrase means that he “climbeth up some other way”?
– 1 Thessalonians 2:8 – What does it mean to “impart our own souls” to other people?

Thursday 1-20-22
– Does the number 50 have any significance in the Bible?
– Revelation 22:2 – What are the leaves on the tree? Are there some people in eternity that will not take part of the tree of life?
– Is there a possibility of the one world religion started in Jerusalem recently will eventually make it illegal to have a Bible?
– John 9:4-5 – Why does he mention the night if the church which represents the night has not been established yet?
– Ezekiel 11:19 – What is a heart of flesh?

Thursday 1-27-22

Thursday 2-3-22
– Genesis 8:21 – Was God’s curse in Genesis 3 on the ground undone?
– What is the reason for the multiple dating systems of how God lays out the 2nd Coming?
– Did the Jewish day start at 6 PM?
– Why does Matthew 20:1 say “Kingdom of Heaven” if the Kingdom of Heaven went out in Acts 7 with Steven; is the Kingdom of Heaven present in the church age?
– Lay out when Paul wrote his letters in the context of Acts
– What is the difference between remission of sins (Romans 3:25) and forgiveness of sins (Ephesians 1:7)?
– How does God deal with us when we repeat the same sins over and over again, especially when we are supposed to come to God for forgiveness when we sin right away?
– What books does Paul write during his missionary trips?

Thursday 2-10-22
– Exodus 25:3-4 – What do the colors represent?
– What should you do if you are having a hard time giving up things you grew up with from the Catholic Church like praying to saints and praying the rosary?
– 1 Peter 3:19 – Which part of Abraham’s Bosom did Jesus go to? Who did he preach to?
– What should be our perspective of Bible Colleges if we grew up going to one?
– Proverbs 13:24 – What does the word “betimes” mean?
– Why does Christ sometimes tell people to go tell others and sometimes tells them to keep some things private?
– Explain Romans 5:13

Thursday 2-24-22
– Perspective on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
– When Russia went into Afghanistan in the 1980’s did that contribute to their fall?
– Do you think America will try to play the humanitarian role and bail people out in a coming conflict?

Thursday 3-3-22
– Explain the two landmarks in Proverbs 22:28 and 23:10
– Does church history and the landmark of the church include all of the cults of Christianity and how those started?
– 1 Timothy 2:12 – Is it ok for a woman to preach?
– If Christ led those out who were dead/asleep in Abraham’s bosom and wake them up, why in Luke 16:23-25 was Abraham awake?

Thursday 3-10-22
– Galatians 5:22, Colossians 1:5-6, Matthew 19:17-23, and 1 Thessalonians 2:13 – Is it safe to connect these verses together with the word “fruit”?
– Ezekiel 38-39 – Is “Gog and Magog” a reference to modern day Russia?

Thursday 3-17-22
– Is there any correlation between the latest Prime Ministers of Israel and the Kings of Israel?
– 2 Chronicles 5:10 – When were the pot of manna and Aaron’s Rod taken out?
– If no priests are needed, how do the sacrifices in Zechariah 14 work?
– Leviticus 18:21 – Was Molech a fallen angel that began to be worshipped?
– 1 Chronicles 27:23 – Why is it ok that David numbers the people here?
– Where is Noah’s Ark? Is the Garden of Eden hidden today?
– Where is the dome of the rock?

Thursday 3-24-22
– Explain the rapture(s) that take place in the tribulation. Are there multiple raptures in the tribulation, and why?
– Explain the 3 kinds of salvation in the Old Testament

Thursday 3-31-22
– Luke 22.31 – Is Peter saved in this verse or not?
– Gen 22.18 – Was the promise given to Abraham based on his works or was it by Gods foreknowledge?
– Would you put men like Harold Sightler, Percy Ray, and Sammy Allen, on the Bible believing side of church history?
– Can you explain the 5 crowns?

Thursday 4-7-22
– John 13:13-14 – Why did he reverse Master and Lord in the two verses?
– Genesis 25:1-8 – Why do you find for the first time here “gathered to his people”?
– Revelation 8:1 – W/hy is this the only reference to time during the tribulation passages in Revelation?
– Philippians 2:25 – What are the 6 qualities of Epaphroditus that represents a Christian who is profitable for the ministry?

Thursday 4-14-22
– Where does Christ fall in the Trinity?

Thursday 4-21-22 – Jon Bousquet “That I may know him”

Thursday 4-28-22
– 1 Thessalonians 4:17 vs 2 Corinthians 5:8 – How do you explain to someone how we meet our loved ones at the rapture before going to be in front of the Lord?
– Job 40:13 – What does the “double bridle” refer to here?
– Nehemiah 1:9 – What does it mean by “uttermost part of heaven” here?
– Can you be saved if you are in one of the “devil’s churches”?
– Ezekiel 11:19 – What is this stony heart or heart of flesh?

Thursday 5-5-22
– What are the 10 Questions that demonstrate you really know the Bible?
– Job 40:15 and Job 41:1 – Are behemoth and leviathan references to dinosaurs? Explain how Psalm 74:14 ties in

Thursday 5-12-22
– Revelation 22:1-3 – Explain the concept of the tree of life in eternity
– Explain how cannibalism works in the tribulation period
– Explain Psalm 42:7

Thursday 5-19-22
– Proverbs 1:8 – What does it mean by “forsake not the law of thy mother”?
– 1 John 2:12-14 – Why did he write different things to different levels of Christians? Why does it say “I write unto you” and then past tense “I have written unto you” in verse 14?
– Joshua 7 – Is the story of Achan a picture of an unsaved man and his family?

Thursday 5-26-22
– Elaborate the book of 1 John
– How to know you have a legit KJV 1611 AV?
– Who are the 7 people groups that Christ dealt with?
– 7 Things God Hates and 7 Things God Loves?

Thursday 6-2-22
– 1 Corinthians 11:19 – Why do you say that heresies are a good thing?
– Why do the Mormons and the RLDS not get along?

Thursday 6-9-22
– John 8:44 – Explain if this verse is in the physical or spiritual sense

Thursday 6-16-22
– Matthew 25:31-46 – What happens to a righteous man in these nations at the judgement of the nations?
– Revelation 17:1 and Revelation 13 – Explain the Devil and his beasts in the tribulation period
– Is there a Biblical definition or reason why plants are alive?
– Could the “image” of the beast in Revelation 13 be an AI or machine?
– Is the image in Daniel a living thing?
– Philippians 3:19 – Why is the reference to God in this verse capitalized?
– Matthew 5:32 – Can a man marry a woman who is divorced?

Thursday 6-23-22
– Joel 2:1-11 – How do we know if this is the locust army or not?
– 1 Timothy 4:3-4 – Is this verse saying that it’s a sin to deny eating one of God’s creatures?
– Daniel 4:19-25 – Who are the watchers in this passage?
– 1 Samuel 3 – What are the 5 things God looks for in a Christian?

Thursday 6-30-22
– Does the Devil still believe he can “win” or is he just out to damn as many souls as he can?
– How do you explain to a Seventh Day Adventist that the law is no longer in effect?
– 1 Samuel 20:30 – What is happening in this verse? Why does he reference his mother’s nakedness?
– Matthew 5:39 – What does it mean to resist not evil?

Thursday 7-7-22
– Explain 1 John 5:7-8
– Revelation 12:8 – Is “their place” the same place as Judas in Acts 1:25
– Is it possible for sin to exist in heaven? Why is Satan allowed in heaven in Job 1 and 2?
– Hebrews 12:15 – Explain what the root of bitterness is
– Revelation 17-18 – How do we know this is the Roman Catholic Church?
– Explain what’s happening in 1 Samuel 14:37-41

Thursday 7-14-22
– What does the Bible say about homosexuality?
– What is legalism in Christian churches?
– 1 Samuel 8 – Why did Samuel’s kids fall away?
– What is the greatest move of God you’ve seen in your life?

Thursday 7-21-22
– 1 Timothy 4:1-3 and Proverbs 2:16-17 – If these are the Roman Catholic Church, why does it talk about them to “forsake the the guide of her youth”?
– Genesis 6:2-4 – Were the giants the angels themselves? Or the offspring of the giants?
– Matthew 5:9 – What is the context of the peacemakers?
– Revelation 19:7 and Revelation 21:9 – Is the Lamb’s Wife and Bride of Christ the same?
– Romans 13:8-10 – Why are only some of the commandments listed?
– Revelation 6:13 – What do the stars represent here?
– Numbers 15:27 – What is the emphasis of the she goat?
– 1 Timothy 2:9 – Is this saying that women shouldn’t wear makeup?

Thursday 7-28-22
– Explain Revelation 12:6
– 1 Corinthians 14 – Why does Paul say there needs to be an interpreter of 2 or 3 witnesses?
– Explain why some churches believe women should not speak within the church
– 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Galatians 5:21, and Ephesians 5:5 – Compare these passages, and which ones are talking about saved people, and which of lost people?
– Matthew 12:36 – Is this in the context of the New Testament Church?
– Explain how the “Angel of the Lord” in Daniel is actually Jesus Christ
– Revelation 19:18-19 and Matthew 24:30 – Could there be some sort of sign that the antichrist uses to gather his army preceding the battle of Armaggeddon?

Thursday 8-4-22 – Dean Hayes, stories in the Old Testament

Thursday 8-11-22
– 1 Chronicles 5:21 – Why did the sons of Joseph get this birthright? Why is this generation not reckoned after the birthright? Why did Judah prevail over his brethren?
– 2 Thessalonians 2:7 – Is the “he who letteth will let” referencing the Holy Spirit of God?

Thursday 8-18-22
– 2 Peter 3:10-13 – How do the other planets, galaxies, and stars factor into the new heaven?
– Explain your opinion on homeschooling vs. “Christian” schools vs. public schools, and how they compare this day in age
– 2 Samuel 24:1 – Why is David numbering the people a sin here?
– 2 Kings 20:13-18 – Why was it wrong fro Hezekiah to take the King of Babylon in and show him the treasures of Israel?
– Exodus 35:31 – Is God giving these skills as new skills to people, or just bringing in the right people for the job?

Thursday 8-25-22
– How does Mark portray Christ as a servant, and Luke portray Christ as the son of man?
– How does the revolutionary war fit into God and the Bible?

Thursday 9-1-22 – No Bible study

Thursday 9-8-22
– Explain the 4 accounts of the tribulation in Revelation
– Ephesians 6:16 – Why does it say faith is above all the other pieces of armor?
– How do you break a stronghold in your life?

Thursday 9-15-22
– Acts 1:26 – Was Matthias supposed to be an apostle according to the will of God? Is there any instance where casting lots in the Bible is good?
– 1 Samuel 18:1-4 – Would Jonathan and David had made a blood pact here? Is being a “blood brother” a Biblical concept?
– Job 1:7 – Do unclean spirits have the ability to go “to and fro” the earth like Satan?
– Should Christians be buried and not cremated because of the rapture? Is our old body resurrected or do we go straight into our glorified body?
– Why did the Devil come to Adam and Eve as a serpent? Did they see him as an actual serpent?
– How do you cross-reference verses in your Bible?

Thursday 9-22-22
– Was the curse that God put on the ground in Genesis 3:17 done by suppressing a natural method (mist out of the ground or rain) of watering plants and herbs?
– How do I deal with someone who claims to be a Christian but doesn’t have a relationship with God?
– How does someone know if they are being called to the ministry by God? Do they know before it happens? How did it happen with you?
– Do you have an explanation for someone who used to be solid with the Bible, to now saying they will no longer teach out of the Old Testament?

Thursday 9-29-22
– Romans 6:3 – How do we get baptized “into Christ”? What does this mean in regards to our body, soul and spirit?
– Explain the process of how the Bible was put together

Thursday 10-6-22
– Ezekiel 29:3 – Could the Pharaoh in Exodus be considered a dragon as the Pharaoh in this verse?
– Job 3:5 – What is the shadow of death?
– Deuteronomy 18:10-14 – Define the abominations listed in these verses
– Explain Ezekiel 221:21 and what the antichrist is doing

Thursday 10-13-22
– Ezekiel 37.25-26 – One place David is King, but other place it says he is a prince?
– 2 Chronicles 15:17 and 16:9 – How can he have a perfect heart but make such bad decisions?
– Is the role of the pastor different today vs back in Pauls day?

Thursday 10-20-22
– John 6:70 – Is there any way for Judas to have gotten saved even though he was a devil?
– Explain what communion is and how we participate in it
– Explain Ecclesiastes 9:11

Thursday 10-27-22
– Matthew 17 – Did Moses and Elijah come out of heaven or from Abraham’s Bosom to appear to them? Did they actually come out or was it just a vision?
– Judges 1:19 – Why could they not drive the chariots of iron out if the Lord was with them?
– Explain the Household of God
– Proverbs 18 – What are the 3 questions you would ask an unsaved man while dealing with him?
– In Daniel 3:7 there are 5 instruments, and in Daniel 3:10 there are 6 instruments listed. Is there any deeper meaning here?
– Who is Melchizedek?

Thursday 11-3-22
– Explain how the 5 sections of Psalms line up with the 5 Books that Moses writes
– What are the different manifestations of Christ throughout history?
– Hosea 6 – Explain how the “third day” fits into this chapter and the whole Bible

Thursday 11-10-22
– In the ministry, how do you distinguish between “giving up because it’s too hard” in contrast to God closing the door?
– What is the time-frame for a Christian to figure out what God wants them to do with their life?
– 2 Corinthians 10:5 – How do we cast down imaginations?
– What should our perspective be on our country’s future following the mid-term elections?

Thursday 11-17-22
– Should a woman baptize people? Should someone be re-baptized if they were previously baptized by a woman?
– Exodus 23:23 – Is the Angel in this verse Christ?
– Explain Revelation 22:19
– Galatians 1:8-9 – Is it correct to tell someone who uses a different Bible that they are accursed?
– Jeremiah 2:2 – God talks about Israel’s “kindness of thy youth” but it seems that Israel was never very kind to God. Is this just an example of grace?
– James 5 – Explain the former and latter rain
– How do I really focus in on learning and growing myself as a young Christian?

Thursday 11-24-22 – No Bible study (Thanksgiving)

Thursday 12-1-22
– 2 Kings 2:23-25 – Are the 42 children a picture of the tribulation Jews?
– Luke 1:35 – Why is Christ called “that holy thing”?
– Judges 10:8 – Are these 18 years included in the 93 years that Israel are considered out of fellowship?
– 1 Peter 5:4 and Proverbs 4:9 – Is this the same “crown of glory”?

Thursday 12-8-22
– Explain the differences between Calvinism and Armenianism
– Explain fasting
– Amos 1-2 – What are these 7 fires? Do they connect to other places in the Bible?
– 3 John 9-10 – Is Diotrephes a type of the antichrist?
– Explain Proverbs 1:6

Thursday 12-15-22
– 1 Corinthians 11:14 – What does it mean “Doth not even nature itself teach you”?
– How do you have a balance of testimony and witnessing towards your unsaved family?
– Where in the Bible can I answer questions around Apostles and Prophets in modern day Christianity?
– 2 Chronicles 26:19 – Could this be the mark of the beast in the tribulation period?
– Ezekiel 28:19 – What is the prophetic application of the antichrist?

Thursday 12-22-22 – No Bible study (Christmas)

Thursday 12-29-22
– Zechariah 14:21- Why are there no more Canaanites? Verse 16 – Where do Christians fit into this during the Millennium?
– Daniel 3 – Why is Daniel not in the fiery furnace with the 3 Hebrew children?
– Matthew 2:1 – Who are these wise men? Is there any chance that they are descended from the Hebrew children in Daniel 3?
– How do you catalogue the things that God shows you in the Bible?


Thursday 1-7-21
– Lay out Genesis 1

Thursday 1-14-21
– Genesis 1:5 – Why are “Day” and “Night” capitalized?
– Define the concept of a “conspiracy” in the Bible – Isaiah 8:9-12, Jeremiah 11:9-11, Ezekiel 22:25-26
– Genesis 1:8 – Why is “Heaven” capitalized?
– Explain Luke 21:19
– 2 Peter 3:5 – How does this fit into Genesis 1:1-2?
– Colossians 3:2 – What are the 12 things we should set our affections on?
– What are the 7 mysteries of the Bible?
– 1 Thessalonians 5:23 – Why does it say “spirit and soul and body”?

Thursday 1-21-21

Thursday 1-28-21
– Ezekiel 31:1-16 – Is this the same time period as Genesis 1?
– Genesis 5:2 – Why does God say “their name Adam”?
– Why does God use the plural “our” in Genesis 1:26 when talking about making man, but in Genesis 6:7 he just says singular “I”?
– Genesis 18:2 – Are these angels a picture of the olive branches in Zechariah 4:12?
– Genesis 3:6 – Explain why is says Eve took “fruit of a tree”, not a “vine”

Thursday 2-4-21
– Acts 16:31 – How do you explain to someone this verse if they try to use it to prove “easy-believism”
– How do we know where the Holy Spirit is telling us to go with big decisions it our lives?
– Matthew 9:20 – Why did Jesus not know who touched him?
– Jeremiah 31:22 – What does it mean “a woman shall compass a man”?
– Romans 1:5 – What is the difference between an apostle and a disciple?
– 1 John 5:8 – What do each of these 3 that bear witness in earth represent?
– Is “second advent” found anywhere in the Bible?

Thursday 2-11-21
– John 1:14​ “grace and truth” – Why is it referred to in the Old Testament usually as “grace and mercy”?
– Joshua 24:1-3 – What is this flood referring to?
– Acts 16:16​-18 – Why would this women who is a soothsayer recognize that Paul and his followers were of God?
– What is the difference between an archangel and a seraphim?
– Explain the difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven
– How does a man get God’s Righteousness during the 400 silent years?

Thursday 2-18-21
– John 1:39 – What does the 10th hour mean?
– 2 Samuel 21:7-9 – Was Mephibosheth one of those sons that were killed?
– 2 Timothy 3:8 – Who are Jannes and Jambres?
– Did Jesus die of a broken heart?
– Revelation 21 – Is there a truly “new” heaven and earth? What happens to the people on earth as it gets purged?
– Proverbs 9:3 – Who are these maidens?
– Why are the books of the Bible in the order they are in?

Thursday 2-25-21
– Why did Ham’s sin in Genesis 9 affect his entire race and Levi’s sin did not affect his descendants?
– How did Ham come through the line of Cain?
– Deuteronomy 5:8 – What are the waters beneath the earth?

Thursday 3-4-21

Thursday 3-11-21
– Why doesn’t Paul use the term “born again” in talking to Christians?
– Explain AAA-O
– Genesis 2:19-20 – Why does God specifically point out the cattle, fowls of the air and beasts of the field?
– Explain Job 37:11-13
– Numbers 21:14 – What is the book of the wars of the Lord?
– What are the two definitive verses on prayer?

Thursday 3-18-21
– How to do a character study on Timothy
– How do you talk to a friend who believes they can lose their salvation?

Thursday 3-25-21
– Acts 10:11 and Job 1:19 – What are the four corners of the earth?
– Psalm 4:2 and Psalm 5:6 – What does the word “leasing” mean?
– John 12:29 – Why do the people have two different experiences?
– When someone dies under the age of accountability do they get a free pass to heaven or do they get another chance to make the decision for or against Christ?
– Psalm 119 – Before each section of 8 verses, what do the words mean?
– Are the 2 entrances of the tabernacle connected to Matthew 7:13-14?

Thursday 4-1-21
– Romans 1:1 – If he’s preaching to Christians, why is he preaching to them to gospel if they are already saved?
– Genesis 22:5 – Why does Abraham say “I and the lad will go… and come again to you” if he knows he’s going up to sacrifice Isaac?
– Numbers 6:6 and 1 Samuel 1:11 – Why was Samuel able to make a sacrifice if he was a Nazarite?
– Luke 13:20-21 – Why does this parable say Kingdom of God if it is the spiritual kingdom?
– In Psalm 119, why are the titles throughout the chapter in Hebrew and not translated to English?
– Mark 8:15 – What is the leaven of Herod?
– Isaiah 45:7 – What is the significance to the words “form”, “make” and “create”?
– Job 38:25 – Is this a reference to Revelation 14:2?
– Explain the Mark of the Beast in relation to where we are at today in the world

Thursday 4-8-21
– Genesis 1:2 and Genesis 7:18 – Explain “face of the waters”
– 1 Kings 15:14 and 2 Chronicles 14:2-3 – Explain why one says Asa did not remove the high places and one says that he does
– Deuteronomy 11:13-17 – Is this connected to the “latter rain” in the tribulation with Elijah in any way?
– Zechariah 4:10 – What is the “day of small things”?
– John 3:13 – Does this verse prove that Elijah and Enoch did not go to the third heaven?
– Luke 24:33-37 vs John 20:19-25 – Was Thomas present when Jesus appeared to the 11 remaining apostles or not?
– 1 Samuel 25:1 and 1 Chronicles 29:29 – Is it safe to say Kings and Chronicles were written by Nathan and Gad?
– Why in the 4 Gospels does it title it as “The Gospel according to saint ___” but in 1 and 2 Peter and James it does not? Isn’t making Christians “saints” a Roman Catholic concept? Could the King James translators had anything to do with this?

Thursday 4-15-21

Thursday 4-22-21
– Exodus 10:21 – Explain “darkness which may be felt”
– Explain Romans 2:1-16 – When God tells someone of them having a child, why does he sometimes speak to the man (Joseph with Mary), and sometimes to the woman (Samson’s parents in Judges 13)?
– Obadiah 1:21 – Explain why it says “saviours”?

Thursday 4-29-21
– Matthew 5:22 – What does Raca mean?
– Genesis 21:22-32 – Why did Abraham make a covenant with Abimelech at the well?
– Romans 1:28 – What does a “reprobate mind” mean? Is there hope for them to be saved?
– Acts 1:5 – Is this the same baptism as 1 Corinthians 12:13?
– Acts 2:47 – Is this the same church as Ephesians 1:22-23?
– Ephesians 1:10 – Explain “In Christ”
– What is the difference between free will and Calvinism’s doctrine of limited atonement?

Thursday 5-6-21
– Revelation 14:13 – Why does this say “in the Lord” and not “in the body”?
– How could Jesus choose to not know some things?
– Explain Proverbs 1:20-21
– John 4:12 – What do the cattle represent?
– Galatians 5:16 – How do you apply “walking in the Spirit”?
– 1 Chronicles 1:35 – Why does God not mention all the sons in this verse later in the chapter?
– Acts 12:20-23 – How could Herod have given God the glory here?
– Psalm 86:13 – Are there levels to hell?
– Matthew 8:12 – What is the “outer darkness”?
– Job 1:10 – What is a hedge?

Thursday 5-13-21
– Psalm 103:12, Micah 7:19, Isaiah 38:17, Isaiah 43:25, Jeremiah 31:34 – Do these verses in any way refer to sins being covered but not cleared in the New Testament?
– Explain why Matthew 24 is Israel in the tribulation and has nothing to do with the church
– Isaiah 14:12 – Why do bibles other than the King James Bible change this verse?
– How can someone believe correct Bible doctrine and 30 years later reverse their positions?
– Mark 2:43-44, Mark 3:12, Mark 5:43, and Mark 5:19 – Why in some of these miracles did he tell his disciples to tell others, and some he told them not to tell others?
– Explain Matthew 9:14-15
– Compare the wording between Psalm 62:1-2 and verses 5-6
– Mark 3:35 – What was Jesus referencing as “mother”?
– Genesis 16:14 – Is there any significance to this being the first mention of a well? Is this the same well as in Genesis 24:62 and Genesis 25:11?

Thursday 5-20-21
– Revelation 14:4 – What is the significance of them being virgins?
– How do you deal with a relative who is interested in the demonic? Do you deal with them differently than natural sins?
– Everyone is born with a man’s spirit; what is this spirit and what is its purpose?
– Luke 8:39 – Why is the account of this story in Luke different than the other gospels?
– Why is the word “demon” not found in the Bible?
– Revelation 3:7 – What is the key of David?

Thursday 5-27-21
– Why is the word faith not found in the Gospel of John?
– Why did God create the Devil?
– Job 38.32 – Does it say who Arcturus’s sons were?

Thursday 6-3-21
– When is the “right” time to take someone off of life support?
– Hebrews 13:25 – Why is there a paragraph mark at the very end of the book?
– Proverbs 30:21-23 – Does this line up to anything going on today in the government?
– Genesis 5 – How are the days of Enoch similar to today?

Thursday 6-10-21
– If God created the universe and all the creatures in it to honor and glorify him, why does he want to make us all just like Christ in eternity? Isn’t that him forcing us to love him?

Thursday 6-17-21
– Give an overview of Mel Sabaka’s life
– Joel 3:1-8 – Who are the Sabeans? Is he talking about the Gentiles in general? Explain verse 3 more in detail
– Explain the difference between good delegation and poor delegation (as given by Jethro in Exodus 18) in the ministry
– Why was the apocrypha printed with the King James Bible originally if it originates from the Roman Catholic Church
– What is the difference between an edition, revision, and translation?
– Do people who don’t speak English have to learn English in order to get saved?

Thursday 6-24-21
– Why were Jews allowed to marry outside of Israel in Exodus through Deuteronomy?
– How much knowledge does God allow the Devil to have?
– Genesis 7:11-13 – Explain the fountains of the deep and the windows of heaven

Thursday 7-1-21

Thursday 7-8-21 (Jon Bousquet)

Thursday 7-15-21

Thursday 7-22-21
– Isaiah 4:1 – Who are these seven women taking hold?
– Song of Solomon 4:11 – Why does it say “under my tongue”?
– Why was Elihu not rebuked for speaking like Job’s other 3 friends?
– Genesis 6 – Explain the concept of the sons of God
– Genesis 3:5 – Explain how it says “ye shall be as gods”, what does that mean?
– Is there any way that the angels/fallen sons of God got through the flood?
– Explain 1 John 2:12-13

Thursday 7-29-21
– Ecclesiastes 12:7 – Why doesn’t the unclean spirit go back to God?
– Why is Israel sometimes referred to as a man, and sometimes as a woman?
– John 20:22, Acts 2:4 and Acts 13:52 – When did men get sealed by the Holy Ghost?
– John 13:26 – What does the sop represent?
– Explain Revelation 12:4 and how the third part of the stars of heaven apply
– Hebrews 12:23 – Could the “church of the firstborn” be a reference to Israel, from Exodus 4:22?
– Luke 10:19-20 – Is this saying the angels have control over devils?
– Revelation 12:3 – What are the 7 heads, 10 horns and 7 crowns?

Thursday 8-5-21
– Explain Isaiah 26:18
– 2 Thessalonians 2:2-3 – What exactly is he saying to us as Christians in regards to the rapture?
– Explain 1 Samuel 15:29
– Explain Ezekiel 26:19-21. In verse 19, these waters covering the cities be related to the underwater city of Atlantis?

Thursday 8-12-21
– Numbers 23:22 – Explain what the unicorn represents in the Bible
– Psalm 46:7 – Explain the Jews hiding in Selah-Petra
– Revelation 8:12 – what is significant about the “third part” throughout chapter 8?
– Exodus 7 – Is there any significance to the order of the plagues?
– Explain what you said Sunday that in the Millennium there won’t be a need for a Bible

Thursday 8-19-21
– How does what happened in Afghanistan (the U.S. pulling troops out) this week fit into the Bible timeline?

Thursday 8-26-21
– How does the trinity work in eternity?
– Who are the 5 groups of people that Israel goes up against in the Book of Joshua?
– Genesis 3:6 – Is Adam present when Eve eats of the fruit?
– Acts 2:1 – Why don’t you find the word “Pentecost” in the Old Testament?
– Romans 13:7 – What is the fear referring to in this verse?

Thursday 9-2-21 – No Bible study

Thursday 9-9-21
– How do you Biblically handle a situation with a kid that becomes/gets someone else pregnant outside of marriage?

Thursday 9-16-21
– Genesis 22:1 – Explain what the tempting of Abraham in this verse means. Compare to Hebrews 11:17
– Can someone turned to a reprobate mind have another chance to be saved?
– Job 23:15 – Is being afraid of God the same as the “fear of the Lord”?
– 2 Thessalonians 1:7 – Who are the “mighty angels”?
– Matthew 17:4 – If John the Baptist has come representing Elijah, who represents Moses because they come together in the tribulation?
– Was God sending unclean spirits when he sent the plagues as Israel were in Egypt?
– Genesis 4:11-12 – Why does God call the earth “her”?
– Matthew 24:32 – Explain how generations work in the Bible in reference to Israel becoming a nation

Thursday 9-23-21
– Why do we believe the King James Bible is the perfect infallible Word of God?
– Explain the trumpets in Revelation 8-11. Are there any current events within these?

Thursday 9-30-21
– Explain why historical evidence suggests that in the events leading up to the Holocaust, that Jews faced disdain and persecution from Christians
– Luke 1:19 vs Matthew 1:20 – Explain why Luke says “Gabriel”, and Matthew says “Angel of the Lord”
– How many different bodies/manifestations does Christ have in the Old Testament?
– What is the difference between judgements, commandments, and precepts?
– Philippians 1:19 – Why does it say “turn to my salvation”?
– Ezekiel 41:18-19 – This references to 2 cherubs with 2 faces each, where there’s other spots like Ezekiel 1 that mentions 4 cherubs with 4 faces each. Why is this?
– Why did Hitler attack Russia only 2 years after making a pact with them in 1939?

Thursday 10-7-21
– 1 Kings 19:11-12 – What does it mean that God was not in the wind, earthquake, and fire?
– How will the Antichrist know who the Jews are in the tribulation?
– Where is the geographic location of Selah-Petra?
– 1 Kings 9:20-21 Why are these nations still around if David had wiped them out during his reign?
– How do you do a character study in the Bible?
– Why are Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther historically out of place in the order of the books?

Thursday 10-14-21
– Jon Bousquet – Study on the 18 types of the antichrist

Thursday 10-21-21
– How is our spiritual heart the same as our soul? If my soul is sinless how can my heart still bring about issues? Other questions about how Colossians 3:22, 2 Corinthians 3:3 fit in
– 1 Corinthians 11:18-19 and 1 Corinthians 1:10 – Should there be divisions in the church or not?
– Genesis 1:22 and 28 – Why does it use the word “replenish”?
– When Adam and Eve fell did both their image and likeness change?
– Why is it not ok to “switch genders” but women become Christ at the rapture?

Thursday 10-28-21
– Matthew 14:15 – What is this a picture of doctrinally? What does “the time is now past” mean?
– What do you do if you’re having a “dry spell” when it comes to soul winning?
– 1 Corinthians 11:28 and 1 John 1:6-10 – How do you use these verses to explain standing and state?
– Is “honour thy father and mother” applicable to adults as well as children?
– 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17 – What happens to a Christian after they die before going to heaven? What about an unsaved person?

Thursday 11-4-21
– Explain the Marriage Supper of the Lamb
– 1 Kings 6 – What does Solomon’s temple represent doctrinally and inspirationally?
– Proverbs 24:16 – What does “just man falleth seven times mean”?
– Why does Song of Solomon 2:6 say “is” and Song of Solomon 8:3 say “should be”?

Thursday 11-11-21 – No Bible Study

Thursday 11-18-21
– 1 Kings 11:41 – What is it referring to “the book of the acts of Solomon”?
– Did the people who believed Peter’s preaching in Acts 2 have to be saved again after Acts 7 since there was a change in dispensations?
– What is the best way to explain to someone when the body of Christ began?
– What is the best way to make important life decisions that will change the course of your life?
– Is it possible Adam and Eve had children before Cain and Abel?
– Ezekiel 43:18-27 – Why are they giving sacrificial offerings for sin in the Millennium?

Thursday 11-25-21 – No Bible study (Thanksgiving)

Thursday 12-2-21
– What is the balance between “God first, others second, yourself last”?
– Revelation 20-21 – How do the 3 people groups, Jews, Gentiles, and Christians fit into God’s plan in eternity?
– Luke 12:35-38 – Is there a meal or supper that takes place at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb?
– If there is no sin, what are we mediating in eternity?
– From what you’ve explained, does this mean people in eternity do not need to make a free will choice anymore to accept God? When does that happen?
– Is there any sort of concept of time in eternity? They still honor things like feasts and certain days, there must be some tracking of time

Thursday 12-9-21

Thursday 12-16-21
– Are there different levels of hell?
– 1 Timothy 5:8 – Can you explain what the “infidel” here is?
– 1 Timothy 5:21 – Who are the elect angels?

Thursday 12-23-21 – No Bible study

Thursday 12-30-21
– Explain 2 Thessalonians 2:1-7
– In the tribulation period, who dies, who gets raptured, who goes into the Millennium?
– Revelation 13:16-17 – Is the Mark of the Beast going to be required all around the world or only in the Middle East?
– 2 Kings 5 – How does Naaman get his leprosy (picture of the Mark of the Beast) removed?
– Matthew 22:12 and Matthew 20:13 – Are both of these references to “friend” taking about the Devil?
– Zechariah 6:12 – Who is The BRANCH? Why are two of the four in all caps, and the others are not?


Thursday 1-2-20
– Job 23:12 – Is this how Job got through all of his trials?
– Matthew 4:4 and Luke 4:4 – Explain why Jesus answers “it is written” here
– Matthew 4:6 – Explain how the Devil “wrongly divides” and misquotes what God says in Psalm 91
– Luke 10:39 – Does Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet have anything to do with the prophecy in Genesis 3:15?
– Did Christ look just like Adam back in the garden?
– 2 Kings 6:1-7 – Who were the sons of the prophets? Explain how he gets the axe head to swim in the water and what the picture is
– Matthew 4:10 – Why does Jesus change the word from Deuteronomy 6:13 from “fear” to “worship”?

Thursday 1-9-20
– Explain the 3 families of manuscripts
– Where did the Old Testament get corrupted in history?
– Explain the 12 doctrine of salvation
– How do we fit in with the Marriage Supper of the Lamb?

Thursday 1-16-20
– How do we know how much rain there was during Noah’s Flood?
– How do you approach someone who believes that all religions are ok?
– 1 Corinthians 3:17 – Explain in the context of the Judgment Seat of Christ
– Romans 6:1 – Is this speaking of the acts of sin, or our sin nature? What is our relationship to our sin nature as Christians?
– 2 Corinthians 5:1-4 – Does the “being clothed” aspect of these verses relate to Revelation 3:18, Revelation 16:15, Revelation 19:8
– In eternity, why does everyone get a garment when back in the garden Adam and Eve were naked?- Isaiah 13:16 – Explain this verse if the context is the Second Coming of Christ
– Exodus 27-28 – Why does God put these chapters about the tabernacle in the Bible?
– The garments mentioned in Revelation, are they the same garments in the same context or 3 different things?
– Is there a “right” way to do a character study in the Bible?
– Do we still remember our sin after the Judgment Seat of Christ?

Thursday 1-23-20
– Hebrews 10:17 and Hebrews 11 – How do these passages relate to God “forgetting” our sins in eternity?
– Isaiah 65:17 – Does the last question apply to this verse? What does this verse mean?
– What is the Biblical approach in applying “church discipline”?
– 1 Corinthians 5:5 – Why does this say the “spirit may be saved” when Ecclesiastes 12:7 says our spirit goes back to God?
– Should we hate gay people or push them away? What’s the Biblical approach to dealing with them?
– Explain the 7 “garment changes” of God
– 2 Kings 6:5-6 – What does “borrowed” mean in this context? And what does it mean about the iron swimming?

Thursday 1-30-20
– What were the qualifications for David to become a priest?
– Explain the 7 things you lose when you lose your Bible
– Matthew 27:52-53 – Why did this happen? And why does it say “many”?
– Deuteronomy 16:16 – Explain how the feast of weeks is connected to the rapture of the church
– Explain Job 38:22-23, Psalm 148:8 and the treasures/hail/wind
– John 20:7 – What is the significance of the napkin being by itself?
– Is Psalm 150 for us as Christians?
– Explain some of the wording differences between Psalm 14 vs Psalm 53
– Genesis 3:14-15 – What is the seed of the serpent?
– How close are we in the context of Biblical events to the rapture?

Thursday 2-6-20
– Was God able to “relate” to people in the Old Testament like he can with us today, since Jesus came and lived as a man and experienced human life like we do?
– Deuteronomy 29:13 – Why does God say that he will be “a God” to them, and not “the God”?
– 1 Samuel 6:18 and 2 Samuel 20:16-19 – Does the woman in 2 Samuel 20 get her wisdom because they had put the ark down to rest back in 1 Samuel 6?
– Explain the 7 trumpets in Revelation
– John 20:19 and 26 – Why does it mention the doors shutting twice?
– 1 Timothy 3:12 – In order for someone to be a deacon, do they have to be married and have children?
– 1 Timothy 3:3 and 3:8 – Why can deacons have “a little wine”?
– 1 Corinthians 11:3-16 – Why is this section on the covering of the head put in the same chapter as the ordinances given to the church?
– Revelation 6:1-9 – Are the horses and the beasts the same?

Thursday 2-13-20
– Matthew 20:30-34, Mark 10:46-52, Luke 18:35-43 – Why are there 2 men in Matthew, but only Bartimaeus in Mark and Luke?
– Explain the 12 apostles and their characteristics
– What are the 7 name changes in the Bible?
– Did they use the same Calendar system in the Bible as we do today?

Thursday 2-20-20
– Did all the apostles become Christians after the transition to the Church Age?
– What is the significance of the sign gifts used by Paul and Peter?
– Exodus 31:3 vs 1 Samuel 10:6 – Is there a difference between someone getting filled with the Spirit and the Spirit coming upon someone?
– Ezekiel 16:48-52 – How did the sins of Israel far exceed the sins of Sodom?
– 1 Corinthians 15:52 – Is this the last trumpet? What were the other trumpets before it?
– What is the origination of karma? How do you respond to someone’s use of it in daily life?
– Explain 2 Samuel 20:3
– Explain Revelation 13:10
– John 6:44 and 6:54 – Is this referencing the tribulation?
– 2 Kings 8:26 and 2 Chronicles 22:2 – Why the difference in ages when Ahaziah began reigning?
– How old was Isaac when Abraham offered him for sacrifice?
– 1 Samuel 8:1-3 – Why did Samuel’s kids fall away if Samuel was a great picture of a Christian standing on the Word of God in the Laodicean Church Age?

Thursday 2-27-20
– Colossians 3:1-3 – Can this be connected to Matthew 5:14 with the city on the hill?
– 1 Chronicles 21:25 and 2 Samuel 24:24 – Was it 600 shekels of gold or 50 shekels of silver?
– Matthew 22:37 – What’s the true spiritual application of this verse?
– Is “dispensational salvation” the same as “looking forward and back to the cross?”
– Are Job 6:4 and 2 Corinthians 5:11 connected in any way? Explain the Terror of the Lord (Judgment Seat of Christ)
– What is the definitive verse for love?

Thursday 3-5-20
– Matthew 28:19-20 – How would you lay these verses out in discipleship?
– Exodus 8:16-19 – Why couldn’t Pharaoh’s magicians do this miracle with the lice?
– Why is Matthew 28 a Millennial passage if it’s after Jesus died?
– Luke 4:19 – What is the acceptable year of the Lord?
– Why could Pharaoh’s magicians turn the rods into snakes but couldn’t turn the dust into lice?
– Why is Melchizedek a priest of the Lord?
– Acts 8:39 – Is this a picture of the rapture when Philip is caught away?
– Explain Matthew 16:19 and Matthew 18:18

Thursday 3-12-20
– Why are there no more paragraph marks after Acts 20?
– Song of Solomon 1:6 – Why were they angry with her?
– Why does Paul preach the “Kingdom of God” in Acts 20:25 when it’s also the preaching of the Kingdom of God in Luke 9:1-2? How are they both the Kingdom of God but different gospels they’re preaching?
– Isaiah 53:10 – It appears that from this prophecy that Jesus HAD to die on the cross. How does this factor in if Israel had accepted him as their Messiah and King?
– Who are the 18 types of the anti-christ and why are they a type of him?
– Revelation 6:8 and Revelation 20:13-14 – Is there any correlation between these 2 verses with the horses being “death and hell”

Thursday 3-19-20
– No Bible study; addressing the coronavirus

Thursday 3-26-20
– Genesis 1:26 – Who is God referring to when he says “us”?
– What are some of the parallels between the stories of Adam and Noah?
– 2 Thessalonians 2:1-2 – What is the “day of Christ”?
– Numbers 1:10 – Why did the sons of Joseph split into 2 tribes?
– Why is Levi not counted as a tribe but chosen to do the work of the tabernacle and the Law?
– Explain Judges 17-21
– 2 Corinthians 5:6-8 and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-16 – Those who are “dead in Christ”, where are they before the rapture?

Thursday 4-2-20
– Where do the Jews go after the Millennium?
– Jeremiah 23:33-38 – What is the “burden of the Lord” in the passage, and what is it a reference to?
– Who is “replacing” Lucifer’s spot as the 5th cherub in eternity?
– Where would you start in the Bible to start explaining to someone about the “day of the Lord”?
– Explain why Mark 16:16 cannot be used for salvation
– Psalm 139:11–12 – How can darkness and light be the same?
– What part of a Christian gets baptized into Christ’s body? Where is that body today?
– Jeremiah 23:40 – What does he mean by “everlasting reproach” when taking about Israel?

Thursday 4-9-20
– What are the 6 things that help you determine if a Bible teaching is actually heresy?
– Who are the 2 men called the son of perdition?
– Explain how the antichrist works in the tribulation
– How does Psalm 109:14 with Judas’s mother connect with Genesis 3?
– What is the ethnicity of the anti-christ?
– How do you know there will be 200 million men at the battle of Armageddon? Revelation 9:16
– Are there any Bible verses to help with “life” decisions such as when to take someone off life support?

Thursday 4-16-20
– Explain Revelation 3:9
– Revelation 2:5 – What are the “first works”?
– Hebrews 12:17 – What does “carefully with tear” mean?
– Ezekiel 28:13 – What is the meaning of the precious stones? What is the connection with this and the breastplate of the priest?
– What are the 8 ordinances of heaven?

Thursday 4-23-20
– How do we become or replace Christ in eternity with our glorified bodies?
– Why are all Christians “Sons of God” and not “Sons and Daughters”?
– 1 Corinthians 2 – Why does Paul not emphasize the resurrection in this chapter?
– Romans 10:9-10 and 13 – Why does Paul not emphasize the resurrection here?
– Joel 2:28-32 – What time period is this?
– What is the greatest revival in church history?
– Explain the trees in Judges 9

Thursday 4-30-20
– Why do people have near death experiences where they see or experience glimpses of heaven?
– Genesis 9:6 – Why did God make exceptions to this rule with Cain and Moses?
– Genesis 34:25-26 – What else could’ve been done other than killing them? Why does Levi’s tribe still get the blessing after this event?
– Ezekiel 28:3 – Is Daniel wiser than Solomon? Why does it say Satan is wiser than him?
– How does God deal with people in 3rd world countries who have never heard the gospel?
– Isaiah 55 – Explain the sure mercies of David
– 1 Corinthians 15:2 – Explain “believing in vain”
– 1 Timothy 3:8 – Is this verse saying they can’t have too much grape juice?

Thursday 5-7-20
– Explain the term “spiritual suicide”
– Ezekiel 7:19 – Is the verse suggesting the fall of the dollar in the tribulation period?
– Matthew 8:21-22 – Why do we have funerals? Is it Biblical?
– What are the 12 fruits in Revelation 22:2? How do the leaves heal the nations?
– Deuteronomy 32:34 – What are the treasures?
– Deuteronomy 32:31 – Can this be a reference to the Roman Catholic Church?
– 1 Samuel 19:18-24 – Why is everyone prophesying? What is Saul’s goal in this passage?
– 1 Corinthians 7:5 – Should we fast and pray to get our prayers answered?

Thursday 5-14-20
– Jeremiah 11:20 – What does the word “reins” mean in this verse?
– Hebrews 11:23 – How does Moses have faith?
– Hebrews 11 – What’s the difference between “by faith” and “through faith”?
– Joshua 7:16-19 – Is this a picture of how the Great White Throne of Judgement will be?
– Explain how the Pyramids in Egypt are connected to the Bible and the universe
– Psalm 44:19 – Where is the “place of dragons”?
– Is there a difference between “condemnation” and “damnation”?
– Exodus 4:8 and Psalm 74:11 – Does the action of Moses taking his hand out of his bosom connect with the 1st and 2nd Coming of Christ from these verses?
– Do you think God would show any favor to a lost person who helped the Jews in WWII?
– Ruth 3:14-17 – What is barley a picture of throughout the Bible?
– Explain the phrase “small and great”
– Hebrews 10:29 – Is Paul saying that Christ’s blood has sanctified all men from the Law of Moses?

Thursday 5-21-20
– 1 Corinthians 16:22 – What do the words “Anathema” and “Maranatha” mean?
– Is there a difference between Peter before and after he denied Christ?
– John 21:15-17 – Why does is say “lambs” once and then “sheep” twice?
– Luke 16:22 – Some men say that “Abraham’s bosom” is just a body part and not a place; how do you answer that?
– Revelation 6:8 – Why does it say “death” twice in the verse?
– Luke 1:79 – Explain with the “shadow of death”
– Jeremiah 31:9 – Why is Ephraim listed explicitly, and will they be destroyed as it says in Revelation?
– Hebrews 11:1 – Did Adam and Eve need faith if they walked with God literally?

Thursday 5-28-20
– Zechariah 5:1 – Explain the flying roll
– Revelation 2:14 – Why does he suggest to them to not eat things sacrificed to idols, when Paul says it doesn’t matter in 1 Corinthians 8?
– Hebrews 11:32 – Explain why Jepthae is listed here
– Leviticus 16:22 and Numbers 14:33-34 – Is there any comparison between these passages?
– 2 Corinthians 13:5 – Can someone who is a reprobate be saved?

Thursday 6-4-20
– Explain 1 John 1:1-3 – Define fellowship
– Jeremiah 4:23-26 – Is this a reference to the Genesis 1:1 gap? How would you explain these verses to someone?
– Ephesians 3:1-12 – Is this the definitive verses on the mystery of the church?
– Jeremiah 4:23 – Why does it say “heavens” where Genesis 1:1 says “heaven”
– Explain the events with the Indians from the North West asking about the Bible to a group of Christians on the East
– 1 Samuel 9 – Could this be a picture of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb?
– Explain the Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Thursday 6-11-20
– 2 Kings 1:9 – Why were the 50 consumed by fire?
– Song of Solomon 2 – How does this relate to the end times before the rapture?
– Explain who the Samaritan people were
– If Boaz and Ruth are Moabites, is David not a Jew?
– 2 Timothy 2:12 – How do we know if we’ve “suffered” enough for Christ?
– Isaiah 53:3 – Why does it say Christ was acquainted with grief and a man of sorrows?

Thursday 6-18-20
– Proverbs 20:15 – Is this connected to 1 Corinthians 3?
– Luke 24:16 – What does this verse mean doctrinally?
– Explain Romans 8:20
– Genesis 24:1-4 – Why did he put his hand under his thigh to make a promise?
– Could the book of Hebrews be paralleled to the book of Deuteronomy with the 2nd generation concept?
– 1 John 3:9 and 15 – How do you explain these verses are not dealing with losing your salvation?
– Galatians 5:21 – Explain a Christian’s inheritance vs salvation
– 1 Timothy 4:2 – Can someone who has seared their conscience ever get back to God?
– Genesis 35:8 – Why was it significant to mention that Rebekah’s nurse died?
– Job 7:17-18 – Explain “try him every moment”
– Mark 9:36-37 – What does it mean to receive the children in his name? Could the children be new Christians?
– How does the name Jesus translate into Joshua?

Thursday 6-25-20

Thursday 7-2-20
– Explain the doctrines of expiation and imputation
– Ephesians 2:11 – Is there any significance in the circumcision and uncircumcision?
– Genesis 3:1 and 3:15 – Explain how this deals with someone being possessed by Satan
– Acts 1:18 – Who is the man this verse is talking about?
– Matthew 27:5 vs Acts 1:18 – Explain what Judas actually did with the money, it seems these verses are conflicting
– Genesis 4:26 – What does it mean saying men that “call upon the name of the Lord”?
– Genesis 6:10 – How do you derive “meaning” from people’s names?
– 1 Corinthians 7:12 – Explain why Paul says “I, not the Lord”
– 2 Timothy 2:3-5 – How do you understand a soldier’s mindset if you‘be never been one?

Thursday 7-9-20
– Explain spiritual circumcision and how the soul is stuck to the flesh
– Why does God create people who, in his sovereign knowledge knows they are going to end up in hell?
– 1 Thessalonians 5:14-23 – Why does it say to keep our spirit, soul, and mind blameless?
– Job 38:28 – What does the word “begotten” mean in this verse?
– Isaiah 44:1-2 – What is Jersurun?
– Ephesians 3:18 – Is this a reference to the universe or the love of Christ?
– 2 Corinthians 2:5-11 and Ephesians 4:30-32 – How does we forgive and forget as God does in our human nature?
– Isaiah 51:1-2 – What is the rock and the pit?
– John 1:18 – Why do the modern versions change “begotten Son” to “begotten God”?
– Acts 13:33 – Explain the “raised up” part of the verse and what that means
– Proverbs 20:27 – Can God hear an unsaved man’s prayer?

Thursday 7-16-20
– Mark 1:10 – How does the Spirit descend upon Jesus?
– Luke 2:49-50 – Was Mary aware Jesus was the Son of God when he was born?
– Leviticus 18:1-6 – Why does God instruct them to not have incest? What is the practical and doctrinal application of verse 3?
– Matthew 18:27-34 – How does this passage apply to us as Christians?
– 1 Samuel 18:1-4 – What can Jonathan and David and Saul be a picture of here?
– Luke 2:34 – What does “this child is set for the fall” mean?
– Psalm 9:16 – Is Higgaion the same as Selah?
– Is the Feast of Tabernacles a picture of the rapture?
– Zechariah 4:14 – Who are the two anointed ones?
– Luke 9:30/Matthew 17:3 – How did Moses get here if Christ didn’t have the keys to death and hell yet?
– Does Abraham’s Bosom go back into effect after the Church Age?
– How do people from the tribulation period get into Abraham’s Bosom?- Revelation 20:14 – Why is both “death and hell” cast into the Lake of Fire?

Thursday 7-23-20 – No Bible study due to camp (see Camp 2020)

Thursday 7-30-20
– How to rightly divide the Bible

Thursday 8-6-20
– 6 questions about our spiritual growth

Thursday 8-13-20
– The peace treaty between Israel and UAE that was signed today, is this a fulfillment of Daniel 9:27?
– How do you deal with people who use Acts to prove baptism for salvation?
– Joshua 22 – Why was Manasseh considered a half tribe?
– John 8:51-52 and Hebrews 2:9 – What is the difference between “not seeing death” and “not tasting death”?
– Acts 17:30-31 – Why did God wink at the ignorance of those times?

Thursday 8-20-20
– What caused the end of the Philadelphian church age?
– Was Pharaoh an Egyptian or an Assyrian?
– What books would you recommend reading for Christians similar to Foxe’s Book of Martyrs?
– Colossians 4:16 – What is the most letter of Laodicea?
– 1 Samuel 17:5 and 38 – Are Goliath and Saul and their helmets a picture of man-made religion?

Thursday 8-27-20
– Matthew 6:13 – Why does he say to not be led into temptation when James 1:12 says to endure temptation?
– Ezekiel 8:3 – What is the seat of the image of jealousy?
– Genesis 14:1 and Deuteronomy 2:10 – Did the giants survive the flood?
– Revelation 13:2 – What do each of these animals represent?

Thursday 9-3-20
– Song of Solomon 2:14 – What does it mean “clefts of the rock”?
– Judges 21 – Why were Jabesh-gilead’s people slain for not going to the assembly?
– 1 Chronicles 1:1-3 – Why is Enoch changed to Henoch?
– Matthew 16:13-14 – Why did some of the Jews think Jesus may have been Elijah or Jeremiah?
– Romans 3:30 – Why is one “by faith” and one “through faith”?
– 1 Kings 7:13-14 vs 1 Chronicles 2:13-14 – Why does one say he is of the tribe of Naphtali and one says he’s from the tribe of Dan?
– Does the changing of the spelling of a name change the meaning of a name?
– Psalm 8:3-6 – How did David understand these things about the Lord but not the rest of Israel?
– How do we know Christ was born in September?
– Where does a Christian’s soul go when they die?

Thursday 9-10-20
– Why in the Bible, sometimes “Lord” or “God” is all capitalized and sometimes only the first letter is capitalized?
– If you turn away from God, do you lose any rewards you had “earned” before then?
– Explain the Biblical concept of divorce
– Is Daniel 7:1-8 and Hosea 13:5-8 dealing with the same 4 beasts?
– Explain Proverbs 25:22 and Romans 12:20

Thursday 9-17-20
– What are the Pauline epistles?
– How is it possible that John was written to get man saved if Christ hadn’t even died yet and there was no Christianity established?
– Jeremiah 26:6 – Explain what happened to Shiloh and when that event occurred
– If all angels are males and there are no marriages in heaven and we will be as the angels are, how will God’s plan continue for ever and ever as intended with Adam and Eve?

Thursday 9-24-20
– Why are unclean spirits not referred to as evil spirits when “unclean” is usually used in context of the flesh?
– Why is it a cedar tree in Ezekiel 31:5-6 and a mustard seed in Matthew 13:31-32
– 1 Kings 16:34 and Joshua 6:26 – Why did he curse them?
– Isaiah 34:11 – What kind of bird is a bittern?
– Genesis 8:5 – What is the significance of the 10 months?
– Genesis 8:1 – Why did God specifically call out the cattle separate from the other living beings?
– 2 Timothy 3:1 – What will be some of the perilous times for the Laodicean church age?

Thursday 10-1-20
– Psalm 7:5, Psalm 34:2, Psalm 63:9 – Why does David refer to his soul as both a “him” and a “her”
– Explain the 3 things a married couple loses within their relationship to each other and God that will destroy them
– Revelation 3:18 – How do we buy white raiment and what makes up that clothing?
– Philippians 2:7-8 – What’s the difference between Christ being “in the likeness of men” and “found in fashion as a man”?
– Explain why John the Baptist baptized Christ in the Jordan River
– Explain the principle on how you see the good in people and give some practical examples. What about unsaved people? And people the Bible says to avoid?

Thursday 10-8-20
– Proverbs 8:27-30 – Is this a reference to the reconstruction of the earth in Genesis 1?
– When and how did the earth go to the “bottom” of the universe? Isaiah 66:1
– Song of Solomon 5:11 – If a raven is a type of a demonic being, why does it compare Christ’s hair to a raven? And Hosea 7:11 – Why does it say Ephraim is a “silly dove”?- Genesis 15:10 – Why are the birds not divided?

Thursday 10-15-20
– What are “lots” in the Bible?
– Ruth 2:23 – Explain the wheat and the barley harvest
– 2 Samuel 6:23 – Why is Michal not considered as one of the 7 barren women in the Bible?
– Explain Matthew 11:11
– Hebrews 12:4 – What is the heart here that gets discerned?

Thursday 10-22-20
– Does God have emotional love? The world has different kinds of love like Agape, Phileo, Eros, are these Biblical?
– John 3:22-23 – Aenon is far away from Jordan where John was also baptizing in Matthew 3. Which of the 7 baptisms does this pertain to?
– Romans 14:10-11 – At the Judgement Seat of Christ why do they have to bow at the name of Christ when that’s what they had to do to get saved?
– Philippians 2:11 says “should confess” and Romans 14:11 says “shall confess”, what’s the difference?

Thursday 10-29-20
– 1 Corinthians 6:3 – How would they know that they would be judging angels?
– Where did the female deities of false religions begin?
– Job 1:5 – Why is Job offering up sacrifices before the Law is set up?
– Why is Joshua 5:15 singular “shoe” and Exodus 3:5 plural “shoes”?
– Romans 4:1-8 – How do these verses pertain to salvation?
– Hebrews 12:15 – What are the 8 aspects of bitterness?

Thursday 11-5-20
– With everything going on in the world around us, how do you not let it affect you?
– What are the 7 areas of stewardship?

Thursday 11-12-20
– Lamentations 3:33 – What does it mean to “not afflict willingly”? I thought we cannot got force God to do anything?
– When did the Devil begin to be the “god of this world” (2 Corinthians 4:4), since Psalm 24:1 says the earth is the Lord’s?
– Explain the concept of Church Militant and Church Triumphant, as well as the doctrine of standing and state in the book of Leviticus
– Matthew 21:42 – Explain the “smiting stone”
– Psalm 56:10 – Why is Lord all capitalized?
– Communism vs Catholicism

Thursday 11-19-20
– The 9 manifestations of Christ’s body throughout the Bible
– Explain the body, soul and spirit of man

Thursday 11-26-20 – No Bible study for Thanksgiving

Thursday 12-3-20
– When John the Baptist called Christ the “lamb of God” how did he know that Jesus would be the sacrifice? Did he see Christ and the crucifixion or was it based on his understanding of the Old Testament?
– Why is the Apocrypha in the early editions of the King James Bible?
– Revelation 9:1 – Explain what stars are a picture of in the Bible

Thursday 12-10-20
– What are the 7 things that please God?
– Explain 1 Timothy 4:10
– Explain the Biblical perspective on addiction

Thursday 12-17-20
– Explain the covenants that are given throughout the Bible
– Titus 3:1 – What is the difference between principalities, powers, and magistrates?
– Explain how to better minister to your help-meet
– What were God’s qualifications for a prophet in the Old Testament?

Thursday 12-24-20 – No Bible study for Christmas Eve

Thursday 12-31-20 – No Bible study for New Years’ Eve


Thursday 1-3-19
– Revelation 20:11-15 – Is everyone in this passage “damned”? Who is all present at the Great White Throne of Judgment?
– Luke 23:42 – Why is it a problem that the modern Bibles remove “Lord” from this verse?
– The 2 lines of Bibles throughout history
– How do Bibles in other languages today fit into the picture?

Thursday 1-10-19
– Who are some of the “unknown servants” in the Bible that picture the Holy Spirit?
– Explain 2 Samuel 5:6-8
– What are the steps to break a stronghold out of 2 Samuel 5?
– Matthew 12:43 – Explain this verse in the context of worldly “Christians”

Thursday 1-17-19
– What are some of Larkin’s teachings that you have to be “careful” with?
– Matthew 27:50-54 – Were these the souls of the Old Testament saints coming out into the city?
– 2 Samuel 14 – What was Joab’s goal using Tekoah to speak to David to get Absalom back?
– Exodus 39:3 – Explain the colors blue, scarlet, and purple in the tabernacle and what they represent
– Will the garments that Christians earn or lose at the Judgment Seat of Christ be blue, scarlet and purple just as the Old Testament priests?
– At the Judgment Seat of Christ, can you earn more than one crown of the same type?
– Exodus 8:18 – Why couldn’t the magicians reproduce lice like Aaron did, and does this have any connection to the antichrist and his miracles in Revelation 13?
– Explain the antichrist’s trinity in Revelation 13

Thursday 1-24-19
– 1 Samuel 24:6 – Is there a verse David is quoting or getting this principle from?
– Genesis 38:28-30 – What is the significance of the scarlet thread?
– 1 Samuel 10:3-7- What is the significance of the instruments in this passage?
– 1 Samuel 10:3 and 5 – Do these items have any doctrinal significance?
– 1 Samuel 10:6 – When God gave Samuel the spirit of prophesy, was that one of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament?
– Explain the 7 manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament in Isaiah 11:2
– Isaiah 4:2 – The 4 “branches” representing Jesus Christ
– What is the teaching of “Commandment Doctrine”?
– Genesis 37:19-22, 37:29-30, and 42:22 – What does Reuben represent in this story?

Thursday 1-31-19
– 2 Chronicles 4:6-8 – Why are there 10 candlesticks in the temple when there was only one in the tabernacle?
– John 8:8 – Is there any way to know what Jesus wrote on the ground?
– John 1:48 – What convinced Nathanael that Jesus was the Son of God?
– 1 John 5:8 – Why do some versions capitalize the “s” in Spirit when some don’t?
– How did Bible believers react to the Revolutionary war, if “rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft”?
– Micah 5:5 – Who are the 7 shepherds and eight principal men?
– Genesis 34 – What should have been done to Shechem for defiling Dinah?
– Who was the “other” baby born at the same time as Jesus?

Thursday 2-7-19
– What is the “theme” of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Joel, Obadiah, Micah, and 2 Peter?
– In Genesis 1, 2, and 4, why does the Bible give different names for God (God, Lord God, LORD)?
– What is your opinion on “giving records”? Are they Biblical and should they be given out by a Church?
– Do angels have wings? How are they different than Cherubims?
– What was the significance of Lucifer being the “covering cherub”?
– Why were the fallen angels in Genesis 6 “visible” back then, when today they are not?
– How do we know the fallen angels are here today but in spiritual form?
– Why does demonic activity often happen in one specific building over a period of years?

Thursday 2-14-19
– Why do we believe the King James Bible as our final authority?
– What is wrong with the New King James Bible?
– What is the difference between an edition and a revision?
– Jeremiah 35:5-7 – Who are the Rechabites?
– What is God saying to the Rechabites in Jeremiah 35:18-19?
– Who is the “elect lady” in 2 John 1:1?

Thursday 2-21-19
– Explain the significance of towers in the Bible? 2 Samuel 22:3, Psalm 61:3, Isaiah 5:2
– Matthew 14:17-20 vs Matthew 15:34-37 – what is the correlation between the numbers of bread and fish leftover from when Jesus fed the multitude?
– 1 John 1:6 – Can a Christian “walk in darkness?”
– What are the 7 wonders in the Bible?
– The only one of the seven wonders of the world that is still around today is the Pyramid of Gaza, is that significant since the Pyramid has a lot of properties that line up with the Bible?
– 1 Samuel 17:55-58 – How does Saul not know who David was since he met him in chapter 16?
– Does the Bible talk about dinosaurs?
– Knowing that God is perfect, did he know that Lucifer would take over like he did and why?

Thursday 2-28-19
– Revelation 6 – Is everything in this chapter in the first half of the tribulation or the second half?
– Explain the timeline of events in the tribulation period
– 1 Corinthians 11:10 – What do angels in particular have to do with this verse?
– Acts 21:24 – What Law is he talking about in this verse and why does he say to keep it?
– What is your opinion on the teaching that the first 3 1/2 years of the tribulation period was accounted for during the ministry of Christ?

Thursday 3-7-19
– Matthew 1:1 – Why is generation singular in this verse?
– Genesis 5:3 – What exactly changed about Adam when he fell?
– Did Lucifer also have the likeness of God (physical) before he fell?
– Could Eve have thought that the Devil was Adam if they would’ve looked the same (likeness of Christ)?
– Is Paul one of the 12 judging Israel in the Millennium?
– Do we know when the other planets were created?
– When was Eve created?
– Explain Luke 13:16
– 1 Kings 17:1-7 – Why is a raven here used by God of it is an unclean animal?- Genesis 1:4-5 – Could this be where Christ is “brought forth” (Proverbs 8:22-36)?
– Explain Philippians 2:12 “fear and trembling”
– Explain the chapter Isaiah 13?

Thursday 3-14-19
– Does the Bible say anything about Lilith (mythological figure of Adam’s “first wife”)?
– Isaiah 27:1 – Is this a reference to the anti-Christ being slain?
– Galatians 1:8 – Who is this other angel?
– Deuteronomy 14:22-26 – Why would he tell them to have strong drink?
– Exodus 32 – Why is Aaron not killed when he makes this golden calf?
– 6 principles of leadership
– Exodus 32:5 – Is this verse showing Aaron was thing to make it right?
– Do we ever see examples of Aaron as a good leader after Exodus 32?
– What’s the difference between hiding behind you being a bad leader, and knowing your limitations as a leader?
– Genesis 6:7 – Based on man having dominion of the sea (Genesis 1:28), why doesn’t God feel the need to destroy them as well?
– Numbers 23:22 – What is a unicorn (found 6 times in the Bible)?
– Would the Satanic creatures have souls or would they be like the giants (1 Peter 3:19-21)?
– Isaiah 34:7 – Will the unicorns re-appear at the 2nd coming?

Thursday 3-21-19
– 2 Kings 15:23-26 – Lay out the life of King Pekahiah
– Revelation 14:6 – Who does the “everlasting gospel” in this verse apply to?
– Revelation 14:12 – Does Israel have to keep the Old Testament Laws in the “everlasting gospel”?
– What are all the “gospels” listed in the Bible?
– List out the 7 “churches” in the Bible
– List our the 7 “covenants” in the Bible
– Daniel 2:44 – Is this the “everlasting gospel” Daniel is referring to in this verse?
– Romans 1:11 – What was the spiritual gift Paul was imparting to them in this verse?
– Acts 2:4 – When the Holy Spirit came, was it for the NT Church or the Church of Jews in Acts 2?

Thursday 3-28-19
– 1 Kings 22:39 and 1 Kings 16:20 – Where are these stories recorded in Chronicles?
– Explain 2 Samuel 3:28
– Revelation 3:14 – What does the angel have to do with the condition of the church?
– 1 Samuel 3:10 – What is significant about God actually standing there before Samuel the third time?
– Can we apply 1 Peter 1:10 to ourselves inspirationally?
– 1 Samuel 31 – Why does Jonathan get killed with his father Saul after having such a close relationship with David earlier in the book?
– Why are men likened to dogs and women likened to pigs in the Bible?
– Genesis 3:20 – Why does Eve get her name after the fall?
– Mark 7:27 – Who is “the dogs” referring to in this verse?
– Genesis 23 – Why does Abraham want to buy this land so badly? Is there any connection between this and 2 Samuel 24 when David does something similar?
– Explain Isaiah 5:6

Thursday 4-4-19
– Exodus 4:13 – Why does God call himself “I am that I am”? Is this title connected to what Jesus says in John 18:6?
– Are the postscripts at the end of Romans through Hebrews “inspired”?
– Is 1 Corinthians 13:10 referring to the Word of God?
– Explain the valley of Hinnom
– Proverbs 2:16-17 – Was there ever a time when of Babylon Mystery Religion where she was “lead by God”?
– Explain Revelation 2:21
– Did the early N.T. Churches know which books were written directly to them (Paul’s writings) and which ones were not?

Thursday 4-11-19
– 8 things a pastor should know before starting a church
– 8 things a pastor has to be able to do with his people

Thursday 4-18-19
– Explain Romans 14:20-22
– Revelation 2:6 – Explain the “deeds of the Nicolatians”
– 1 Peter 3:7 – Explain why it says “that your prayers be not hindered”
– What do Mormons believe and how they are different from what we believe?
– If God can do anything why did he want the tabernacle built an exact way for him to fellowship with them?
– Exodus 25-31 – How do you get the dimensions of the universe from the tabernacle?
– What did Jesus’ body look like after the resurrection?
– Where does a Christian fit in in relation to God and his dealing with the Jews today?
– 1 Corinthians 5:5 – Can this verse apply to a family scenario dealing with their children not doing what is right?

Thursday 4-25-19
– How will the tribulation saints get to heaven if they don’t have glorified bodies?
– Where do the tribulation saints go when they die?
– Explain the events dealing with John F. Kennedy, the Vietnam War, and his assassination and how they fit into the Bible

Thursday 5-2-19
– Revelation 20:10 – Is there day and night in the Millennium?
– Jeremiah 5:6 – Are these animals in the tribulation?
– Jeremiah 5:15 – Is this a reference to Nebuchadnezzar?
– Romans 1:17 – Why is “his faith” changed from the verse’s quotation of Habakkuk 2:4?
– Are the unclean spirits the fallen angels?
– Matthew 8:28-34 – Why did the devils want to go into the swine if they just ended up dying?
– Did you hear about the professor who claimed that alien races are interbreeding with humans?
– What makes Bible colleges bad and why do people keep going to them?
– Explain the “unpardonable sin” referred to in the gospels

Thursday 5-9-19
– Explain 2 Samuel 2:23
– Where in the Bible does it tell us that we should not drink alcohol or smoke marijuana?
– Romans 14:20-21 – How are we to deal with a Christian that believes it’s ok to drink?
– Where does the Bible teach that when a person decides to join a church that they should support it with their tithes, offerings and sacrificial givings?
– Explain the Kings/Queens of England that lead up to James I of Scotland taking the throne

Thursday 5-16-19
– Luke 2:52 – Why would Jesus have to “increase in wisdom” if he was God?
– Did people in the Bible get “diagnosed” with emotional issues the same way as today where doctors will diagnose people for an “emotional sickness”?
– 1 Kings 19 – What are the 3 steps to bringing someone out of depression and back to God?
– Is selfishness the main factor for someone who is depressed and/or commits suicide?
– How can you help minister to a Christian who is serving God, but had a genuine tragic event in their life?

Thursday 5-23-19
– How do you minister to people if there’s somewhat of a language barrier for them with English?
– How do you invite people to church if you don’t want your church to become a mega-church?
– Psalm 34:2 – Why does David refer to his soul as “her”?
– 2 Kings 9:35 – What is the significance of Jezebel’s body parts that are remaining?
– Genesis 25:31-34 – What was Esau’s birthright that he actually sold? How could he “sell” it?- Why do we need an inheritance if we are saved and with Christ?
– Why did Jacob want the birthright so badly? Is that a picture of someone wanting to steal my birthright?
– Will someone who gets no rewards at the Judgment Seat of Christ be naked for 1000 years in their glorified body?

Thursday 5-30-19
– How can Satan be a spiritual being but still affect our thoughts and actions? And how can we tell the distinction between Satan tempting us and just our flesh?
– What happens when you are out of fellowship with God for a very long time? Is it hard to talk to him again?
– Exodus 6:3 – What does Jehovah mean? Why does God reveal himself to Moses as Jehovah here?
– Exodus 6:5 – Why does it say God “remembered” his covenant if he never forgets?
– Jeremiah 8:11 and 19 – Who is the daughter?
– What is the meaning behind “firstfruits” in the context of tithes and is it Biblical?
– 2 Samuel 3:31 – Why is the word “rend” capitalized?
– Romans 10:10 – What does it mean to “believe unto righteousness”?
– What is the origin behind “Lilleth”, Adam’s supposed first wife?
– Does the Bible ever refer to epilepsy? Is Matthew 17:14-21 related?

Thursday 6-6-19
– How would you explain the concept of spirituality to an unsaved person who has a limited concept of God?
– Was Satan created before Christ stepped out of the Godhead? Did God put Christ above Satan while Satan had dominion over Eden?
– How did different languages and races come about?
– How do Shem Ham and Japeth represent different races if they all came from the same parents?
– Acts 22:16 – Why does the verse say his sins will be washed away if he is getting baptized?
– Explain Ezekiel 13:20
– Explain the concept of “the lily of the valley” concerning Christ

Thursday 6-13-19
– 1 Corinthians 2:8 – Why does it say they didn’t know who Christ was at his coming, when Matthew 21:38 says that they did?
– Are addictions hereditary? Or are they just a part of our sin nature for everyone all the same?
– Explain Isaiah 61:10- Are the “garments” in Revelation 3:4 the same garments as in Isaiah 61:10?
– Is there a difference when the Bible uses the terms “Jesus Christ”, “Christ Jesus”, “Lord Jesus Christ”, “Jesus”, “Holy Ghost” and “Holy Spirit”?
– 1 Samuel 10:8 vs 1 Samuel 13:1, and 1 Samuel 13:8 – Explain the timeline happening here; are the events out of order?
– What are the 6 “building materials” that will be obtained at the Judgment Seat of Christ?
– Luke 4:41 vs Matthew 16:16 – Why does he suffer the devils not to speak, but blesses Peter for saying it? And was Peter present, and did he hear the devils say what they did in Luke 4?

Thursday 6-20-19
– Did Christ offer to God to come down and be sacrificed, or did God direct his Son to leave the comfort of heaven to be sacrificed?
– Revelarion 9:1 and Revelation 20:1 – Are one of these Satan’s angels and one of them God’s angels?
– What is the difference between Christ being the “Messiah” and “Saviour”?
– 1 Corinthians 5:5 – What does the term “saved” mean in this context?
– Isaiah 19:19 – Explain the concept of the Pyramid of Giza and the capstone and how it deals with God
– Explain the age of accountability and God’s dealing with children with mental disabilities

Thursday 6-27-19
– Will there still be sin during the Millennium?
– Does everyone live through the Millennium or do some people die?
– Jeremiah 29:25 – Why does it say “Thus speaketh the Lord” here instead of “Thus saith the Lord”?
– Explain how the strange woman in Proverbs is connected to the Catholic Church
– Revelation 17:1 – What are the 7 angels a picture of?
– Acts 7:58 – Is there any significance to Stephen being stoned outside the city just as Christ was?

Thursday 7-4-19 – No Bible study

Thursday 7-11-19
– Job 38:6 – Explain the “foundation” and “corner stone” in this verse
– If Matthew preaches the Kingdom of Heaven, why is the Kingdom of God also found in Matthew?
– Colossians 4:1 – Who are the masters and servants in the verse?
– Why would God give man free will? Does God have free will himself?

Thursday 7-18-19
– Matthew 25 – How do they “buy oil” in the tribulation period?
– Leviticus 19:23-25 – Why does God forbid them to eat of the fruit for 3 years?
– Exodus 17:8, 17:16, 1 Samuel 15 – Is Amalek always a picture of our battle with our flesh?
– Where does Daniel take God’s glory for himself?
– Revelation 22:8-9 – Does this have to do with Daniel?
– If God has a “timeline”, how does God allow man to have free will while still interjecting himself to make things run according to his plan? Proverbs 16:9, Jeremiah 1:5
– Exodus 5:13 – Why are they told just to make an offering to just part of the sacrifice?
– What is the difference between a sin offering and a trespass offering?
– What are all the references to “predestination” and explain the verses in context?

Thursday 7-25-19 – No Bible study (final camp night)

Thursday 8-1-19
– Are there “guardian angels” around us in the spiritual world?
– Leviticus 27:2 – What does it mean by “singular vow”?
– Romans 5:13 – Explain “sin is not imputed”
– How do you deal with someone who has never heard the gospel and does not know right from wrong? Is Psalm 98:2 related?
– Isaiah 41:19 – What do the trees represent?
– John 20:17 – Jesus says not to touch him here, but later invites people to him. Did he ascend and descend between that time?
– Explain 1 John 3:2

Thursday 8-8-19
– Psalm 52:8 – What is the significance of the green olive tree in this verse?
– How did Jesus being one sacrifice cover all the sins of mankind in all of history?
– Explain all the trees that were in the garden of Eden
– Explain Proverbs 21:1
– Matthew 27:33 – Why is it called Golgotha, the place of a skull? Why is it called Calvary in Luke 23:33?
– Daniel 12:2 – Is this the tribulation period? Who are “them”?
– Who all is judged at the Great White Throne of Judgment?
– How does the Catholic Church decide if an event is a legitimate miracle or not?

Thursday 8-15-19
– Explain the events in Christ’s life that involve an “aerial phenomenon” (Christ appearing to someone in the sky)
– Acts 9:9 – What is the significance of Paul being without sight for 3 days?
– Are the cloud(s) in the New Testament when God shows up to people the same cloud in the Old Testament leading the Nation of Israel?
– How could Christ have come back at the stoning of Stephen if the prophets prophesied of Daniel’s 70th week?
– Explain Proverbs 25:11
– 1 Samuel 25:44 – When Saul took his daughter Michal away from David and gave her to another man, were they not married during that time based on the Biblical definition of marriage of flesh joining unto flesh?
– Explain Ephesians 3:18

Thursday 8-22-19
– 1 Corinthians 2:1-5 – Why does Paul not mention the resurrection in this chapter?
– What are the 5 “levels” of spiritual maturity we go through (talked about on Sunday)
– Explain Proverbs 30:25-31
– What are the 5 things the church knew in Acts 11?
– What are the 6 things the church needs to do in Acts 20?
– What is the the right publisher to buy a King James Bible from?
– Explain 2 Kings 6:6

Thursday 8-29-19
– What are the 7 things you lose when you lose your Bible?
– 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 – When is the temple rebuilt for the antichrist to go sit in?
– Revelation 11:2 – Is this the antichrist’s temple he builds in the tribulation period?
– Explain Acts 15:16
– James 4:2-3 – Does this “catalog list” idea of prayer apply to us as Christians?
– Who were the Quakers in history and how do they fit into Church history?
– Did the people who received letters that aren’t directly for the church (like Hebrews, James, 1 and 2 Peter, etc.) did they know what it was written for in the context of the Church Age?
– 2 Peter 3:10 vs 2 Peter 3:12 – Are these talking about the same thing/time period?

Thursday 9-5-19
– Explain Numbers 19:13
– Exodus 23:20 – Is this Angel Christ?
– Should we treat the italicized words differently in the Bible?
– Why was God “silent” for 400 years before the New Testament? What is the significance of 400?
– Ezekiel 19:2-5 – Who are the “whelps” in these verses?
– Lay out your sermon “where are they now”

Thursday 9-12-19
– Explain Isaiah 45:11-12
– Esther 3:1 vs 1 Samuel 15:20 – How is there an Amalekite in Esther if they got wiped out in 1 Samuel?
– What are the seven great awakenings mentioned Sunday?
– In the Old Testament wars, how did so many people did?
– Explain Psalm 19:12-13
– Explain Ephesians 2:3-4
– 2 Samuel 12:15 – Why does it reference to the child as “it”?
– Explain the doctrine of unconfessed sin (1 John 1)

Thursday 9-19-19
– Jeremiah 28:10 – What is the significance behind this?
– Numbers 7 – is this something that will take place in the Millennium or eternity?
– Explain Isaiah 14:1-3
– Explain Numbers 12 and what happens with Miriam
– Explain Deuteronomy 28:68
– Does God ever speak directly “speak” to a Christian in any form to tell him direct decisions to make? 2 Peter 1:17-19, Nehemiah 9:5, Psalm 138:2
– Daniel 11:32 and John 14:12 – Are the “greater works” us going out and preaching the gospel and winning people to Christ?

Thursday 9-26-19
– Explain 1 Samuel 3:3 and why the lamp of God “went out”
– Leviticus 2:12-13 – Is the salt specifically to preserve the meat, or does it have a connection to Matthew 5:13?
– Explain the aspect of Christ’s birthday being September 23rd
– Obadiah 1:18 – Who are the Edomites today?

Thursday 10-3-19
– Genesis 14:19 – Is Melchizedek a prophet, king, and priest?
– James 1:4 – Why does it refer to “patience” as a “her”?
– Mark 12:27 vs Romans 14:9 – Is God the God of the dead also or not?
– Explain Psalm 104:26
– Explain Ezekiel 14:3-4
– Matthew 1:17 – Is there anything to there being 14 generations?

Thursday 10-10-19
– In Genesis 1, the Sun doesn’t show up until the fourth day; is this a picture of Christ?
– Ezekiel 28:8 – Is this the same pit found in Revelation?
– What is the difference between someone being sent out (to start another church) by a church, and going out on their own choice?
– Ezekiel 40:1 – Is this city the literal, physical Kingdom of Heaven?- What is Ezekiel 42 about?
– Explain Malachi 3:1-4
– Ezekiel 45 – What is the holy oblation?

Thursday 10-17-19 (Jon Bousquet) – Romans 4:17 – Explain the inspirational application of this verse
– Ezekiel 1:10 vs. Ezekiel 10:14 – Why does one have a face of a cherub and one the face of an ox?
– Acts 16:16-18 – Why does Paul allow this woman to bother them for many days?
– Ezekiel 14:1-10 – Why would God give someone a lie to believe?
– Does the Bible say children are completely innocent under the age of accountability? Deuteronomy 1:39, Romans 7:14
– Are church leaders held to a “higher standard” when judged by God? Or are we all judged the same? 1 Peter 5:2
– Mark 12:40 – Does this apply to someone unknowingly teaching false doctrine? Jeremiah 23:1-2, Ezekiel 34:1-10
– How does the age of accountability fit in with us as humans being born with a sin nature (Romans 5:12)?
– Explain the difference between “right and wrong” and “good and evil”
– Isaiah 11:12 vs Revelation 7:1 – What are the four corners of the earth referring to?
– Proverbs 5:3 – Is the strange woman referring to the Devil?
– John 8:44 – If we are born into the Devil’s family, how does a child who dies before the age of accountability get into God’s family without ever trusting Christ?
– Numbers 8:23-26 – What’s the difference between service and ministry? Does this show that we only have so much time to serve God?
– Explain 2 Thessalonians 1:6
– Luke 23:42-43 – Is “paradise” here referring you Abraham’s bosom at this time?

Thursday 10-24-19
– Matthew 4:24 vs Matthew 17:15 – A lunatic vs being demon possessed?
– Can you get saved through a translation other than a King James Bible?
– What is the significance of new translations removing “amen” as the last word of many books in the New Testament?
– Why are Acts, James, and 3rd John the only books in the New Testament that don’t end in “amen”?
– Genesis 15:13 vs Exodus 12:40 – Why are there an extra 30 years listed in Exodus of when Israel will dwell in Egypt?
– Revelation 1 – Is there a literal star in the 2nd heaven that represents each angel in the church age listed here? Are these the same angels that show up later in the tribulations? Are all these angels under Michael the archangel?
– James 5:14 – What kind of oil is this referring to?
– Galatians 5:1-6 – What do you say to someone who says that circumcising your child is a sin?- Revelation 5:5 vs Revelation 22:16
– Is there a connection between these 2 verses?
– Why were women banished to the outside of their camp when on their cycle?

Thursday 10-31-19
– Psalm 57:2 vs. Romans 8:28 – Do “all things work together for good” for unsaved people?
– Explain Ezekiel 25:15
– Before Jesus died was anyone allowed to go to heaven?
– How do you classify what the “best” verses in the Bible are?- How does Psalm 57:2 apply inspirationally?
– John 13:22 – How does this verse apply if God is not a “respector of persons”?
– How did Christians in the Dark Ages “take care” of the Nation of Israel? Did the Jews always have to hide out?
– John 21:21-23 – Is John writing to the Nation of Israel about Christians in his Gospel?
– How do you deal with a “Hebrew Israelite” person?
– Would there be benefit to having the order of the books in the Bible in chronological order?
– 1 Samuel 2:12-17 – How did they violate the Law? Explain these verses
– Psalm 10:1 – Who is asking the question? Why is God hiding himself? Why does this Psalm not have a title like the other Psalms?
– Explain Revelation 13:9-10

Thursday 11-7-19
– Genesis 1:1 – What was created first, the heaven or the earth?
– Luke 19 – Explain the “Zacchaeus principle”
– How do you go about establishing a vision for your family?
– Luke 13:20 – Why is the leaven likened to the Kingdom of God?

Thursday 11-14-19
– Judges 6-7 – How was Gideon connected with Baal worship?
– Genesis 32:24-26 – Can these verses apply to us studying and reading the Word of God?
– Why do we use the KJV Bible?
– Micah 5:5 – Who are the 7 shepherds and 8 principal men?

Thursday 11-21-19
– What happened to the KJV Bible during World War 2?
– How does it work that the names in the Bible usually represents the characteristics of the person?
– 1 Kings 19:16 – What is the doctrinal significance of this verse?
– 1 Samuel 20:20-22 – Why was there a need for the lad to shoot the arrows when David and Saul were alone?
– Explain the “Father principle” out of Judges 11
– Explain the “Prodigal Son principle” out of Luke 15:11

Thursday 12-5-19
– Psalm 51 – What are the 5 things we need to have to get right with God?
– Matthew 16:19 – What things are bound and what things are loosed?
– What’s the difference between the Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost in the New Testament?
– Joshua 10:13 and Isaiah 38:7 – Explain the lapse of 24 hours in time
– What is the book of Jasher?
– Mark 14:13-15 – Did Jesus live in the Age of Pisces?
– 2 Kings 23:12 – What is the significance of the Brook of Kidron?
– Explain Job 9:24; Job 27; Job 32; Job’s self-righteousness

Thursday 12-12-19
– As a saved or unsaved person, how is it you can get so far away from God to the point to where he “rejects” you?
– What are the steps to getting back in fellowship with God when on the “downward slope”?
– Joshua 10:13, 2 Samuel 1:18 – What is the Book of Jasher?
– Explain Psalm 73:12- Explain the genealogies in 2 Peter 2:5 vs Jude 1:14
– Why is the number 8 significant in the story of Noah?
– Jeremiah 31:9 – Why does God say this about Ephraim, especially when he is in such apostasy?
– Revelation 3:7 and Isaiah 22:20-22 – Could Eliakim be considered a “type” of Christ?
– Explain Isaiah 14:21
– Explain the “sure mercies of David” (Psalm 89:20 and Isaiah 55:3)

Thursday 12-19-19
– Daniel 2 – Explain Nebuchadnezzar’s vision
– Leviticus 6:16 – Does this verse apply to the New Testament in any way with the “typology” of the priesthood?
– Explain Matthew 3:9
– Luke 1:12-20 and 35-37 – Why does God deal with Zacharias differently than Mary for not believing?
– Luke 1:5 – What is “the course of Abia”? Does this chapter show John the Baptist was born 6 months before Jesus?
– Ephesians 5:5 – Why does it say “kingdom of Christ and of God”?
– Is the Millennial Reign of Christ for the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven?

Thursday 12-26-19
– What are the 4 principles of dealing with a fool?
– How do you deal with a Church of Christ couple where one of them is very involved and the other is not?
– Explain Matthew 9:14-17
– What are the 9 characteristics of a wise man and 8 characteristics of a foolish man?
– Explain the post-exile books and how they fit into the Bible timeline with the 400 silent years
– Psalm 103:21 and Psalm 104:4 – Are these ministers angels?
– Psalm 52 – Is the context of this Psalm the antichrist? Explain verse 8 with the green olive tree
– Does the Catholic Church care about things like documentaries that come out “exposing” them?


Thursday 1-4-18
– Deuteronomy 10:16 – What does it mean to “circumcise the foreskin of your heart”?
– What to say to a 7th Day Adventist who says the church should meet on Saturday?
– God’s hand in America – The 7 Revivals in America and the 7 Cults to counter them.

Thursday 1-11-18
– 1 Corinthians 13:13 – Why is charity said to be the most important?
– Who are the 4 black men in the New Testament who model what we should be as Christians?
– Biblical principles for dealing with a family where the kids have different parents?
– Numbers 32:15 – God’s warning to Israel’s 2nd generation out of Egypt if they turn away.

Thursday 1-18-18
– When was the last Book of the Old Testament finished? Was there a “completed” Old Testament before Jesus was born and where was it?
– Did Wescott and Hort ever try to corrupt the Old Testament?
– Revelation 3:5 and Revelation 3:21 – explain why this isn’t a works-based system fo salvation, as it says you must “overcome?”
– “Book of life” in Revelation 21:27, Philippians 4:3, Revelation 13:8, and Revelation 20:12.
– Why is the word “church” found in Matthew if the Church doesn’t start until Acts?
– Explain Matthew 12:32, the so-called “unpardonable sin.”
– What are the 3 times Paul is told to not go to Jerusalem?

Thursday 1-25-18
– What are the different “levels” of demon possession?
– 1 Samuel 16:14 – explain the “evil spirit” from God that troubles Saul.
– The 13 evils of the heart in Mark 7:20-23.
– Did Jesus burn and suffer in hell after he died on the cross?

Thursday 2-1-18
– What are the “7 periods of prophecy”?
– Genesis 5:23 – Is there any significance to Enoch living for 365 years?
– Titus 3:2 – what is the “balance” of speaking harsh against or calling other people out (like Paul does in 2 Timothy 4:14)?
– John 21:25 – if Jesus did all of these things, how is it possible for us to do “greater works” than him (John 14:12)?

Thursday 2-8-18
– Genesis 24; principles for dating and finding a spouse

Thursday 2-15-18
– Acts 15:20 and 15:29
– How does God deal with a paranoid schizophrenic?
– Job 38:33 – what are the “ordinances of heaven”?

Thursday 2-22-18
– Exodus 33:11 vs John 1:18?
– Why does Noah only curse Ham’s son Canaan in Genesis 9:25 and not his other sons?
– Why is it taught that all Hamites are cursed, and what is the real significance of them being cursed by Noah?
– Ministering – Exodus 28:41, 1 Samuel 3:1, Colossians 1:7
– Billy Graham’s life

Thursday 3-1-18
– Psalm 7:9 and Psalm 26:2 – the “reins” of man
– David Koresh believing that he opened the 5th seal in Revelation; Haggai 2; Book of Revelation outline
– Isaiah 7:11-12 – what was the sign and why does Ahaz not ask?
– Genesis 35:18 – who named the child?
– Luke 22:36 – God’s view on gun control
– Explain Zechariah 12:7

Thursday 3-8-18
– If a person commits adultery and suicide after salvation will they go to heaven?
– Is there one element or character flaw that connects all suicides together?
– What are the 7 things that we need to prove, mentioned on Sunday?

Thursday 3-15-18
– What are the Bible principles on finding a job?
– Romans 4 vs James 2 – was Abraham justified by faith or works?
– 1 Samuel 3:1 and 15 – the “open vision”
– 1 Samuel 3 – principles of God calling a young man to the ministry
– Leviticus 20:1-5 – what was the warning God gave them of Molech?

Thursday 3-22-18
– What is the meaning behind the 22 section headings of every 8 verses in Psalm 119?
– In the passages on spiritual gifts in the New Testament, what is the difference between “the peace with God through justification” and the “peace of God through sanctification”?
– Where would Romans 12:6-8 fit into these spiritual gifts?; measure of faith
– Ephesians 4:11 – what is the Biblical definition of “evangelists”?
– Acts 21:8 and Acts 8:40 – are these verses referencing the same Philip?
– Hebrews 11:5 – what is Enoch’s testimony?
– What is true Biblical repentance? Is it quitting or turning from all sin? Is it necessary for salvation? Is it a “work”?

Thursday 3-29-18
– Acts 7:45 vs. Hebrews 4:8 – why do the new versions put “Joshua” where the King James puts “Jesus”?
– The 12 Bible doctrines on salvation

Thursday 4-5-18
– What are the 7 suicides in the Bible?
– Would you consider Adam as a suicide?
– Why is Samson listed as a man having faith in Hebrews 11?
– What constitutes the 1st, 2nd and 3rd heavens?
– Which heavens are going to be renovated into the new heavens and new earth?

Thursday 4-12-18
– Explain the Marriage Supper of the Lamb
– In Revelation 19:8, are those the garments that we can lose at the Judgment Seat of Christ?
– What is the difference between the crowns and the garments we receive at the Judgment Seat of Christ?
– Who is he talking about in Matthew 22:12-13?
– Where does Ruckman get the concept of the possibility of two separate armies coming back with Christ at the Second Coming?
– Where does a person who dies before the age of the accountability fit into the family of God and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb?
– Can a Christian receive crowns and still walk away naked at the Judgment Seat of Christ?
– In 2 Thessalonians 2:11, is the “strong delusion” referring to the Gentile nations in the tribulation period?
– How is Song of Solomon 2:14 connected with Deuternonomy 29:29?
– Can Song of Solomon be a reference to the remnant of Jews in the tribulation?

Thursday 4-19-18
– Explain 2 Samuel 9 with Mephibosheth
– Explain what is happening with Ziba in 2 Samuel 16:1-4 and 2 Samuel 19:24-30
– Why is the Holy Spirit of God called so many different names in the Bible? Isaiah 11:2, Revelation 1:10, and Revelation 4:1-4
– Explain the Nazarite vows in Numbers 6:1-8

Thursday 4-26-18
– Explain Ephesians 3:18
– What is the definitive work on Church History?
– What are the 5 generations defined in the Bible?
– What are Bible principles for kids who are bullied at school?
– Genesis 4:26 – why does it say “then began men to call upon the name of the Lord”?

Thursday 5-3-18
– What’s the process for a Christian with a terminal illness to prepare for heaven?
– Explain Psalm 74:14
– Luke 3:22 – why does the Holy Ghost come down upon Jesus? What does this mean practically for us?
– Romans 11:28 – what is the result today of a person or church that believes God is finished with the Jews, and someone that hates them? How does God deal with those kind of people today?
– How does God deal with churches who reject the King James Bible but still accept the Nation of Israel as God’s people?
– How do you deal with unsaved family who say your church is a cult and brainwashes you?
– What is your view on digital currency being implemented with fingerprints and embedded chips to buy things?
– 2 John 1:1 – who is the elder, the elect lady, and her children?
– What did the priests see behind the veil in the Holy of Holies when they went to offer a sacrifice?
– Why get baptized by water when Jesus baptizes by fire in Matthew 3:11?

Thursday 5-10-18
– Acts 2:13 – why did they think they were drunk on new wine?
– Acts 8 – how are the people in Samaria getting saved at this point in time?
– Explain Colossians 2:18-23
– How can a woman be a “Son if God” as a female, why not a “daughter”? 1 John 3:1-2
– Genesis 5:3 – Did Adam lose the likeness of God along with the image of God?
– Daniel 10:13 – what is going on here with Michael and Gabriel?
– Daniel 2:42 – “iron mingled with clay” and the Sons of God coming down before the tribulation period
– Is there a prophesy about Christ being baptized in the Old Testament?
– Explain 1 Corinthians 15:42 and the teachings of the RLDS around this verse of the “3 glories”
– 1 Corinthians 15:41 – why does he use the analogy of the sun, moon, and stars?
– What is Paul referring to with the “baptism of the dead” in 1 Corinthians 15:29?

Thursday 5-17-18
– How can we give the gospel to the Palestinians/Muslims based on their attitude and hatred towards the Nation of Israel?
– If the Jews believe the prophecy of them getting the land back (like Isaiah 11:11), why don’t they just attack the Muslims and get their land back, knowing they can’t get kicked out again?
– What is the role/significance of the United States in the end times dealing with the Jews and Jerusalem?

Thursday 5-24-18
– Is there any connection between Deuteronomy 28:51 and Revelation 6:6 with the wine and the oil?
– 2 Corinthians 6:2 – why is this verse in parentheses?
– 1 Samuel 11:1 – was Samuel a Nazarite?
– Why is the generations of Esau put in the Bible in Genesis 36 if Esau is “bad”?
– Can you explain what the Bishop’s Bible is?
– Luke 17:7-10 – how can you go “above and beyond” as a Christian to get rewards at the Judgment Seat of Christ?
– Numbers 8:26 – what is the difference between the 3 things that a Levite was told to do during his time of service?
– Explain Joel 1:4
– James 2:20 – is “O vain man” a specific reference to the Nation of Israel?
– Explain 1 John 3:6-9

Thursday 5-31-18
– Explain Genesis 30:37-43. The Jews and their ability to thrive in history. Is this a tribulation passage?
– Lay out the concept of leprosy in the tribulation. Leviticus 13-14.
– Which churches that Paul writes to line up to which churches that John writes to in Revelation 1-3?
– What are the 10 “salient verses” in Philippians?

Thursday 6-7-18
– Explain 2 Corinthians 11:13-15
– What are the last 5 parables after the “break” in Matthew, dealing with Israel at the 2nd Coming of Christ?
– Revelation 17:10-12 – who are the 7 kings in verse 10 and the 10 horns in verse 12?
– Daniel 12:1 – can Michael be considered a “type” of Christ?
– Explain Exodus 4:24-26. How did Zipporah know that the Lord was coming to kill Gershom?
– How does the Nation of Israel go from being God’s Son to being His wife?
– Genesis 25:23 – is Esau of the Devil’s seed similar to how Cain is (1 John 3:12)?
– Ezekiel 21:9 – what are the 3 swords here?
– Who are the 7 barren women in the Bible?

Thursday 6-14-18
– Were ther men who were “dispensationalists” before the 19th-20th centry (when men like Darby, Scofield, Larkin, etc. wrote books about dispensationalism)?
– Matthew 21:5 – is this a fulfillment of the prophecy in Zechariah 9:9? Why is John 12:15 “abbreviated”?
– Why does Jesus ride the colt instead of the ass?
– Does the ass in Numbers 23 have any connectino to the ass that is a picture of Israel in the gospels?
– 2 Kings 23 – Baal worship; how do you know they had a statue of Molech with a belly of fire that they threw babies into?
– What are the connections between Old Testament Baal worship and New Testament Baal worship through the Roman Catholic Church? 1 Kings 18 and Judges 17.

Thursday 6-21-18
– Psalm 82:1 – if these are the “Sons of God” in Genesis 6, why is “god” lowercase?
– Exodus 20:11 – explain how this fits in with the gap theory
– Is there a difference between “made” and “create” in the Bible?
– 2 Kings 17:24-34 – are the nations in this passage half-breed Jews?
– What are the 5 characteristics of the Roman Catholic Church in Revelation 17?

Thursday 6-28-18
– Leviticus 24:8 – is the bread baked fresh daily? Or is it only baked on the sabbath?
– What happened to Gentiles who died before Abraham’s Bosom?
– Why was Christ sold for 30 pieces of silver and Joseph sold for 20?
– Why was Christ sold for 30 pieces of silver when that is the price for a woman in Leviticus 27:4?
– 1 John 3:16 – why is “of God” in italics?
– Matthew 5:21-44 – why does it seem like Jesus is “changing” the Law?
– Why is it Abraham’s child (Ishmael) with Sarah’s handmaid became another nation, where Jacob’s children with his handmaids stay as a part of the Nation of Israel?
– 1 Samuel 11:8 – why are they “split” as Israel and Judah if that didn’t happen until later?
– Ezekiel 28:14 – what is the “holy mountain of God?” Was there a perfect estate at this time when Lucifer was the covering cherub?
– Matthew 8:12 – who are the “children of the Kingdom” that will be cast out? Why does he say what he says in verse 11-12 within the context?
– Where did the predictions of Nostradamus come from?

Thursday 7-5-18
– When did the tribes lose their identity?
– When was the Septuagint written?
– After the Zionist movement, do modern day Jews attempt to associate themselves with a tribe?
– When were the Talmud and Torah written?
– Matthew 14:13-21 – where did the loaves of bread and fish from Christ’s miracle come from?
– Is there any significance to the number of loaves of bread and fish?
– Matthew 16:19 – what are the keys to the kingdom of heaven? What does it mean what it says “whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven”?

Thursday 7-12-18
– Jon Bousquet
– Where do you fit the ice age that scientists teach into the Bible?
– How do we know that Melchizedek is Shem? Why is he considered to be a priest by God?
– Genesis 9:27 – why does Noah mean when he says Japheth “shall dwell in the tents of Shem”?
– 1 Kings 19:4-5 – does the Juniper tree represent anything in the Bible?
– 1 Samuel 21:9 – what is the significance of Goliath’s sword?
– Is there a passage in the Bible that proves that the Devil knows if you are truly saved?
– Lay out the spiritual warfare and what we’re really up against spiritually in 2 Kings 6
– Judges 13:5 – if Sampson had broken a vow, could he have “made up” for it with a she lamb?
– Numbers 6:6 – was a Nazarite a vegetarian?
– Daniel 4 – is this doctrinally dealing with the antichrist? What happens to Nebuchadnezzar in verses 28-37? Could the “end of days” in verse 34 refer to the Great White Throne when every knee shall bow and every tongue confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord?

Thursday 7-19-18
– Why does “verily verily” only show up in the gospel of John?
– Why do the gospel writers talk about themselves in the 3rd person?
– Could John be an example of 2 Corinthians 5:17?
– Lay out some spiritual applications of Luke 22
– Go over the common “battles of life” people face from your experience


Thursday 8-2-18
– What are the 52 basic problems of life that people get into (continued from last Bible study)?
– Did Peter deny Christ 3 times because the Jews did?
– John 20:1-10 – what is the significance of Peter going in first to the sepulchre when he got outran?
– John 21:15-17 – why does the Lord tell Peter to feed his lambs, and then twice to feed his sheep?
– John 21:3 – is this Peter backsliding and going back to his own ways as a fisherman?
– Matthew 12:24-25 and Matthew 9:34 – what is the difference between these verses in the context of the story?
– Why are Elijah and Elisha “types” of Christ? Could Boaz be considered a “type” of Christ as well?
– Revelation 22:5 and Revelation 21:23 – will the sun be needed or exist in eternity?
– How far away are stars away from us?

Thursday 8-9-18
– Is the Reina-Valera Bible off of the same line as the King James Version?
– 2 Samuel 15:7 – what are the 40 years here referring to?
– What is the difference/significance between Sion and Zion in the Bible?
– James 1:4 – why is “patience” personified?
– What does the name “Judas Iscariot” mean?
– Is “Kerioth” a place connected to the antichrist in the Bible?
– Does Judas get the signs and gifts given to the apostles in Matthew 10?
– Hosea 14:2 – explain the “calves of our lips”
– Is the kissing of calves in Baal worship connected with the mark of the beast in Revelation 13:17?
– Is the kissing of the Pope’s ring connected with the kissing of calves in Baal worship?
– What are the 7 kisses in the Bible?
– Go through the last week of Christ’s life in Mark
– Why do Catholics celebrate Lent?

Thursday 8-16-18
– Explain Genesis 37:15-17
– Genesis 7:11 and Genesis 8:2 – why does it distinguish the “fountains of the deep” vs. the “windows of heaven”?
– How does the door in heaven relate to Christ saying that he is “the door” in John 10?
– How did the giants in Genesis 6 survive past the flood?
– Genesis 19:24 – is there a correlation between this passage and Elijah bringing down the fire from heaven? Where did this fire come from?
– Could the aspect of the giants coming down in Genesis 6 be a picture of “spiritual giants” of false religion mixing among the truth of God?
– Leviticus 11 – do any of the unclean animals listed here pertain to things we can and can’t eat today?

Thursday 8-23-18
– Joshua 24:2-3 – what flood is this talking about?
– How do you deal with a person who asks about why God allows bad things to happen in the world?
– Job 42:13 – were Job’s kids resurrected?
– Why is the lineage of Elijah not in 1 Kings like everyone else in the book?
– Explain Daniel’s image in Daniel 2

Thursday 8-30-18
– If honey is a type of the Word of God, why was it something that messed up Samson in Judges 14:8-9
– Explain the doctrine of reconciliation- John 20:22 vs Acts 2:4
– When did they actually receive the Holy Spirit?
– 1 Samuel 16:14 – why did the evil spirit come to Saul, and why was it music that kept it away?
– 1 Samuel 14:19 – why did Saul ask him the priest to withdraw his hand?
– Daniel 9:25-26 – why are 62 weeks mentioned in verse 26?
– How would you address a teenager who is a Mormon?

Thursday 9-6-18
– Explain the post-tribulation rapture in Revelation 11.
– What is the difference between an ensample and an example?
– What is your view on hiring someone to work for you who also goes to church with you?
– What are the 3 infirmities we have listed in the Bible?
– Genesis 12:13 and Exodus 1:19 – why is God ok with the midwives lying in Exodus to protect the Hebrew kids, but not Abraham lying about Sarah being his sister in Genesis?
– Is it ok to lie to protect the ministry?
– What are the 4 ways we can minister to God?

Thursday 9-13-18
– Why does the Bible say Moses spoke face to face with God, when it also says no man can see God and live? (Exodus 33 verses 11 and 20)
– Could the 5 stones that David picked up from the brook be a picture of principles in our lives?- Luke 3:22 – Why is Luke the only gospel where it says “Holy Ghost” in this event?
– 1 Chronicles 2:15 vs. 1 Samuel 17:12 – Did Jesse have 7 or 8 sons?
– Do the Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit have the same function?
– Can you give some examples of the 3 point outlines you have in your Bible?

Thursday 9-20-18
– Which heaven does a person go to when they die?
– Did Jesse have 7 or 8 sons? (continued from previous week)
– 3 point outlines (continued from previous week)

Thursday 9-27-18
– Why was David anointed as King 3 times (1 Samuel 16:13, 2 Samuel 2:4, and 2 Samuel 5:3)?
– Explain the word superstitious
– Titus 1:14 – explain the Jewish fables and the commandments of men
– What are some passages in the Bible to explain the 2nd and 3rd heavens?- 1 Samuel 20:19
– Is there any significance to Jonathan telling David to hide for three days?
– What is Jonathan a picture of?
– Do our loved ones who have passed away “watch over us” in life?

Thursday 10-4-18
– What are the 7 things a church should be based on from Acts 11-13 with the Church at Antioch?
– Why did people live significantly shorter after Noah’s flood?
– Is there a significance to the generations of Shem being laid out both before and after the Tower of Babel?
– What heaven did Nimrod want to reach in Genesis 10?

Thursday 10-11-18
– Explain Revelation 3:15
– 1 Samuel 17:34 – what is the connection with this verse to Revelation 13:2?
– Is there a Biblical principle for voting?
– Explain the Jesuit influence on America

Thursday 10-18-18
– Revelation 14:6 – Explain the everlasting gospel and the other gospels in the Bible
– Matthew 18:19, Matthew 21:22, Mark 11:24, Luke 11:9, John 15:7 – can these verses apply to prayers being answered for Christians?
– Based on God’s dealing with us in 1 John 1:9, then as a Christian, are we required to forgive? Do we have to wait for the person to ask for forgiveness in order to forgive?
– Amos 2:1-6 – What are the three transgressions of Moab (verse 1), and of Judah (verse 4)?
– 1 Samuel 21:1 – was David truly alone in this verse (compare to verse 4-5)? Why was Ahimelech afraid of him?
– Song of Solomon 1 – is there a difference between the virgins (verse 3) and the daughters of Jerusalem (verse 5)?
– Are the three shepards in Zechariah 11:8 a reference to the “unholy trinity” of the antichrist?

Thursday 10-25-18
– Why is John the most unique man in the Bible alongside Solomon?
– Why did the cherubim Lucifer and a third of the angels choose to rebel against God due to pride if they don’t have a soul and don’t have emotions like we do?
– Does our emotions come from our soul or spirit?
– How does Revelation 3:5 fit in with 1 John 5:4?
– 1 John 5:4 – is the reason the verse says “whatsoever” because it can reference the church or the Nation of Israel?
– Are the “overcomings” in Revelation 1-3 specific to the Nation of Israel in the tribulation or also for the New Testament Church?
– Doctrinally what is Revelation 4 about?
– Revelation 17:6 – is John seeing the martyrs of the tribulation period?
– Does the book of life in Revelation 3:5 deal with the Old Testament Jew? What about Philippians 4:3?
– Genesis 2:9 – who was the tree of knowledge of good and evil for if it wasn’t for Adam to eat from?
– Is the tree of knowledge of good and evil in Genesis the same tree as Revelation 22:2?
– How did the giants make it after the flood and how will they return during the end times?

Thursday 11-1-18
– Mark 10:18 – Why does Jesus say what he says?
– What really happened when Christ went into the center of the earth to preach to the OT saints and the spirits in prison?
– Did Christ pour out our sins in hell after he died?
– Where do our soul and spirit go when we die?
– When we become like Christ after we die, do we lose our “identity” as people?
– Matthew 10:28 – what does it mean to “destroy the soul”?
– Numbers 10:36 – what is the “it” that rested? When did the Lord leave them?

Thursday 11-8-18
– Luke 16:25 – Why is this man in hell called “Son” by Abraham?
– Explain the doctrine of eternal security
– How do you know if you’re truly saved?
– What are the OT saints doing right now in the church age?
– Did the Jews in the OT believe in the after-life?
– Numbers 14:18 – Why does it mention going back to the 3rd and 4th generation, and how does it apply to us today?
– Is a child more influenced by their physical parents or adopted parents when it comes to the “prevailing spirit” that gets passed on to them?
– Explain 1 Corinthians 15:31
– Ephesians 2:10 – What does he mean by saying “before ordained”?

Thursday 11-15-18
– Explain Revelation 1:14
– Why is “Revelation” capitalized in Revelation 1:1?
– Are there any verses in the Bible that show us what the “trigger” for the rapture is?
– What are the 6 patterns of someone trying to deceive you from Genesis 27?
– What do you do if you find yourself in a deception?
– Is a person who deceives in a church always a Satanic implant?

Thursday 11-22-18 – No Bible study (Thanksgiving)

Thursday 11-29-18
– 2 Chronicles 30:15 – what is the significance of the 14th day of the 2nd month in the Bible?
– 1 Corinthians 7 – what are the 20 principles of marriage found in this chapter?

Thursday 12-6-18
– What are the Biblical qualifications for someone becoming an apostle?
– Numbers 14:22 – What are these “ten temptations” referred to in this verse?
– Can you explain the concept of Pangea (the continents all being as a single continent)
– Is there any Biblical support for Zodiac signs and astrology?
– Explain what Jesus is saying in Luke 16:9 and how does it apply?

Thursday 12-13-18
– Genesis 38 – What is the application of this story with Judah and Tamar?
– Is there a 3rd flood at the end of the 2nd coming?
– 1 Samuel 5:4 – Why were the head and palms removed?
– Hebrews 9:26 – Why is it referencing the “end of the world” here with the crucifixion?
– Hebrews 9:28 – Is this just a reference to the Nation of Israel?
– Matthew 22:16 – Who are the Herodians?
– Where is the doctrine of the “age of accountability” taught in the Bible?
– 2 Samuel 12:22-23 – Can this be used to show a child under the age of accountability goes to heaven?
– If a child dies whose parents are both unsaved, will the child go to hell?- 1 Timothy 4:3 – How can Paul be referencing the Roman Catholic Church if they are not in effect when he is writing this?
– 2 Corinthians 9:13 – What does he mean by “Whiles by the experiment of this ministration”?

Thursday 12-20-18
– What is the difference between what God calls an abomination vs. a sin?
– Genesis 4 – Why didn’t God kill Cain after the death of Abel?
– Genesis 4:21 – What is the significance of the harp and organ being connected with Cain’s line?
– Can you explain some of the common “phrases” that deal with the “end times” and eternity?
– Where will the Old Testament and Tribulation saints be during eternity and will they have glorified bodies?
– When was the Bible first compiled as the entire collection of 66 Books?

Thursday 12-27-18
– Matthew 27:44 vs Luke 23:39 – Was it one thief or both thieves that were against Christ?
– Where does the Bible say that the Gentiles will be in New Heaven?
– Explain 2 Thessalonians 2:15 to a Catholic?
– Did Paul ever go to Rome on his own?
– Luke 20:36 – What are the “bodily forms” of the resurrected OT Jews?
– John 20:11:17 – Would Mary have died if she touched Jesus?
– 2 Samuel 11:14-17- Is this a picture of Romans 7:1-4, where David is a type of Christ, trying to set Bathsheba free from the Law so she is free to marry him?- What is the difference between the Bible phrases “flesh and blood” and “flesh and bone”
– Will Gentiles have flesh and blood bodies in eternity?
– What is the reward we will receive in heaven?


Thursday 1-5-17
– What does the Bible say about the Bermuda Triangle?; The second heaven is where Leviathan plays
– Why do you think the rapture hasn’t happened yet?;
– Why did Jesus get baptized?
– The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ brought these things:

Thursday 1-12-17
– Are the days of creation a literal 24 hour day?
– Does unlimited atonement make man the Savior?
– 2 Peter 3:4-8 – What is the “flood” mentioned here?
– Luke 16:1-12 – Nation of Israel losing its stewardship of the Kingdom of Heaven.
– 1 Peter 5:13 – What is the “church that is at Babylon”
– Furnishings of the Tabernacle; three basic families involved with the tabernacle and its implements.
– How do we know that there is a God? and how do we know that the Bible was from God and not just written by man?; Christ’s testimony

Thursday 1-19-17
– What is the significance of the “third day” in the bible?; two timelines in the bible; four “watches” of the night
– What is the “prosperity gospel”?
– Names of Christ
– Romans 5:1 – Justification; standing and state
– Isaiah 34 – Three controversies God has

Thursday 1-26-17
– Genesis 49 – What are the twelve tribes of Israel?
– What is the difference between conviction and guilt?; Backdoors for unclean spirits to mess you up
– Malachi 1:3 – Edomites; Obadiah is written against a nation of people
– Drinking; two types of wine in the Bible; the Lord’s cup, the Devil’s cup
– Cursing; two varieties of cuss words

Thursday 2-2-17
– Psalm 82:1-8 – Explain passage; context second coming; fallen angels; second heaven is domain of the devil and fallen angels; Jupiter
– Deuteronomy 10:16 – Circumcision of the heart vs. physical circumcision
– Revelation 13: – Antichrist comes as a counterfeit coming of Christ; Tribulation; pre-millennial, post-millennial, a-millennial; False trinity
– 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 – Can a person that comes out of the church age get saved in the tribulation?
– Two ways to get God’s righteousness in the tribulation
– Revelation 9:1 – Where is the bottomless pit?
– Did Jonah go to hell or just to the gates of hell?

Thursday 2-9-17
– James 3:1 – What is the difference between damnation and condemnation?; James chapter 5 the greatest chapter on the Nation of Israel in the tribulation.
– John 6:44 – How do you give an answer to a Calvinist of this verse?
– Exodus 25: 17-20 – Explain the mercy seat and the cherubims
– Luke 17:34 – What is the significance of the “two men”?
– Exodus 4:24-26 – Explain passage
– Proverbs 3:3 – What does “neck” represent in this verse?
– Acts 20 – Paragraph marks
– John 3:3 – “a man”
– Where does the body, soul, and spirit go when you die?

Thursday 2-16-17
– Matthew 12:45 – Multiple personalities
– Numbers 5:11-31 – What is the “offering of jealousy”?
– Psalm 55:19 – What are the “changes” in this verse?
– 1 John 3:15 – “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murder:…” Explain; Perfect hatred (Psalm 139:22)

Thursday 2-23-17
– Wedding ceremony; definition of marriage; common law marriage; Why did God allow concubines in the Old Testament?
– Jeremiah 38:2 – “prey” on somebody…make them a servant.
– Deuteronomy 21:18-21 – Rebellion in a nation always starts with the children (young people)
– Joshua 22: – Chapter explained
– Leviticus 25:44-46 – Does this passage teach slavery?; Philemon and Onesimus

Thursday 3-2-17
– Philippians 1:11 – Are the “fruits of righteousness” different than the “fruit of the spirit”?
– The significance of the order of the books in the Old Testament; Landmarks; parables
– Mark 7:10-13 – a tradition they added to the law; three things that false religions do
– 2 Timothy 1:16-18 – “that day”, “day of Christ”, “day of the Lord”
– Song 2 – the whole chapter is the rapture of the church
– God’s plan for eternity; new Heaven (Gentile); new Earth (Jew); new Jerusalem (Church)

Thursday 3-9-17
– How does a holy God love a sinner like me?; How does a holy God fellowship with me?; What was Jesus’ last name?
– Genesis 2:1-3 – Millennial Sabbath; seventh day
– Deuteronomy 21: 22-23 – This is why Christ was taken off the cross by 6:00
– 1 Samuel 9:17 – Why is there an exclamation point in the middle of the sentence?
– John 6:70 – Explain how Judas was a devil; Cain; Antichrist; Baal worship
– Roman Catholic church; manuscripts; shroud of Turin; Sinaiticus; Vaticanus

Thursday 3-16-17
– Ephesians 1:10 – “fullness of times”
– Why the Nation of Israel missed the first coming of Christ.

Thursday 3-23-17
– Romans 8:26 – What are the “groanings” mentioned in this verse?; Altar of incense; strange fire
– Seven resurrections; God’s systematic theology; series of 7’s
– Seven things God loves
– Genesis 18:18 – This is the reason that God wants a “nation”, so all other nations will be blessed.
– 1 Corinthians 1:15-20 – second benefit
– Mark 8:22-26 – Why didn’t this man get healed completely the first time?
– 2 Kings 6:8-12 – Five principles for spiritual warfare

Thursday 3-30-17
– Joshua 10:13 – What is the book is Jasher?
– Psalm 83 – Ten confederate nations of the Antichrist; Edom
– Ezekiel 1:18 – nun “suit”; Revelation 6 & 19 compare Christ & Antichrist; Horses
– Nehemiah 6 – It’s not the quantity of people you need to build a church, it’s the quality.
– Acts 20:28 – How did God purchase the church with his own blood?
– What language will be spoken in eternity?; What language was spoken by Adam and Eve?; Three universal languages down through history; Hebrew, Greek, English
– Genesis 4:15 – “Seven fold vengeance”
– Why did God have Israel go into Egypt instead of go straight to the Promised Land?

Thursday 4-6-17
– Danny Kennicutt – Charismatic Church

Thursday 4-13-17
– Danny Kennicutt – Charismatics and Church of Christ

Thursday 4-20-17
– Danny Kennicutt – Church of Christ and 7th Day Adventists

Thursday 4-27-17

Thursday 5-4-17

Thursday 5-11-17

Thursday 5-18-17

Thursday 5-25-17

Thursday 6-1-17

Thursday 6-8-17

Thursday 6-15-17

Thursday 6-22-17

Thursday 6-29-17

Thursday 7-6-17

Thursday 7-13-17

Thursday 7-20-17

Thursday 7-27-17 – No Bible study b/c of camp

Thursday 8-3-17

Thursday 8-10-17

Thursday 8-17-17

Thursday 8-24-17

Thursday 8-31-17

Thursday 9-7-17

Thursday 9-14-17

Thursday 9-21-17

Thursday 9-28-17

Thursday 10-5-17

Thursday 10-12-17

Thursday 10-19-17

Thursday 10-26-17

Thursday 11-2-17

Thursday 11-9-17

Thursday 11-16-17

Thursday 11-30-17

Thursday 12-7-17

Thursday 12-14-17

Thursday 12-21-17

Thursday 12-28-17


Thursday 1-7-16
– Ecclesiastes 12:7 – Does man’s spirit return to God after he dies? (spirit vs soul)
– Judges 8:20 – Why was Jether’s firstborn afraid to draw his sword?
– What do the 3 items behind the veil in the tabernacle picture?
– James 4:7 – Does this mean that Satan himself will personally attack me?
– Matthew 23:14 – What is the “greater damnation”?
– Can a person really be saved but have no change in their life?

Thursday 1-14-16
– Ecclesiastes 9:13-18 – Explain passage; wisdom
– Joshua 8:8 – the Book deals with second coming, every battle deals with second coming.
– Leviticus 10:1 – What is the “strange fire”?; prayer life
– Leviticus 26:41 – What does it mean to have an “uncircumcised heart”?
– 2 Samuel 20:16 – Wise woman in Proverbs
– Genesis 4:16-17 – If Adam and Eve were the first people and Cain, Abel, and Seth were their kids, how did Cain get his wife?
– Exodus 33:7 – “without the camp”
– Why am I a Baptist?; Baptist heritage; Ana-pedro-Baptist

Thursday 1-21-16
– 1 Chronicles 7:1 cp. Genesis 46:13 – “Jashub”/”Job”, they are not the same Job as from the book of Job.
– 1 Chronicles 19:1-5 – Explain passage
– Where did Paul get his revelation to the church?; Arabia; Sinai
– Why do scholars say Paul did not write Hebrews?;
– 2 Corinthians 12:7 – What is a “messenger of Satan”?
– Job 1:6-7 – Explain passage
– 1 Timothy 1:20 – When do we turn someone over to Satan?
– Revelation 12:10 – Who is the “accuser of the brethren”?

Thursday 1-28-16
– What is the fundamental difference between being wise in your own conceit, and pride?
– Jeremiah 43:1-7 – Manuscript evidence, Old Testament; Aristotle, Socrates, Aristotle, corrupt line; Septuagint; Origin, Clement, Aramaic
– Acts 2: – “Repent” because they crucified the Messiah; Baptism
– Peter had God’s righteousness because he had the keys to the kingdom of heaven…did Peter get saved later on, like we do, or did he just stay in his Old Testament sense?; conversion for Israel; conversion for the apostles; When did the church age start?; first bible college

Thursday 2-4-16
– John 4:24 – If we worship God in spirit and in truth, how can we worship God in our flesh?; body, soul, spirit
– Genesis 47:25-26 – Is this when the Pyramids were built?; great pyramid; new Jerusalem
– Romans 12:1-2 – Explain verses
– 1 Samuel 10:6 – What is “another man”?
– Two things the Jew must do in the Tribulation
– The Devil in the Garden
– What is the doctrinal application to David being anointed three times in the Old Testament?; He held three offices

Thursday 2-11-16
– Ezekiel 8:3-4 – What is the “seat of the image of jealousy”?; Baal worship; deeds of Nicolaitans; Satan’s seat
– Genesis 35:4 – What is the significance of the “oak”?; seven oaks in bible
– Joshua 5:9 – Gilgal
– Joshua 5:10 – “14th day” “at even”
– Layout of New Testament books – Matthew through Romans; two Adams; Romans 8:23 “adoption”,” redemption of our body”

Thursday 2-18-16
– In Old Testament God allows men to have multiple wives, and or concubines, why?; divorce; two condemnations in bible; two damnations in bible
– In the Old Testament God opened and shut wombs; 7 barren women;
– Genesis 6:1-5 – Explain passage; sons of God

Thursday 2-25-16
– 1 Samuel 30:15 – Swear
– Why don’t animals go to heaven?; God’s original plan; In the Old Testament, “soul” and “body” are used interchangeably; 3 things men stare at; How do animals get into the millennium?; animals “types”
– When a believer dies, do they spend eternity in heaven?; New Jerusalem
– 2 Corinthians 1:15 – Second Benefit
– Genesis 1: – The Gap; the fall of Satan; 5 cherubs in the bible; recreation; God give everyone a choice to be a part of his plan; free will

Thursday 3-3-16
– Systematic approach to learn your Bible in 7 years

Thursday 3-10-16
– Mark 14:25 – Why does one say “kingdom of heaven” and the other say “kingdom of God”?
– Matthew 16:19 – What are the “keys of the kingdom of heaven” that Jesus gave to Peter?; 6 sermons in the first 7 chapters of Acts
– 2 Kings 13:21 – Signs; Jews require a sign
– Obadiah – Book written to the Edomites (descendants of Esau); Muslims; Doctrinally-tribulation/second coming; cosmic rays; begotten; “Christian Jews” – no such thing if you are “in Christ” (Colossians 3:11)
– Isaiah 19:24-25 – Millennial passage; God has a plan for Egypt; Zechariah 14: – definitive chapter in Old Testament on second coming; Israel changes the beginning of their year; Feast of tabernacles.
– Joshua 10:13 & Isaiah 38:8 – Missing day

Thursday 3-17-16
– Judges 7:16 – Explain verse
– 7 manifestations of Christ throughout history

Thursday 3-24-16
– Genesis 3:15 – What are the two seeds?; Christ’s seed, Devil’s seed; giants; son of perdition; Judas;  Five Wisdom books in Old Testament /Five Wisdom books in New Testament; Church is to be the watch carer of Israel; Psalm 109: laid out, greatest prophecy on Judas Iscariot in the bible.
– Isaiah 42:21 – What is “his righteousness’ sake”?
– Galatians 4:24-25 – Explain the “bondwoman” and the “freewoman”; Ishmael; Isaac;

Thursday 3-31-16
– Job 26: – Six questions at the Judgment seat of Christ;
– Daniel 2: – Key wars in history; The Devil changed Rome from a military power to a religious power; crusades; Renaissance; Satan’s church; Satan’s seat (Revelation 2:13);Martin Luther; Civil war; New Orleans; World War I; World War II; Hitler; Vietnam war;

Thursday 4-7-16
– Esther 9:9-14 – What is the significance of the “ten sons of Haman”; Doctrinal order of books of 2 Chronicles through Psalms
– Esther 2:7 – If the end of the “fourth watch” (rapture of the church) was to be 2000 years after Christ…why hasn’t it happened yet?; Easter, is not the Passover;
– Acts 22:26 – Paul draws a line when being “all things to all men”; Rome; Egypt; Seven Awakenings in America vs. seven religious movements that countered them.

Thursday 4-14-16
– Luke 2:33,43,48
– How do we know that the timeframe of the bible is 7000 years?; Revelation 20: definitive chapter on Millennial reign of Christ; Ice age; Feast of tabernacles;
– Exodus 7:11 – The Devil imitated God but God’s snake ate the Devil’s snake; Judas, Daniel, Witch at Endor; Charismatic; faith healing; partial healing

Thursday 4-21-16
– Judges 1:7 – What is the importance of cutting off their big toes and thumbs?
– Peter Ruckman; Clarence Larkin;
– Daniel 2: – Explain the significance of the iron, brass, and clay
– Romans 16:25 – There are no direct references to the new testament church in the old testament but there are many types of the church in the old testament.
– 1 Samuel 22:1-2 – picture of a church size, no more than 400; Old Testament saints did NOT look forward to the cross.
– Job 9:9 – What is Pleiades?
– 2 Corinthians 11:27 – Explain fasting

Thursday 4-28-16
– Acts 5:3 – Why does it say she lied to the Holy Ghost?
– Why do some people in the bible get their names changed and others do not?; 7 name changes in bible
– Genesis 6:4 – Explain “the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men”; giants; spirits in prison

Thursday 5-5-16
– Prayer; the three infirmities Christians have

Thursday 5-12-16
– 7 proper names of the Devil
– How does Gabriel and Michael play a role in God’s plan?
– Revelation 13:18 – When does the number 666 come into play when dealing with the antichrist?

Thursday 5-19-16
– Psalm 22:16 – First hand account of what Christ went through on the cross; Historical, Doctrinal, Inspirational applications
– Why give the devil respect? Job 41:
– Luke 19:12-27 – Parable of the pounds
– John 13:25

Thursday 5-26-16
– Compare Colossians 3:16 and Ephesians 5:19; Colossians outline; Laodicea; songs, hymns, spiritual songs; music
– Sadducees and Pharisees; 400 years of silence
– 2 Kings 5:13-14 – Doctrinally the tribulation; Naaman
– How can a Gentile be saved in the tribulation? Two ways to get to heaven in the tribulation;

Thursday 6-2-16
– Revelation 19:14 – Do those who go through the Judgment seat of Christ and come out naked, get to come back at the second coming and participate in the battle?
– Isaiah 66:22 – New heavens, new Earth; Where is the lake of fire?; dead sea; tree of life; olive tree
– 1 Corinthians 7:39 – Sinner, son, servant

Thursday 6-9-16
– 1 Corinthians 15:29 – What does it mean to be “baptized for the dead”?; Mormon; 1 Corinthians 14 (context) Speaking in tongues; 1 Corinthians 15 (context) the resurrection
– “Messiah” was only mentioned two times in the Old Testament; The reason the Jews missed the first coming of Christ;
– Punctuation; Paragraph marks; italics;

Thursday 6-16-16
– Self-defense; Pre-millennial, a-millennial, post-millennial; what Jesus said about gun control; compare Matthew 10 (you don’t need a sword) and Luke 22 (you do need a sword)
– Job 2:11

Thursday 6-23-16
– What is the difference between a sin and a weakness?
– Hebrews 4:13 – What are the “eyes of him” in this verse? ; 7 spirits of God; John 16 definitive chapter on the Holy Spirit of God; 7 things the Holy Spirit of God does
– Galatians 6:17 – What are the “marks” of the Lord Jesus Christ?
– John 11: – Where did Lazarus go when he died?; Abraham’s bosom
– 1 Kings 15:14 – What are the “high places”?; Catholicism; false religions; Babylon mystery religion

Thursday 6-30-16
– John 17:4 – What is “the work” being referred to in this verse?; Two aspects of Christ’s first coming; How each gospel portrays Christ; social gospel; Book of Matthew outline; sermon on the mount; parables
– Matthew 1:17 – Is there a significance of the 14 generations?
– 2 Samuel 23:11-12 – David’s reign (picture of the second coming of Christ), Solomon’s reign (picture of the Millennial reign of Christ); Four areas of David’s mighty men

Thursday 7-7-16
– 1 Samuel 3:1 – What is meant by “no open vision”?
– Why did God honor Hannah’s actions, even when there was a corrupt system in place?
– Explain the doctrinal side of words in this verse like “those days”, “that day”, and “make an end.”

Thursday 7-14-16
– Genesis 24: –  Chapter Explained; Types; vail
– Music; Periods of music down through history

Thursday 7-21-16
– What does the bible say about men wearing hats in church? (1 Corinthians 11:4)
– Matthew 12:43-45 – Explain passage; Matthew chapters 12&13 are key chapters on the nation of Israel’s official rejection of the Messiah; “house”, “man”; People in the gospels represent the spiritual condition of Israel; demon possessed vs. demon oppressed; 7 spirits of the Devil (Proverbs 6:16); How God manifested himself in the Old Testament as compared to the New Testament
– If someone is possessed, can they get saved?; Levels of demon possession;

Thursday 8-4-16
– James 1:13 – If God can’t tempt any man, why does it say that God tempted Abraham? “tempt” vs. “tried”
– “Pleading the blood of Christ”, what does that look like?;
– What is the appropriate age for marriage?; “help meet”
– Psalm 29:1 – 7 times “the voice of the Lord”
– Why do the words “verily, verily” only show up in the book of John?
– 7 charges to teach sound doctrine

Thursday 8-11-16
– Jon Bousquet:12 Fundamental doctrines of salvation; Justification, redemption, propitiation, remission, expiation, imputation (the atonement), imputation, regeneration, reconciliation, spiritual circumcision, adoption, sanctification, glorification;

Thursday 8-18-16
– Book of Romans – where it fits into the canon; Romans outline; Romans 9 –shows why Israel missed Christ’s first coming; Edomites; Stumbling stone; rock of offence; restoration of the Nation of Israel; Olive tree; branches; blindness in part; fullness of the gentiles; times of the gentiles
– 7 Stages of spiritual growth
– Acts 4:23 – Explain verse

Thursday 8-25-16

Thursday 9-1-16 – N/A

Thursday 9-8-16
– Ezekiel outline; Ezekiel deals with the tribulation period; feast of tabernacles; millennium; Three people groups in Millennium
– Galatians 5:19 – Two aspects to a person’s life; Fruit of the spirit vs. Gifts of the spirit; the Number 9; KJV;
– Galatians 5:21 – Explain the phrase, “shall not inherit the kingdom of God”; rewards; inheritance
– Matthew 6:14-15
– Urim and Thummim; breastplate; God spoke to the nation of Israel in the Old Testament through three things;

Thursday 9-15-16
– Job 38:33 – 7 Ordinances of Heaven; Pleiades, Orion, great red dragon, Mazzaroth, Arcturus, Jupiter, Diana, chambers of the south, Sun, moon
– If God cannot lie (Titus 1:2) how can he be a “lying spirit” (1 Kings 22:22)?; A gentile that heard the gospel during church age cannot get saved during the tribulation (2 Thessalonians 2:11)
– Prayer cloth; book of Hebrews; why Paul was the man to write Hebrews;
– Cremation

Thursday 9-22-16
– Hebrews 2:10 – What does “perfect” mean here?; Jesus’ birthday, fall equinox, feast of tabernacles.
– Numbers 19:1-4 – Explain the “red heifer”; blood moon; Christ’s temple doesn’t get built until the Millennial reign.
– Matthew 23:35 – Shows me the order of the books of the bible are correct and nothing should be added
– Luke 8:43-48 – All people who get healed in the gospels are a type of the nation of Israel
– Jacob vs Israel – notice when God uses each name when speaking of the nation of Israel; Jacob’s time of trouble;
– The number 40
– Matthew 5: – Sermon on the mount; “social gospel”; constitutional structure of the millennium; the Word of God; a perfect bible
– Genesis 1:28 – Cain and Abel were the first kids

Thursday 9-29-16
– 1 Corinthians 7:14 – What does it mean by “children unclean”?; marriage of two unsaved people
– Marriage; divorce
– Mark 8:24 – Explain “men as trees”; 7 trees in the garden of Eden;
– Ezekiel 31: – the “Assyrian”(3); the deep
– Mark 8: – only place in the bible where Jesus healed someone and it wasn’t instantaneous; “blindness in part”
– How do we know that Christ was crucified on an oak tree?
– Matthew 24:22 – Explain verse
– Deuteronomy 25:15 – Explain verse; one day missing in time
– Revelation 22:2 – Two aspects of the tree of life
– Romans 4:15 – Abraham’s salvation vs. our salvation

Thursday 10-6-16
– James 2:14-16 – two types of “works”
– 1 Samuel 8:1-3 – Samuel as the last judge
– The Household of God
– Who is the “Queen of Heaven”?

Thursday 10-13-16
– Study on the Apocrypha  — [CLICK FOR TRANSCRIPT]

Thursday 10-20-16
– Study on Westcott and Hort, other King James Version subjects  — [CLICK FOR TRANSCRIPT]

Thursday 10-27-16
– The 7 garment changes of the Devil, and the 8 of Christ. Christians in eternity — [CLICK FOR TRANSCRIPT]

Thursday 11-3-16
– 1 Peter 1:1-12 – Explain the “sufferings of Christ and the glory that should follow”; Why was the Nation of Israel confused about Christ’s first coming; Angels
– Revelation 19:14 – Horses
– God has always been a trinity, but now always manifested as Christ
– Genesis 6 – What are the “men of renown?”; Giants; UFOs; Hitler; “Times of the gentiles”
– 1 Corinthians 12:13
– Deuteronomy 5:17 – How does the commandment “thou shalt not kill” relate to killing in war?

Thursday 11-10-16
– Colossians 2:8 – Explain the “rudiments of the world” and the “traditions of men.” Outline of Colossians.
– Jeremiah 23:32-40 – What is the “burden of the Lord”?
– John 20:14 – Why didn’t people recognize Jesus?
– John 6:64 – Someone using this verse to say that God had to choose someone before they can get saved, explain; Predestination and Calvinism.

Thursday 11-17-16
– Genesis 8:11 – If the dove is a picture of the Holy Spirit, why is it a “she”?
– Romans 12:3 and 12:6 – Explain the “measure of faith” and the “proportion of faith”; Salvation by the work of Christ on the cross.
– James 1:3 – two kinds of temptations
– John 3:3 – How can this be used as a salvation verse if it was technically still in the Old Testament and there is no church age yet?
– Numbers 7 – Six things that God keeps a record of

Thursday 12-1-16
– Isaiah 7:14-17 – What does the butter and honey represent?
– Proverbs 7:5 – Who is the strange woman?
– Galatians 1:6-9 – What is “another gospel” in this passage?
– Why are there no paragraph marks after Acts 20?
– Time period estimate of when the general epistles were written?
– If Paul was the apostle to the Gentiles, why did he write the book of Hebrews?
– Two things that happened the day I got saved
– John 6:27 – What is meant by the Son of man being “sealed”?
– Isaiah 2:4 – Why does it say they are to beat their swords into plowshares?

Thursday 12-8-16
– Angel of the Lord
– Genesis 1:6-8 – Why didn’t God say that it was “good”?
– Acts 2:38 – People using this verse for salvation; “House of Israel”; remission of sins.
– John 2:1 – Is there any significance to the “third day”?; two ways to study history (7 days and 3 days); wine – two types of wine from Deuteronomy 32
– Daniel 2 and 7
– Jesuits; counter-reformation; Oxford movement; black pope; crusades

Thursday 12-15-16
– Numbers 17:8 – What is the significance of “almonds” in this verse?
– 2 Kings 13:17-19 – explain this passage
– 1 Thessalonians 5:23 – the tricotomy of man; body, soul, and spirit; encampment of the Nation of Israel
– Psalm 68:13 – What are the silver wings and gold feathers?; route of the Second Coming of Christ; two places someone is told to take their shoes off
– Angel of the Lord
– 1 Chronicles 23:28 – the house of the Lord, the house of God
– When you get a job offer, how do you know whether to take it or not?

Thursday 12-22-16
– 5 steps to restore a wayward child
– Jesus’ birthday; holidays; yule festival; Christmas; Christmas tree; Feast of Tabernacles
– Matthew 2:11-13
– Ecclesiastes 10:8 – Don’t lay traps for other people
– Exodus 9:31-32 – Why were the flax and barley smitten but not the wheat and the rye?
– Why does God allow us to make bad choices?; free will.

Thursday 12-29-16
– Romans 13:14 – Make no provision for the flesh; fellowship with God
– Isaiah 48:9-10 – Explain passage
– Psalm 138:2 – The word is above his name
– Isaiah 9:12,21; 10:4-6 – context: Judgement against the 10 northern tribes (Sennacherib); the Assyrian
– 1 Peter 5:6-7 – Explain passage


Thursday 1-8-15
– John 19 – Did Pontius Pilate know that Jesus was the Son of God or just the King of the Jews?
– 1 Samuel 28:7 – Psychics and spirits
– Genesis 25:21-26 – Jacob and Esau as two nations
– 1 Timothy 3:6 – pride; two condemnations in the Bible

Thursday 1-15-15
– What are the 3 times Satan is kicked out of heaven?
– The dedicatory in the King James Bible
– Explain Psalm 74:14
– What is the leviathan in Job 41:1?
– Explain 1 Kings 19:10-12. Second Coming. How to deal with people with depression

Thursday 1-22-15
– Hebrews 11:27 – What does it mean “seeing him who is invisible”?
– 1 Peter 1:15 – What does it mean to be “holy in all manner of conversation”?
– Colossians 4:6 – What does it mean when it says “seasoned with salt”?
– Psalm 85:10 – Who are “mercy and truth” that meet together?
– What is the role of the Gentile nations in eternity? Is this where Mormons get some of their teachings, just by perverting them?
– Will people in eternity have spiritual bodies like Adam and Eve before they fell?
– Zechariah 14:16 – Why does it mention that they have to come to Jerusalem once a year to worship?
– John 4:24 – Is this true worship different than the “once a year” worship in Zechariah 14:16?
– Ezekiel 40-48 – Will people in the Millennium be able to see Christ in person sitting on the throne?
– Hebrews 11:32 – Why is Jephthae and Samson mentioned in God’s “hall of faith”?

Thursday 1-29-15
– Judges 20:27 – “those days”. Will the ark show up in the tribulation?
– Romans 12:2 – The will of God and the plan of God for our life
– Malachi 3:5-10 – Tithing, offering, and sacrificial giving

Thursday 2-5-15
– 1 Corinthians 3:15 – How shall we be saved as by fire?
– Hebrews 7 – Difference between the spiritual and physical priesthood?
– Jude 1:20-23 – The different names for the Holy Spirit
– Genesis 12 – The Nation of Israel as the apple of God’s eye
– Does it matter if we are cremated or buried?
– Revelation 7 and 14 – What is the significance of the 144,000 in the tribulation? The Abomination of desolation. The everlasting gospel. An unsaved Gentile in the tribulation

Thursday 2-12-15
– What is the Sabbath day?
– Explain Galatians 4

Thursday 2-19-15
– Psalm 22:21 – What are the unicorns? About satyrs, sentars, orion, and pleiades
– Job 38:33 – 8 Ordinances of Heaven. UFO’s. Before the flood
– Why did the Jews miss the first coming of Christ?
– Lent
– Psalm 51 – Five things that change when someone gets saved

Thursday 2-26-15
– 1 John 2:14 – Father, Deacon, Elder, and Pastor
– Explain Isaiah 55:8
– Holy Spirit vs. Holy Ghost?
– Genesis 9:6 – No man has the right to take another man’s life
– Genesis 2:11 – Why is gold mentioned here?
– 1 Corinthians 15:50-58 – The rapture of the Church, and the “three parts to the harvest”

Thursday 3-5-15
– 1 Thessalonians 5 – the tribulation period
– Typology of Enoch, Noah, Moses, and Elijah

Thursday 3-12-15
– Explain Genesis 26:35
– Zechariah 6:1-8 – What is significant about the horses?
– Romans 5:19 – “many” and “all” being used interchangeably?
– Zechariah 11:17 – who is the idol shepherd?
– 1 Chronicles 21:1 – three names for the Devil

Thursday 3-19-15
– Who is the “prince of the power of the air?”
– Exodus 28:4-15 – What is the inspirational application of the colors of the breastplate?
– What is the Urim and Thummim?
– Acts 1:26 – Why don’t we ever hear about Matthias again?
– The Nation of Israel’s three chances to accept the Kingdom of Heaven

Thursday 3-26-15
– Ephesians 3:8 and 10 – Manifold wisdom of God vs. the unsearchable riches of Christ?
– Job 28:7-8 – What is the “path” mentioned here?
– 1 Timothy 2:9-15 – Can a woman be a pastor in the church? What are the two fundamental offices in the church?
– Acts 20:9-10 – Was the man really dead or did they just think that he died?

Thursday 4-2-15
– Genesis 17:8 – What is the land of Canaan that was promised to Abraham?
– Explain Psalm 18:2

Thursday 4-9-15
– What do the Jews believe today and why?
– 8 things that the Nation of Israel has forgotten
– What are the Torah, Midrash, Talmud, and Mishmah and why do the Jews use them?
– Jeremiah 13:18-21 – What are the historical and doctrinal applications?
– Explain 1 Chronicles 23:24

Thursday 4-16-15
– Revelation 21:22-23. After the Millennium. New Jerusalem. Adam being a type of Christ.
– What was the time between Adam’s creation and Adam’s fall?
– Revelation 12:13-14 – What is the “great eagle”?
– Revelation 12:3 – What do the “crowns” represent? 7 Nations that Satan has used throughout history. The false trinity.
– 1 Samuel 1-3 – Training up a child. 5 things in Samuel’s life that got him through the apostasy of his time. How God calls people into the ministry.

Thursday 4-23-15
– Acts 1:25 – What does it mean when it says Judas went to his “own place?”
– Genesis 9:25-27 – The “Gentile race” with Shem, Ham, and Japeth

Thursday 4-30-15
– Exodus 12:21-22 – The Lord’s passover. The Gospel according to Exodus. The changing of the beginning of the Jewish year.
– Explain Luke 13:2-4
– Explain Luke 17:20-37
– What is the Holy Grail? Wine as the Devil’s cup in Deuteronomy 32.
– Juniper tree in 1 Kings 19:4-5?
– Explain 2 Kings 9:35
– Numbers 16:29 – the “common death” and “visitation of all men”

Thursday 5-7-15
– 2 Kings 23:16 – Josiah burned bones on the altar
– Salvation in the Old Testament
– 1 Peter 1:5 – What does it mean by “the last time”?
– Revelation 22:18-19 – What is the “part” referring to in this verse?
– 2 Samuel 24:1

Thursday 5-14-15
– 1 John 2:7-8 – The two commandments of Christ for the New Testament
– Outline of Hebrews
– Church’s Salvation (Revelation 1:5) vs. Israel’s salvation in the tribulation (Revelation 7:14)
– Joshua 10:13 – the sun standing still
– 7 men in the Bible that show the character qualities that we should have
– Children under the authority of their parents

Thursday 5-21-15
– Free-masons, Bible colleges, and fraternities
– Why did God reject Cain’s offering?
– Why hasn’t the rapture happened yet?

Thursday 5-28-15
– Joshua 5:15, Exodus 3:5 – the route of the Second Coming of Christ
– How do you know when the Holy Spirit is leading and guiding you?

Thursday 6-4-15
– Explain John 12:6
– Hebrews 2:11-14 – How did Jesus raise Lazarus without the keys to death and hell yet?
– Genesis 48:13-20 – Picture of Israel being God’s first born and the Church being His second born. Why are the tribes of Ephraim and Dan missing in Revelation? Tribulation and Old Testament saints.
– Hebrews 13:15 – What is the “sacrifice of praise?”
– 1 Samuel 30:24 – What does it mean to “part alike?”
– Explain Exodus 9:27-32
– Genesis 1:7 – What are the “waters” that were divided?

Thursday 6-11-15
– Hosea 4:5 – who is “thy mother?”
– Acts 8:39 – How does Philip get “caught away?”
– How do you make your “calling” sure?
– What is the difference between being “ordained in 1 Timothy 2:7 and “appointed” in 2 Timothy 1:11?

Thursday 6-18-15
– Jeremiah 1:5 – foreknowledge
– Song of Solomon – the 3 people speaking in the Book
– Leviticus 5:1 – what is the reference to the “soul”?
– Explain Romans 10:14. Discernment vs. discretion.

Thursday 6-25-15
– Explain Psalm 68:20
– Luke’s writings under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
– Genesis 6 and the giants; Baal worship in the Old Testament.
– Explain Deuteronomy 32:39
– 1 Corinthians 10:33 – How do you please me in “all things?”
– Genesis 3:14 – What is the “curse” they receive?
– What are the four trees in the garden of Eden with the first Adam and the last Adam?

Thursday 7-2-15
– Judges 5:25 – What is the significance of the milk and the butter?
– 1 Corinthians 7:14 on Marriage
– 1 Kings 11:30-32
– Genesis 49:10 on Shiloh
– 2 Corinthians 7:10
– Job 38:17 – What are the “gates of death” and “shadow of death”?
– Isaiah 25:5
– Matthew 24 – What happens to a Jew who dies in the tribulation and does not “endure to the end?”

Thursday 7-16-15

Thursday 7-30-15
– Hebrews 1:7
– Proverbs 16:26
– Psalm 119:70 – fat heart vs. hardened heart
– Psalm 56:8 – What is the bottle and book of this verse?
– What are the 4 “books” mentioned in the Bible?
– Revelation 3:5
– Revelation 4:5
– John 3:3 – Regeneration in the Bible
– 3 different gospels?
– Why does Christ say “it is finished” in John 19:30?

Thursday 8-6-15
– Jeremiah 8:7 – What is the significance of the 4 animals?
– Jeremiah 7:18-19 – What is the context of this passage?
– Genesis 37:3-4 – Why does Jacob love Joseph more?
– What is the significance of Joseph being sold for 20 pieces of silver when Jesus was sold for 30?
– Job 40-41 and Revelation 12-13 – The 7 garment changes of the Devil

Thursday 8-13-15
– 1 Corinthians 12:8-10 vs Galatians 5:22-23
– Romans 4:18-21 – the 5 levels of faith
– 1 Corinthians 1:22 and 14:22 – Did tongues go on to the Gentiles?

Thursday 8-20-15
– Does God control the weather?
– 2 Samuel 23:20 and 1 Chronicles 12:8 – Explain “lionlike men”
– Explain Proverbs 12:10
– 3 John 1:9-10 – How do you deal with a “Diotrephes” kind of person?
– Mark 9:24 – why does he say “help thou mine unbelief?”

Thursday 8-27-15
– Why weren’t the disciples present when Jesus was resurrected?
– Why did the Nation of Israel miss Christ at his first coming?
– Themes of 1, 2, and 3 John
– How are our sins imputed unto Christ? Isaiah 53:6 and Romans 5:13
– Explain Numbers 10:33
– Matthew 19:14 vs Mark 10:14 what is the difference between the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God?
– Nehemiah 2:6 – Is this referring to Esther?
– Why does God harden Pharaoh’s heart in Exodus 7?

Thursday 9-3-15

Thursday 9-10-15
– Judges 15:15
– Significance of 12 years in Mark 5:22-42?
– Explain 1 John 2:7-8
– Explain Revelation 22:11

Thursday 9-17-15
– Age of accountability; How does God deal with a person with mental disabilities?
– Colossians 2:18-22 – What is the “worshipping of angels?”

Thursday 9-24-15
– 1 Corinthians 3:14 –  Are the rewards the same as the 5 crowns?
– Acts 12:20-25 – Herod
– What is the role of Syria in the tribulation period?
– Colossians 1:24 – Explain “Paul’s sufferings”
– Explain John 3:13
– 2 Samuel 21:19-22
– Discipleship

Thursday 10-1-15
– Job 26:1-4 – 6 questions at the Judgment Seat of Christ
– How do you not get defeated in your relationship with God when you know how far you fall short?
– The apostle John and his role in the New Testament

Thursday 10-8-15
– Ezekiel 38:1-6
– Genesis 37:7 on Joseph
– Judgment Seat of Christ
– Millennium
– Ages of Ages
– Practical application of Matthew 10:41-42?

Thursday 10-15-15
– Who are the “Black Hebrew Israelites?”
– Deuteronomy 16:16 – three parts to the rapture
– Outline of Song of Solomon
– Free will

Thursday 10-22-15
– Romans 11:22 – What does it mean to be “cut off?”
– Genesis 38:27-30 – What is the significance of marking the hand of the first born with a scarlet thread?
– 2 Peter 2:4-8 – What about Lot was righteous?
– 1 Samuel 13 – What was the “final straw” with God concerning Saul?
– Psalm 139:12 – What is the “light” and “dark” in this verse?

Thursday 10-29-15

Thursday 11-5-15
– Loren Nihart

Thursday 11-12-15
– What is the Apocrypha?
– Ezekiel 31 and the Devil
– Jeremiah 4:23-26 – does this connect with Genesis 1:2?

Thursday 11-19-15
– Amos 8:11
– Jonah 2:2 – What is the “belly of hell”?
– Types out of Genesis 47:7-10

Thursday 12-3-15
– Daniel 5:5 – The hand that writes on the wall…who’s hand is it?
– When people take hallucination drugs, are they really seeing the spirit world or is it just their imagination?; fourth dimension;
– Psalm 31:8 – What is the “large room”?; Post-tribulation rapture
– Ecclesiastes 2:17-21 – Explain verses
– Colossians 4:10 – is Marcus, John Mark of Acts 12:12,25?
– Seven types of kisses
– Ecclesiastes 8:8 – an unsaved man has no power, including the day of his death

Thursday 12-10-15
– Luke 15:11-24 – Five steps in restoring your children
– Ephesians 5:25-29 – Five things a husband does for his wife
– 2 Kings 4:31-41 – Explain passage
– Proverbs 22:6

Thursday 12-17-15
– Joshua 24:26-27 – What are the stones?; oak tree
– Philippians 1:11 – What are the “fruits of righteousness”?
– Luke 16:19-23 – Lazarus vs. unsaved man when they died.
– Numbers 11:16-17 – Did the holy spirit come on people in the Old Testament to do a job, then leave?; Why “spirit” is capitalized sometimes and is not other times
– Song 6:9 – Who are the “queens and concubines”?; Seven families in the Household of God


Thursday 1-2-14
– Explain the geocentric theory.
– Acts 18:18 – What was the vow Paul made?
– Job 4:3-4 – Do these verses line up to the six questions in Job 26?
– I John 5:14-15 – Explain these verses.
– Permissive will vs directive will.
– Why does Jesus need to make intercession to God for us?
– Psalm 66:18 – If you’re out of fellowship with God, does he hear your prayers?

Thursday 1-9-14
– Where was Noah’s ark built?
– Revelation 7:3 – What does “hurt not the earth” mean?
– Job 14:14 – What kind of body will Job have after death?
– Genesis 14:14 – Why were his servants trained?

Thursday 1-16-14
– II Samuel 12:25 – Why did David call Solomon Jedidiah?
– Will people in eternity eat from the tree of life once, or many times?
– What is the definitive chapter on New Jerusalem?
– Did Adam and Eve go to hell?

Thursday 1-23-14
– I Corinthians 1:25 – What is the “foolishness” and “weakness” of God?
– What is the proper way to present the gospel to a lost person?

Thursday 1-30-14
– Revelation 22:11 vs John 20:23.
– Why do homosexuals think they are born that way?
– What does the Bible say about speaking in tongues?

Thursday 2-6-14
– Galatians 4:26 – Explain this verse.
– Galatians 1:8 – Were people preaching other gospels during this time?
– What does the phrase the “testimony of Jesus” mean?
– Psalm 78:49 – What “evil angels” is he talking about?
– Lamentations 5:8 – Who are the “foxes”?

Thursday 2-13-14
– I Corinthians 15:29 – What does “for the dead” mean?
– How many siblings did Jesus have?
– How did they choose the tomb to put Jesus in?
– Leviticus 2:11 – Why is honey not allowed?
– If we can find dinosaur bones, why can’t we find satyr bones?
– If there a definitive verse/chapter/book on God?
– Are giant-sized people born today descendants of Goliath?

Thursday 2-20-14
– Luke 1:24 – Why did Elizabeth hide?
– In the book of Proverbs, are the words “riches” and “wealth” interchangeable?
– Isaiah 65:25 vs Genesis 3:14 – serpent eating dust Where is the Lake of Fire located?

Thursday 2-27-14
– Why did God speak to Moses out of a burning bush?
– Genesis 4:7 vs Genesis 3:16.

Thursday 3-6-14  Pillar 1 & 2 – Kingdom of Heaven and Kingdom of God

Thursday 3-13-14  Pillar 3 – Doctrine of Creation

Thursday 3-20-14  Pillar 4 – Nation of Israel

Thursday 3-27-14  Q&A for Pillars 1 – 4

Thursday 4-3-14  Pillar 5 – Doctrine of the Church

Thursday 4-10-14  Pillar 6 – Doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ

Thursday 4-17-14  Pillar 7 – Doctrine of Christ

Thursday 4-24-14

Thursday 5-1-14

Thursday 5-8-14

Thursday 5-15-14

Thursday 5-22-14

Thursday 5-29-14

Thursday 6-5-14

Thursday 6-12-14

Thursday 6-19-14
– Where did God come up with the 10 commandments?

Thursday 6-26-14
– Joshua 2 – Why was it okay to lie about hiding the spies?
– Why did God allow the Israelites to make an agreement with their enemy?
– John 20:7 – Why was the napkin separate from Jesus’ body?
– How do you determine a type or picture in the Bible?

Thursday 7-3-14
– Exodus 32:14 – Why does it say “God repented of the evil”?
– Daniel 11 – Who are the north and south kingdoms?
– II Kings 2:23-25 – Explain this story.
– Job 42:7-9 – Is this the same burnt offering as when they were under the law?
– Were the earlier translations of the Textus Receptus inspired by God?

Thursday 7-10-14
– What is the history of the Free Masons?
– What are some verses on the Rapture of the Church?
– Explain what Armageddon is.
– How bad will the Tribulation be?
– Job 26:5 – What are the “dead things under the waters”?
– What does the Bible say about predestination and election?

Thursday 7-17-14
– Exodus 31:17 – How is God “refreshed”?
– What is the difference between the Philadelphia church age and the Laodicean church age?

Thursday 7-24-14
– Zephaniah 1:10 – Explain this verse.
– 7 areas of stewardship.
– Can we trust the Bible even though we don’t have the original meaning?

Thursday 7-31-14
– 5 steps to recover a wayward child.
– What is the mark of the beast?
– Exodus 28:30 – Why did God speak through the Urim and Thummim?

Thursday 8-7-14
– What is apologetics and hermeneutics?
– Daniel 1:4 – Are these things we should strive for?
– Acts 2:46-47 What salvation is this talking about?
– What is the significance of Melchizedek?

Thursday 8-14-14
– Jon Bousquet – Moses

Thursday 8-21-14
– If a Christian is ill and has prayed for a cure and doesn’t get well, what are they supposed to do?
– What is the woman’s role in the church, as far as leadership and preaching and teaching?
– Leviticus 10:31 – What is the “strange fire”?

Thursday 8-28-14 
– Psalm 119 – What are the words above each stanza?
– Psalm 119:83 – Explain this verse.
– II Chronicles 16:11-12 vs I Kings 15:14 – How can you have a perfect heart, and then end your life having a disease in your feet?
– Isaiah 45:7 – How can God do both of these things?
– Proverbs 24:1-7 – What is the difference between wisdom, knowledge, and understanding?
– How do you respond to people who have doubts about God?

Thursday 9-4-14
– Leviticus 25 – What is the purpose of the year of jubilee?
– How would a Gentile get saved, after the death of Christ but before Acts 7?
– John 12:3 vs Luke 7:37 – Is this the same story?
– Why did they choose a calk to make out of gold?
– Acts 9:7 vs Acts 22:9 – Why does he say different things?

Thursday 9-11-14
– Job 5:2 – What’s the difference between silly and foolish?
– Catholic Church is built on 5 concepts.
– Why does God change someones name?

Thursday 9-18-14
– Hebrews 11:7 – What is the practical application of this verse?
– Jonah 4:11 – Why is there no answer given from Jonah?
– Philippians 3:5 – What is the significance of Paul being of the tribe of Benjamin?
– 1 Samuel 1:3 – Is there a significance of why it says “LORD of hosts”?
– Zechariah 14:1 – What is the time element? Second Coming?
– Deuteronomy 1:2 – The time it should have taken the Nation of Israel to get to the promised land
– Isaiah 35:8

Thursday 9-25-14
– Nehemiah 8:10 – What is the “joy of the Lord”? 5 results of a changed heart.
– John 5:8-24
– Deuteronomy 15:12-18 – What is the practical application?
– Genesis 7 – the flood
– Jeremiah 7:18 – the Queen of Heaven and Baal worship

Thursday 10-2-14
– Esther 9:26 – What is Purim?
– What are the 7 things that God hates?
– Mark 9:28-29 – Why couldn’t they cast the devil out?
– Breakdown of Ecclesiastes 5

Thursday 10-9-14
– Proverbs 9:1 and 9:14
– Proverbs 26:25 – “when he speaketh fair”?
– Acts 19:13-15 – the Devil portrays himself as two things to different people. Natural vs unnatural sins. Demon possession.

Thursday 10-16-14 

Thursday 10-23-14
– 1 John 2:16-17
– Ecclesiastes 3 – the 28 things that make up the cycle of life… Revelation 18:12-13 and the 28 counterfeit things
– 1 Corinthians 3:11-12 – the Judgment Seat of Christ

Thursday 10-30-14
– Job 26:1-4 – 6 questions that will show up at the Judgment Seat of Christ
– Assisted suicide
– Amos 1
– 3 categories of Minor Prophets
– Genesis 5:32 – beginnings of the Gentiles after the flood

Thursday 11-6-14
– Genesis 10:2
– 1 Samuel 16:18
– John 12:28 – The Mount of Transfiguration
– Judges 13:5
– Breakdown of Proverbs 31

Thursday 11-13-14
– Ezekiel 3:17-18 – Ezekiel as a “watchman” of the Nation of Israel before their captivity
– 2 Corinthians 12:7 – What is Paul’s “thorn in the flesh”?
– Proverbs 30:7-9
– Ephesians 4:8
– Job 42:13-15 – Why does it name the daughters and not the sons?
– What are the gates for in Nehemiah 3?

Thursday 11-20-14
– Ezekiel 7:20 – Ark of the covenant; Nebuchadnezzar’s three sieges on Jerusalem
– Saul was the people’s choice; David was God’s choice
– The pre-millennial return of Christ
– Genesis 5-8 – Noah’s Ark; were dinosaurs on the ark?
– Genesis 11:1

Thursday 12-4-14
– Psalm 133:2
– Joel 2:16 – What is the chamber and the closet?
– Hebrews 8:2 – covenant; tabernacle; universe

Thursday 12-11-14
– Luke 11:4 – What is the “temptation” in this verse?
– Jeremiah 10 – What is the Biblical stance on Christmas? Baal-Peor
– Purpose of the New Testament Local Church
– Sinner, Son, and Servant

Thursday 12-18-14
– Breakdown and explain Revelation 10
– Matthew 17:1 – The Mount of Transfiguration
– Hebrews 11:5 – What does it mean to be “translated”?
– Outline of the Book of Ezekiel
– Colossians 2:23 – What is “will worship”? Outline of Colossians.


Thursday 1-3-13
– Why is Lucifer called a “ruler” in the Bible?
– II Samuel 6:6 – Why did God kill Uzzah?
– Was Luke a Gentile?
– Isaiah 14:12 – Is this a cross reference to Genesis 3?
– Ephesians 4:11 – Are these Apostles the same as Disciples?
– Where is the principle “if you want to keep it, you have to give it away” found in the Bible?
– Did God use King James because he had a Jewish name?

Thursday 1-10-13
– What did Jesus do between the time he died and resurrected?
– Zechariah 5:7 – Who is this woman?
– What’s the difference between a trespass offering and a sin offering?
– Job 33:14 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 1-17-13
– Different types of laughter in the Bible.
– Is there such a thing as a “heavenly prayer language”?
– Colossians 1:1 vs 1:4 – Why is it “Jesus Christ” then “Christ Jesus”?

Thursday 1-24-13
– What is Abraham’s Bosom?
– What will happen to our physical body at the Rapture of the Church?
– What is the process of becoming a proselyte Jew?
– Was the constitution inspired by God?
– What’s the difference between the torture in Hell and the torture in the Lake of Fire?

Thursday 1-31-13
– Proverbs 17:6 – Explain this verse.
– Psalm 127 – Is this a Tribulation passage?
– In eternity, will people be naked like Adam and Eve were?
– Galatians 5:21 – Explain this verse.
– How do you witness to someone who believes they can lose their salvation?
– Cannibalism.

Thursday 2-7-13
– Psalm 43:3 – What is the “holy hill”?
– What are the 5 stages of child training?
– Genesis 2:18 – How is Adam “alone” when God met with him?
– Is 33 the perfect age to have children?

Thursday 2-14-13
– God’s hand in World War I.
– Are there any parallels between the American Indians and what happened to the Jews?
– Is what the Pope says considered prophecy?

Thursday 2-28-13
– Luke 14:26 vs Matthew 22:37-38 – How do you reconcile these two verses?
– Is there a period of time between the Rapture and the Tribulation Period?
– How do we earn our crowns?

Thursday 3-7-13
– I Thessalonians 2:13 – What is the “cause” he’s referring to?
– Did the Holy Spirit have a different role in the Old Testament?
– Would the Old Testament Jew have the same struggle with the flesh as we have today?
– Ephesians 4:30 – What does it mean to grieve the Holy Spirit?
– Can a father baptize his child, or should baptism only be done by a pastor?
– Isaiah 50:7 – Explain this verse.
– Proverbs 8:22 – Explain what “possessed me” and “brought forth” mean.

Thursday 3-14-13
– Why do some people pray to the “most honored parent”?
– Who are the 18 types of antichrist?
– Is the antichrist alive at this time?
– How does the antichrist know who he is and when to take power?

Thursday 3-21-13
– Why does Jesus tell people not to say anything about his miracles?
– Does the Bible mention zombies?
– I Samuel 4:8 – Why does he say “Gods”?
– What does it mean to “fear the Lord”?
– Deuteronomy 27:11-13 – Explain this passage.
– I Samuel 16:15 – How does an evil spirit come from God?
– Is there a head seraphim?
– Psalm 3:8 – What does “selah” mean?

Thursday 3-28-13
– Judges 3:21-22 – What does “the dirt came out” mean?
– Genesis 19:26 – Why did she turn into a pillar of salt?
– Genesis 7:2 – How do you get pairs with 7 animals?
– What is the criteria for being an apostle?
– Daniel 12:11-12 – What is the “abomination of desolation”?
– Colossians 3:1 – Why give thanks to God and the Father?
– Zachariah 14:16 – Who are the people in the Millennium?

Thursday 4-4-13
– Galatians 6:14 – Explain this verse.
– Genesis 2:16 vs Genesis 3:3 – Why could Adam touch the tree and Eve couldn’t?
– Genesis 22:2 – Why does God say Abraham has only one son?
– What are the 4 spirits on the earth?
– Genesis 3:8 – Explain this verse.
– I John 4:1 – How do you “try the spirits”?
– Why do Jews not work on Saturday?
– Who gets a glorified body?
– Ezekiel 8:14 – Who is Tammuz?

Thursday 4-11-13
– Ezekiel 28:13-16 – Lucifer was “the anointed cherub that covereth”.
– Isaiah 6:13 – Explain this verse.
– Revelation 17:4 – Is the antichrist going to use the Catholic Church to accomplish his plan?
– Daniel 2:31-35 – How do these kingdoms line up with the present day nations?
– Daniel 11:1-15 – What are these kingdoms of the north and south?
– Ezekiel 16 – What is the context of this chapter?
– Genesis 3:24 vs Genesis 4:16 – Are these places close to one another?
– Ecclesiastes 5:3 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 4-18-13
– John 2:18-22 – Are the Jews confused about which temple Jesus is referring to?
– Genesis 3:6 – Was Adam present when Eve ate the fruit?
– Genesis 2:24 – Why does it speak of leaving your father and mother, when neither Adam or Eve had any?
– II Kings 8:26 vs II Chronicles 22:2?
– Psalm 150 – How do you give praise to the Lord?

Thursday 4-25-13
– Proverbs 25:3 – Explain this verse.
– II Samuel 18:1 – Was David not supposed to number the people?
– Genesis 28:15 – What is “that which I have spoken to thee of”?
– Why does God use Gideon, who was not part of the Nation of Israel?
– Genesis 22:1 – “And it came to pass after these things”
– Tempting vs Trying.
– Revelation 4:6 – Why do these beasts have “eyes before and behind”?
– Deuteronomy 14:26 – Is this saying it’s okay to drink alcohol?

Thursday 5-2-13
– If a saved person donates their organs after they die what happens to those organs?
– John 14:2 – What are these “mansions”?
– What are the 7 members of the household of God?
– Genesis 35:29 – What does “gave up the ghost” mean?
– Does God speak to us today through dreams?
– Genesis 36:12 – What is a concubine?

Thursday 5-9-13
– What is the Book of Enoch?
– Proverbs 16:18-19 – What does “haughty” mean?
– Revelation 6:6 – What does “hurt not the oil and the wine” mean?
– Job 21:19 – Whose iniquity is he talking about?
– Revelation 22:18-19 – Who is this verse for?
– What group of people?

Thursday 5-16-13
– What are the 10 questions you ask someone to see if they understand the Bible?
– Isaiah 34:5 – Explain this verse.
– What are the 7 things God loves?
– How do you know when God is chastising you for something?
– Joshua 6:9 – What is “rereward”?
– Joshua 5:2 – What is the significance of the people being circumcised again?

Thursday 5-23-13
– Revelation 20:4 – Are the souls here people from the Church Age?
– What are the 21 types of Christ found in the Old Testament?
– Can you lose your salvation?
– Did Adam always have blood in his veins?
– What fruit did Eve eat?

Thursday 5-30-13
– How do you reason with someone who thinks they’re demon-possessed?
– Exodus 4:25-26 – Explain this passage.
– What are some verses on balance?
– Esther 1:12 – Why did Vashti refuse to come before the king?
– What are the 7 spirits of God?
– What happens at the Marriage of the Lamb?

Thursday 6-6-13
– How do you handle sexual questions from a 6-year-old?
– Genesis 6:4 – Were these children born with souls?
– II Kings 4:34-35 – How does this passage deal with salvation?
– What is the significance of sneezing?

Thursday 6-13-13
– Where in the Bible does John listen to God’s heartbeat?
– Who are the apostles to the church?
– Genesis 12:13 vs Genesis 20:2
– Why isn’t Daniel mentioned in Hebrews 11?
– Song of Solomon 4:3 – What does the “thread of scarlet” represent?
– Deuteronomy 22:10-11 – Explain these verses.

Thursday 6-20-13
– How many types of God the Father and the Holy Spirit are there?
– When did Paul receive his “thorn in the flesh” (II Corinthians 12:7)?
– Where in the Bible does it talk about what Jesus looked like?
– How do you do a Bible character study?
– When will the Temple in Jerusalem be rebuilt?
– Revelation 11 – Who are the two witnesses that are brought back to life?
– What is the “abomination of desolation”?
– Does Joshua’s name change in Numbers 13:16?
– Luke 12:5, Matthew 10:25 – Who is this referring to?

Thursday 6-27-13

Thursday 7-11-13

Thursday 7-18-13
– Were there “cavemen”?
– 48 prophecies fulfilled at Christ’s first coming.
– Before Christ came, where did people go after they died?
– Exodus 32:20 – Why did Moses make them drink the ground powder?
– Daniel 10:5 – Who is the “certain man clothed in linen”?

Thursday 7-25-13
– When we stand before God at the Judgment Seat of Christ, how will we recall the things we did in our earthly bodies?
– What are the questions we will be asked at the Judgment Seat of Christ?
– What is God’s definition of when life begins and ends?
– II Timothy 3:16-17 – Are people still receiving inspiration from God?
– What is the definitive verse for “blessed”?
– How do you explain where God came from?
– What do you say to people who believe in polytheism?

Thursday 8-1-13
– How do you relate the Feast of Tabernacles with Christ’s birthday?
– Genesis 1:5 – What is this “light”?
– Is there a feast that goes along with the Rapture?
– Do Christians have guardian angels?

Thursday 8-8-13
– Two Lines of the Bible.

Thursday 8-15-13
– Is Moses the only Old Testament Jew named by a Gentile?
– Where is the Ark of the Covenant today?
– Did Hitler have 12 apostles?
– In Heaven, will we see the Trinity?
– How does Israel marry God?
– How does the church marry Jesus Christ?

Thursday 8-22-13
– Ezekiel 19 – What is the context of this chapter?
– Jeremiah 31:22 – Explain this verse.
– Luke 10:18 – Why does Jesus say he “beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven”?
– What happens to a Christian after they die?
– Romans 14:13 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 8-29-13
– Isaiah 17:1-5 – Is this passage talking about what’s happening in Syria right now?
– Psalm 76:10 – Explain this verse.
– What happens to a Christian after they die?
– 7 Judgments.

Thursday 9-5-13
– What are the 13 abominations that come out of the heart?
– Leviticus 21:16 – Can these priestly qualifications be applied to a Christian?
– How did we get our King James Bible?
– At the Rapture, which of the religions will cease and which will continue?
– Galatians 4:26 – How is New Jerusalem “mother of us all”?
– Are the cherubims still guarding the Garden of Eden?
– Numbers 8:15-18 – Why did God choose the tribe of Levi to make up the priesthood?

Thursday 9-12-13
– 9 gates in Nehemiah.
– When the anti-christ comes, who will be deceived?
– Are there different levels of hell?
– Genesis 10:5 – Where are the Jews here?
– Psalm 51 – 5 aspects to repentance.

Thursday 9-19-13
– I Chronicles 28, 29 – charges David gave to Solomon.
– Genesis 4:24 – Why does he say Lamech will be avenged “seventy and sevenfold”?
– Philippians 1:9 – How does love abound in knowledge and in judgment?
– I John 2:18 – Is there more than one antichrist?
– Matthew 4:24 – 3 categories of problems.
– I Kings 19 – first case of bi-polar in the Bible.

Thursday 9-26-13
– Did dinosaurs exist?
– Dead Sea Scrolls.
– Acts 12:4 – Why is the word “Easter” used?
– Why are Christians called “saints”?
– How are we judged as sinners, sons, and servants?
– 7 characteristics of God.
– Acts 9:36-43 – Explain this story.
– Before the New Testament was written, did Jesus exist in Heaven?

Thursday 10-3-13
– Since we’re made in God’s image, why are we responsible for the bad things we do?
– Genesis 8:1 – Did God forget Noah?
– Does the covenant of circumcision still apply in the New Testament?
– I Kings 20:35-43 – Explain this passage.
– How do you explain to someone that knowing Greek and Hebrew isn’t necessary when it comes to understanding the Bible?
– What is the significance of the words “like” and “as” in the Bible?
– Hebrews 6:7-8 – Explain this passage.
– Hosea 2:3 – Explain this verse.
– Do we still need to obey the Old Testament laws?

Thursday 10-10-13
– What’s the difference between a Jew, Gentile, Israelite and a Hebrew?
– If you listen to secular music but tune out the words, does it still affect you?
– Why does Fred Phelps protest at funerals?
– Genesis 21:28 – What does this verse mean doctrinally?
– James 2:21 – Is this verse talking about works for salvation?

Thursday 10-17-13
– What is “soul sleep”?
– Explain Biblical separation.
– How do we know that children under the age of accountability will go to heaven?
– When a Christian is depressed, is it because God’s plan is that they get strengthened in their faith?

Thursday 10-24-13
– 7 foundations of the church.
– Was Bathsheba supposed to be killed for committing adultery?
– Judges 9 – What do these trees represent?
– Why would God allow someone who is going to hell to be born?
– How much responsibility do we have in getting someone saved?

Thursday 11-7-13
– Galatians 4:19 – Explain this verse.
– Spiritual gifts given to the apostles.
– Do we, as believers, have the power to cast out demons?
– 7 things you lose when you lose your Bible.

Thursday 11-14-13
– Explain what the different names of God mean.
– How powerful are our words?
– How does God handle someone who waits until their deathbed to get saved?
– Romans 1:28 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 11-21-13

Thursday 12-5-13
– Daniel 9:27 – Who is the “he” and what covenant is he referring to?

Thursday 12-12-13
– Explain the two lines of the Bibles.

Thursday 12-19-13
– Why did God choose a female judge?
– Judges 4:8-9 – Why does Barak say this?
– Genesis 38:8-10 – Why was God displeased?
– Numbers 12:1 – Why didn’t God punish Aaron also?
– Exodus 6:12 – Why does Moses say his lips are “uncircumcised”?
– Deuteronomy 30:1-10 – Explain this passage
– Do Jews today know they’re in captivity?
– In the Tribulation, will the antichrist only attack orthodox Jews?
– Romans 2:25 – Can someone use this verse to prove you can lose your salvation?
– Ezekiel 4:5-6 – Why does God tell him to lay on his left and right sides?
– Is Rahab the harlot the same person as Matthew 1:5?
– Are John the Baptist and the apostle John the same person?
– Matthew 26:40 – Why did Jesus only mention Peter?

Thursday 12-26-13
– How do we know when Jesus was born?
– What is the Torah?
– During the captivity, how did people get God’s righteousness?
– How many animals were on Noah’s ark?


Thursday 1-5-12
– Revelation 3:5 – Is this verse saying you can lose your salvation?
– I Peter 2:12-16 – Explain this passage.
– Matthew 4:2 – It says Jesus fasted 40 days, did he do anything else during this time?
– Revelation 10:2 – What is the “little book”?
– Revelation 13:2 – Who is the beast like a bear?

Thursday 1-12-12
– Matthew 8:12 – Who are the “children of the kingdom”?
– Ecclesiastes 3:8 – Does God hate?
– I John 4:6 – What is the “spirit of error”?
– II Corinthians 9:15 – Why is Christ’s gift of salvation “unspeakable”?
– Genesis 10:10 – How did Satan know Christ would be virgin born?
– Revelation 1:7 – How will every eye behold Jesus?
– What is Enoch a type of?

Thursday 1-19-12
– In Exodus 5-12, why was Pharaoh’s heart hardened?
– Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 – Explain this passage.
– Acts 1:9 – Is this cloud a spaceship?
– Ezekiel 1 – Explain this passage.

Thursday 1-26-12
– What’s the difference between knowledge, wisdom, and understanding?
– Luke 4:13 – How long was the season that the devil departed from Jesus?
– What does the Bible say about listening to secular music?

Thursday 2-2-12
– Jude 1:9 – Why were they disputing about Moses’ body?
– Will God bring up our sins at the Judgment Seat of Christ?
– How does God get light (John 1:9) to people?
– Acts 13:1-12 – Why did God change Saul’s name to Paul?

Thursday 2-9-12
– Is it okay for Christians to play with Ouija Boards?
– What was the world like before Adam?
– Why does God still call Israel Jacob after God had changed his name?
– Psalm 139:15-16 – Explain this passage.
– How do you deal with people who think we’re going through the Tribulation?

Thursday 2-16-12
– Proverbs 9:1 – What are the 7 pillars?
– Genesis 46 – Why is “soul” used in the place of “son and daughter”?
– Mark 9:38 – Was it wrong for this person to cast out devils?
– Where did the Nation of Israel get their supplies to make the Tabernacle?
– Explain Biblical fasting.
– Exodus 18 – Jethro’s counsel.

Thursday 2-23-12
– Mark 14:22-23 – Is the Lord’s Supper and Communion the same thing as Transubstantiation?
– Genesis 1:28 – What does God mean by “replenish”?
– 7 concepts of the Fear of the Lord.
– Wise man vs foolish man.

Thursday 3-1-12
– Exodus 28 – the priest’s garment.
– Psalm 32:8 – How does God guide us with his eye?
– Ezekiel 20:25-26 – Explain this passage.
– Proverbs 26:25 – What are the 7 abominations?
– Isaiah 1:31 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 3-8-12
– John 15:6 – Who are the men?
– Doctrines from Sunday.
– Matthew 13:4 – What kind of seeds are these?
– Why are the apostles called “Saints” in the titles of their gospels?
– Galatians 5:22 – Why is fruit singular?
– What is a Bible principle?

Thursday 3-15-12
– Psalm 23 – Why is this chapter recited at funerals?
– Numbers 3:15 – Why were the Levites numbered differently?
– Luke 9:27-30 – Why was Jesus transformed twice?
– Genesis 48:8 – Why did Joseph switch the herds?
– Psalm 119:164 – Should we praise God 7 times a day?
– Job 41:34 – Explain the “children of pride”
– Proverbs 30:18-33 – Explain this passage.

Thursday 3-22-12
– What’s the difference between the Geneva Bible and the King James Bible?
– How do we know that Paul wrote Hebrews since it’s so different than all his other books?
– Was Paul blind?
– Genesis 7:2 – What is the reason for 7 clean and 2 unclean animals?
– What are the 2 sides to the devil (from Sunday’s sermon)?
– Deuteronomy 28:13 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 3-29-12
– Matthew 1:20 – Does this tie in with Joseph from the Old Testament?
– Explain the will of God.
– Deuteronomy 10:13 – Why is there a question mark at the end of this verse?
– Proverbs 12:18-20 – Why does it keep going back and forth between good and bad attributes?
– Proverbs 24:30-34 – Explain this passage.
– Luke 23:12 – Why were Pilate and Herod now able to be friends?

Thursday 4-5-12
– Matthew 10:29-31 – What does a sparrow represent?
– Exodus 28:41 – What does anoint, consecrate and sanctify mean?
– Proverbs 6:5 – Explain this verse.
– Jeremiah 48:10 – Explain this verse.
– Joshua 8:18 – Why is it a spear and not a sword?
– 2 Corinthians 6:14 – Can you use this verse for a business partnership?

Thursday 4-12-12 
– Revelation 1:4 – Why is John capitalized?
– Define the philosophies in Ecclesiastes.
– Do we know when Christ was born?
– If Constantine made people Bishops at the Council of Nicaea, did they have a title before that?

Thursday 4-19-12
– Deuteronomy 32:27 – Why does God fear the wrath of the enemy?
– Are there any Biblical convictions, or are they just personal preferences?
– Job 13:15 – What does this verse teach?
– If the Israelites would have accepted Christ at His First Coming, would there have been a Tribulation Period?
– Job 14:17 – Explain this verse.
– Job 14:14 – What is the “change” Job is talking about?

Thursday 4-26-12
– Romans 1:25 – Who is the “creature”?
– How do you respond to someone who says that you should not judge them?
– I Thessalonians 5:22 – Explain this verse.
– Jeremiah 5:6 – What are the lion, wolf and leopard?
– Explain when the Kingdom of Heaven comes in and out of power.
– Is it a sin to get tattoos?
– What does the Bible say about casinos and gambling and is investing in the stock market considered gambling?

Thursday 5-3-12
– Godly Sorrow.

Thursday 5-10-12
– Does God open and close wombs today like he did in the Old Testament?
– Joshua 4:1 – What does “clean passed over” mean?
– Psalm 51:17 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 5-17-12
– Romans 11:4 – Who are the 7,000 men?
– David’s Mighty Men of Valor.
– 2 Corinthians 2:9 – What are the different things we are to prove ourselves in?
– Proverbs 18:8 vs Proverbs 26:22.
– 2 Chronicles 12:14 – How do you prepare your heart to seek the Lord?

Thursday 5-24-12
– Anointing of God’s Holy Spirit – What are the signs of this?
– Exodus 8:17 – Why couldn’t the magicians create lice?
– Where did all of the animals come from that did not get on Noah’s Ark?
– Exodus 4:24 – Why is Moses called a “bloody husband”?
– Romans 9:25 – Who is Osee?
– What are the 7 Covenants?
– Psalm 119:83 – What is the “bottle in smoke”?
– Definition of the legal terms in Psalms.
– John 2:6 – What does “purifying of the Jews” refer to?

Thursday 5-31-12
– Psalm 119 – What are the words between the verses?
– Losing your inheritance.
– 2 Corinthians 5:10 – How does your heart attitude play into this?
– What did Adam and Eve look like before they ate the fruit?

Thursday 6-7-12
– Why did God blind Paul in Acts 9:7-9?
– Explain our liberty as Christians (Galatians 5)
– Proverbs 27:4 – Explain this verse.
– Kingdom of Heaven vs Kingdom of God.
– Job 1:6 – When Satan came to accuse Job, is there a parallel to when we will be judged?

Thursday 6-14-12
– Where is Hell located and are there different levels?
– Isaiah 66:24 – Who are these people and where are they?
– What’s the function of each of the 3 heavens?
– When people pass away, where are they right now?

Thursday 6-21-12
– Is it a wrong motivation to work for God in order to get rewards?
– Jeremiah 7:18 – Who is the queen of heaven?
– How do we relate Gog and Magog to Russia?
– Daniel 4:34 – If Nebuchadnezzar is a type of the antichrist, why is he giving praise to God?
– John 19:7 – What’s the Old Testament law Jesus broke?
– Proverbs 21:17 – Explain this verse.
– Proverbs 24:9 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 6-28-12  Ecclesiastes 2:21, 23, 26 – Explain these verses.
– Ecclesiastes 3:1 – Is this to Israel?
– Genesis 6:4 – Can spiritual beings co-habit with physical beings?
– Revelation 21:1 – What does “no more sea” mean?

Thursday 7-5-12
– Dean Hays.

Thursday 7-12-12
– Why is 666 associated with the devil?
– Is there a time during our day when we’re not sinning?
– Proverbs 13:23 – Explain this verse.
– Matthew 25 – Parable of the virgins.
– Leviticus 7:13 – Why are they offering leaven with this sacrifice?
– What is a “wave” offering and a “heave” offering?

Thursday 7-19-12 
– If someone has never heard the gospel, will they go to hell when they die?
– What’s the difference between Methodist and Baptist beliefs?
– What do Scientologists believe?
– What are the Baptist distinctives?

Thursday 7-26-12
-I Kings 16:33 vs I Kings 18:19 – Why are the number of prophets different?
– What are “groves”?
– If you’re saved and commit suicide, do you still go to heaven when you die?
– 2 Chronicles 18:7 – Explain this passage.
– How do you balance studying the Bible without getting overwhelmed?
– Job 38:33 – What’s the significance to Orion?

Thursday 8-2-12
– Exodus 10:13 – If God moves East to West, why does he bring the locusts from the West?
– If Satan and his demons are already on earth, what comes out of Orion during the Tribulation?
– Revelation 17:1-6 – Why is she called the “great whore”?
– II Kings 6:18 – Why did God smite them with blindness?
– What are the 7 functions of the Holy Spirit?

Thursday 8-9-12
– Numbers 5:11-31 – Explain this passage.
– I Corinthians 3:16-17 – How would we “defile” our temple?
– Zechariah 13:5-6 – Why does he say “husbandman”?
– II Corinthians 5:3 vs Revelation 19:8

Thursday 8-16-12
– Son of Man vs Son of God.
– I Chronicles 6:7-8 – Why is Ahaziah missing from the list?
– Genesis 1:6-8 – Why doesn’t God say “it was good”?
– Job 1:1 – Where is Uz?
– Job 1:5 – Why is Job sacrificing, when it wasn’t required yet?
– Are Shem and Melchizedek the same person?
– Should Christians vote?

Thursday 8-23-12
– Is there a list of questions that God will ask people at the Great White Throne Judgment of every occupation?
– Mark 3:17 – What does “Boanerges” mean?
– Joshua 1 – What are the 3 things God told Joshua to be?
– Acts 9:7 vs Acts 22:9 – Explain the difference.
– Job 26:5 – Explain this verse.
– II Kings 6:1-7 – What is the significance of the floating ax head?
– Colossians 3:8 – What is “filthy communication”?
– Explain I Kings 19:19.
– When Israel goes into the Promised Land, why are Joshua and Caleb the two to lead them?

Thursday 8-30-12
– Did Enoch ever get the Kingdom of Heaven?
– I Timothy 5:24 – Explain this verse.
– II Kings 4:35 – Why did the boy sneeze 7 times?
– Daniel 1:1-8 – Explain the Evil Day.

Thursday 9-6-12
– Song of Solomon 2:10-13 – Is this a reference to the Rapture?
– Job 25:6 – Why does he say “worm”?
– I Chronicles 1:19 – What does it mean “the earth was divided”?
– II Kings 9:35 – Why did the skull, feet and palms of Jezebel’s body remain?

Thursday 9-13-12
– 7 Spiritual Blessings in Ephesians.
– 7 Things God Loves.
– 7 Things God Hates.

Thursday 9-20-12
– Luke 17:30-36 – How/When does this take place?
– Church Triumphant vs Church Militant?
– 7 Members of the Household of God.
– Genesis 6:3 – What is God saying about the 120 years?
– Are there verses that show the Church leaves before the Tribulation?

Thursday 9-27-12
– What does Beulah mean?
– Acts 17, 18 – When Paul and Silas were asked to go to Athens, did they not go right away?
– Isaiah 7:15 – Why does it say “butter and honey”?
– II Corinthians 4 – 9 concepts from this chapter.
– Psalm 91:6 – Explain this verse.
– Ecclesiastes 12:7 – Explain this verse.
– Isaiah 34:8-10 – Will there be a lake of fire in the Millennium?

Thursday 10-4-12
– Acts 9:10 – Is this a different Ananias than the one in Acts 5?
– II Kings 13:21 – Explain this verse.
– What does it mean when God uses the phrase “fair to look upon”?
– What is the Book of Joshua about?
– Where in the Bible does it say that every nation will turn on Jerusalem?
– I Corinthians 7:8 – Is Paul saying it’s better not to get married?

Thursday 10-11-12
– Galatians 5:17 vs I John 3:9 – Why do you ask forgiveness for your flesh when it sins, when your flesh isn’t saved?
– Deuteronomy 21:10-14 – How is this different from Solomon and his wives?
– Why did they shave her head?
– I Chronicles 5:2 – Why is Judah above his brothers?
– 8 new things under the sun for a Christian.
– I Samuel 3:3 – What is Samuel a picture of doctrinally?

Thursday 10-18-12
– What does the Bible say about drinking wine?
– I Chronicles 23:3 vs I Chronicles 23:27 – Numbered from 30 or 20 years and up.
– Deuteronomy 25:9 – Why would they spit in his face?
– Matthew 22:1-12 – Explain this parable.
– Joshua 20:3 – Who is the “avenger of blood”?
– Should tithing be the standard for giving in the New Testament church?

Thursday 10-25-12
– Why are there no paragraph marks after Acts 20?
– Genesis 1:26 vs Genesis 1:29 – One says “us” and another says “I”.
– Image of God vs Likeness of God.

Thursday 11-1-12
– What is the definitive verse on sin?
– Genesis 1:1-1:2 The Gap.
– Music.
– Deuteronomy 34:5-6 – Who buried Moses?

Thursday 11-8-12
– Lamentations 3:27 – What does “bear the yoke” mean?
– Acts 5:1 – Explain this story.
– Isaiah 42:9 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 11-15-12
– Proverbs 18:16 – What is the “man’s gift”?
– Luke 9:26 – Are these 3 different glories?
– Exodus 24:10 – Does this relate to the Mount of Transfiguration in Matthew 17?
– I Corinthians 2:6 – Who are “them that are perfect”?
– I Samuel 1:24-28 – Are all the things that Hannah brought for an offering?
– Jeremiah 4:23-31 – Does this passage prove the gap between Genesis 1:1-2?
– Joshua 24:30 vs Judges 2:9 – Are these the same names?
– II Peter 3:5 – Where was the water? Which heaven?
– Why does Genesis 1:1 list only one heaven?

Thursday 11-29-12
– United Nations recognizing Palestine as a nation.
– How do we keep going when people don’t do what’s right and apply Bible principles?
– Isaiah 34:14 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 12-6-12
– Are we in and out of fellowship all day long with God?
– 5 basic principles to live by?
– What is Shekinah Glory?
– What is coming in the future to America?
– At the Rapture, what happens to babies?

Thursday 12-13-12
– What does the phrase “God gets the honor and glory” mean?
– Ecclesiastes 12:7 – all spirits go back to God.
– Why is abortion wrong if life doesn’t begin until a baby takes its first breath?
– God opening and closing wombs.
– What does the phrase “Lord willing” mean?

Thursday 12-20-12
– Explain the age of accountability.
– Acts 7:55 – Why is Jesus standing?
– Acts 6:15 – Why would he have “the face of an angel”?
– When Lucifer fell, did the angels who went with him make that choice?
– Or were they forced to go with him?
– II Thessalonians 2:9 – What are the “power and signs and lying wonders”?
– Matthew 25:25 – Is this verse about the Second Coming?
– II Corinthians 7:6-7 – What is the coming of Titus and why is Paul so focused on it?

Thursday 12-27-12  – Where did Jesus’ body go after he died?
– Job 17:14 – Explain this verse.
– Star of Bethlehem.
– Revelation 12:5 – Who is the manchild?
– Where do people get the idea of purgatory?
– What is a holy kiss?


Thursday 1-6-11
– Proverbs outline.

Thursday 1-13-11
– Ecclesiastes outline.
– 48 prophecies fulfilled at Christ’s first coming.
– Revelation 6 – Explain what the 4 horses represent.
– When/How does the anti-christ get killed?
– What are the 3 verses on the unholy trinity?
– Is there any Bible significance to all the birds and fish dying lately?

Thursday 1-20-11
-Song of Solomon outline.
– Song of Solomon 1:5 – Is this the same woman as I Kings 1:2?
– Acts 8:9-22 – Was Simon the Sorcerer saved?
– How do you know which people in the Bible represent certain things?
– Why were Aaron’s clothes given to his sons?
– Why did God have all the rules concerning death and dead bodies?
– When Eve was tempted, was the serpent a manifestation of Satan or Satan?
– What’s the difference between a Jewish day and a Gentile day?

Thursday 1-27-11
– Isaiah outline.
– Explain the keys to the Kingdom in Matthew 16.
– Explain the judgment of the nations.

Thursday 2-3-11
– Jeremiah outline.
– Ezekiel 2:10 – What is the roll and why was he told to eat it?
– Who do the 5 wisdom books represent?
– What are the 7 things we’re told not to be ignorant of?

Thursday 2-10-11
– Ezekiel outline.
– Acts 1:6-8 Explain this passage.
– I Samuel 16:14 – What is an evil spirit from the Lord?
– Revelation 6:5-6.
– Psalm 18:10 – Is this talking about Christ and the Second Coming?
– If the Lord comes back at the Second Coming, what’s the purpose for the Rapture?

Thursday 2-17-11
– Lamentations outline. Ezekiel 14:21 – Do these 4 judgments line up with the ones in Revelation?
– Why are there so many 7s in the Bible?

Thursday 2-24-11
– Daniel outline.
– Why is Nebuchadnezzar’s named spelled differently at times?
– John 20:17 – Why couldn’t they touch Christ?
– John 5:4 – Explain this verse and what troubling the waters means.
– 2 Samuel 17:17 – Who is this Jonathan?
– Luke 2:36 – Who is Anna is this passage?
– What book of the Bible lines up with Sardis?
– Why was Ehud left-handed?
– Numbers 35:25 – Why abide until the death of the high priest?
– Psalm 93:12 – What are palm trees in the Bible?

Thursday 3-3-11
– Hosea outline.
– What fruit did Eve eat?
– How do you know that Adam was not with Eve when Satan came in Genesis 3?
– If you were in the Tribulation and you died for God, would you go to heaven?

Thursday 3-10-11
– Joel outline.
– John 16:16 – What does “a little while” mean?
– I Samuel 1:12 – What does it mean that he “marked her mouth”?
– Why do you always find Judas Iscariot’s full name mentioned?
– What countries are Gog and Magog?
– Why is the route of the Second Coming important?

Thursday 3-17-11
– Obadiah outline.
– Luke 13:1 – Explain this verse.
– What is Lazarus a type of in John 11?
– What is the time span between Abraham and Jacob?
– What are the 7 things a successful church needs?
– Why is Baptist not a denomination?
– Acts 1:20 – What scripture is he quoting?

Thursday 3-24-11
– Amos outline.
– See bookstore for CD.

Thursday 3-31-11
– Jonah outline.
– What are the 7 furnishings in the Tabernacle?
– What does the term “the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of men” mean?
– Was it God who died on the cross, or Jesus the man?

Thursday 4-7-11
– Micah outline.
– What are the 11 dispensations in the Bible?

Thursday 4-14-11
– Nahum outline.
– What are the 6 main verses to lead someone to Christ with?
– What are the 7 changes to the earth?
– Explain Daniel 11.
– Mark 7:34 – Explain this miracle.
– When was the right time for Jesus to be king?
– If the serpent is a picture of the devil, why did Moses have a serpent on his staff?
– Proverbs 24:16 – Explain this verse.

Thursday 4-21-11
– Habakkuk outline.
– Matthew 19:23 – Why does he mention both the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven?
– I Corinthians 1:28 – Explain this verse.
– What is the Judgment Seat of Christ?
– What are the 5 things that will get you naked at the Judgment Seat?

Thursday 4-28-11
– Zephaniah outline.
– Proverbs 8:22-36 – Explain this passage.
– What is the “first resurrection” in Revelation 20:5-6?
– Are fallen angels bound up in Orion’s Belt?
– Explain who Michael and Gabriel are.
– Mark 5:15 – Is the only man possessed by the devil the Son of Perdition?
– What will stop in eternity?

Thursday 5-5-11
– Haggai outline.
– Exodus 18 – What was wrong with Jethro’s counsel?
– Explain I Corinthians 2:10

Thursday 5-12-11
– Zechariah outline.
– John 21:18-23 – What is Jesus saying to Peter?
– I Corinthians 13:9-13 – What does “know & prophesy” in part mean?
– II Corinthians 11:18-23 – Why does Paul say he speaks as a fool?
– Numbers 8:26 – Who is supposed to do this and who is not?
– Where do the 144,000 come from?
– How many Jews will remain at the Second Coming?

Thursday 5-19-11
– Malachi outline.
– How do you deal with the discussions on the Rapture?
– What is “soul sleep”
– Who is the remnant in Revelation 19:21?

Thursday 5-26-11
– What are the 3 institutions that God ordained?
– Where does the word Bible come from?
– What’s the difference between the 4 gospels?
– Who are the 24 elders in Revelation?
– Explain II Peter 3:4.

Thursday 6-2-11

Thursday 6-9-11

Thursday 6-16-11

Thursday 6-23-11
– Zechariah 11:7 – Explain what Beauty and Bands are.
– I Peter 4:10 – What is the manifold grace of God?
– What is the difference between God’s grace and God’s mercy?

Thursday 6-30-11 
– What are the 6 questions that are going to be asked at the Judgment Seat of Christ?
– Explain Genesis 15:8-12.
– Deuteronomy 32:22 – What is the lowest hell?
– What level of power does the devil have today?

Thursday 7-7-11
– Genesis 19:26 – Why did Lot’s wife turn into a pillar of salt?
– Explain Malachi 1:11.
– How old was John the Apostle when he wrote Revelation?
– Psalm 78:49 – Who are the evil angels?
– What are the 3 visions for our church?
– Was Paul ever married?
– Explain Song of Solomon 4:1-16.

Thursday 7-14-11
– Explain 2 Thessalonians 2:11.
– What is the significance of Job’s kids coming back in Job 42?

Thursday 7-21-11
– Does the Bible talk about dinosaurs?
– What are the 4 types of laughter in the Bible?

Thursday 7-28-11
– Do angels have a purpose in the church age?
– Layout the 10 principles Philippians is built around.

Thursday 8-4-11

Thursday 8-11-11
– What are the 7 functions of the Holy Spirit?

Thursday 8-18-11
– Spiritual Gifts clarifying questions.
– Does the Bible give any indication on what month the Rapture will take place?
– Explain Acts 2:13.

Thursday 8-25-11
– Explain predestination.
– What are the 6 questions that are going to be asked at the Judgment Seat of Christ?

Thursday 9-1-11
– Genesis 24 – Layout the 19 principles on finding a help meet.

Thursday 9-8-11
– Where do the different races come from?
– Is it wrong for a Christian to be cremated?
– John 19:23 – Why didn’t they rip the garment and why didn’t it have seams?
– Did the Bible prophesize about 9-11?

Thursday 9-15-11
– How did salvation work during the 400 silent years?
– What are the signs of a demon-possessed person?

Thursday 9-22-11
– Do clouds represent anything in the Bible?
– Ezekiel 31:3 – What is the cedar of Lebanon?
– When did Abraham become a Hebrew?
– What does the Bible say about capital punishment?
– Numbers 31:28 – Does this verse mean that animals do have souls?

Thursday 9-29-11
– What is the correct way to pray?
– How should you witness to an atheist?
– II Corinthians 7:1 – Explain this verse.
– What is the covenant of salt in II Chronicles 13:5?
– Colossians 3:16 – What are psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs?

Thursday 10-6-11
– Why did God destroy the earth twice with a flood?
– Deuteronomy 21:1-9 – Explain what the red heifer is for.
– I John 3:1-3 – glorified bodies.

Thursday 10-13-11
– Explain 2 Corinthians 7:1.
– Isaiah 20 – Why was Isaiah naked?

Thursday 10-20-11
– Rainbows.
– I Samuel 2:1-10.
– What is the unpardonable sin?
– What’s the difference between the Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost?
– Explain fasting.

Thursday 10-27-11
– Are near death experiences possible?
– James 1:13 – What’s the difference between tempted and tried?
– Psalm 91 – Is this a Tribulation Passage?

Thursday 11-3-11
– I John 3:8-9 – How does someone born of God not sin?
– Hebrews 9:27 – Can you use this verse when someone says they died, went to heaven and came back?
– Revelation 6:9 – Are these souls in “limbo”?
– Revelation 4:4 – Who are the 24 elders?
– Revelation 5:6 – Who is the Lamb?
– What are the 7 Spirits of God?
– Revelation 5:6 – What are the 4 beasts?
– John 13:27 – Is this a picture of something?
– Did Judas have remorse for killing Jesus?
– Is being late a sin?
– Explain the New World Order and if it’s found in the Bible?

Thursday 11-10-11
– Isaiah 65:20 – Explain this verse.
– Will people still sin in the Millennium?
– Isaiah 66:24 – Explain this verse.
– Isaiah 19:23-25 – Why does God call Egypt blessed?
– Joshua 10:13 – How did the earth stand still?
– What is the book of Jasher?
– Are more frequent earthquakes a sign of the end times?
– Isaiah 66:14 – Explain this verse.
– How does Revelation 12 breakdown?

Thursday 11-17-11
– Genesis 2:7, 2:11 – Was Adam made up of gold dust?
– What are the 12 mysteries to the Israelites?
– Job 2:13 – Why did they sit with him 7 days?
– Matthew 24 – Explain the dual application of this chapter.
– Song of Solomon 8:8-10 – Explain this passage.
– Genesis 3:13 – What does beguile mean in this verse?

Thursday 12-1-11
– Hebrews 11:1 – What is the “substance of things hoped for”?
– What’s the difference between having a heart knowledge and head knowledge of salvation?
– Psalm 19:1-4 – Explain this passage.
– Why is the earth God’s footstool?
– James 5:7 – What is the early and latter rain?

Thursday 12-8-11
– Romans 15:1 vs Revelation 2:2.
– What’s the significance of dragons in the Bible?
– What are the 7 baptisms?
– What are the 7 things they rejoice over in heaven?
– I Samuel 26:9, Ezekiel 28:14 – Why are Saul and Satan called the Lord’s anointed?
– Why are some churches legalistic?

Thursday 12-15-11
– Jimmy Stimetz and Jon Bousquet.

Thursday 12-22-11
– John 16:23 – Explain this verse.
– Zechariah 3:9 – What is the stone?
– Genesis 6:20 – Why does it say “his kind” for the creeping things?
– Do we know for sure when Jesus was born?

Thursday 12-29-11
– Does the Bible say anything about the moon affecting people’s behavior?
– Proverbs 11:25 – What is a “liberal” according to the Bible?
– Song of Solomon 7 – Why is he comparing her to these things?
– Genesis 7:11 – What are the “fountains of the great deep”?


Thursday 1-7-10
– Explain the events of Genesis 1:1-18

Thursday 1-14-10
– Biblical perspective on Haiti

Thursday 1-21-10
– Was Hitler ex-communicated from the Catholic Church?
– Heb 12:15 – the 8 similatities between roots and bitterness.
– Is it wrong for a christian to be cremated?
– Do Chrurch of Christ members believe they are the only ones who are going to Heaven?
– Proverbs 31-what is the virtuous women a picture of?

Thursday 1-28-10
– Explain Gen 28:17.
– Is everyone given a “thorn in the flesh” like Paul?
– 11 Corinthians 12:7.

Thursday 2-4-10
– Do the rivers in Gen 2:10-14 represent anything?
– What is the difference between Zion and Sion?
– 2 Chronicles 6:26-27 – is this a reference to the former and latter rain?

Thursday 2-11-10
– Explain Proverbs 9:17-18.
– Are “stolen waters” referring to a man and woman who should not be together?
– Does myrrh refer to death?
– Is the Holy Spirit gone during the Tribulation?

Thursday 2-18-10
– Did the land masses used to be together?
– How do we know that the flood happened in 2340 BC?
– Does Job 12:7-17 go along with the flood in Genesis?
– Explain Matthew 5:21-22. Who are the people getting out of line during the Millennium?
– Does the devil get another chance after the Millennium?
– Do animals have a place in Heaven?

Thursday 2-25-10
– Where is the Ark of the Covenant?

Thursday 3-4-10
– What is the difference between sins and works?
– How did the kings in the Old Testament behave badly if their father behaved good?
– What are the 12 doctrines of salvation?

Thursday 3-11-10
– What is the Millenial Reign of Christ?
– Is David the only one reigning with Christ in the Millenium?
– What is the role of the 12 apostles in the Millenium?
– Does David have to eat of the Tree of Life?
– Why do we celebrate Christ’s birth in December if he was born in September?

Thursday 3-18-10
– What is the purpose of fasting?
– Explain Romans 11:20-22.
– What are the 12 new things above the sun?
– Explain Nehemiah 4:17-18

Thursday 3-25-10
– How do the 400 silent years apply to us today?
– Explain the Catholic church child abuse situation.
– 6 questions to ask yourself when measuring your spiritual growth.

Thursday 4-1-10
– Is it possible to redeem the time you wasted before you got saved?
– Explain Proverbs 21:9.

Thursday 4-8-10
– What is the difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven?
– How do the KOH and KOG affect the Jews?
– How do you witness to a Jew?
– How will Jews know that the antichrist is not the Messiah in the Tribulation?
– To become a jew, do you have to go before a council?
– Do Jews have to trust Christ in the Tribulation?
– Explain Jeremiah 13:1-10.

Thursday 4-15-10
– How can we say we are “one nation under God” when God’s nation is Israel?
– What does the Bible say about speaking in tongues?

Thursday 4-22-10
– Romans 9:18 – free will versus God hardening people’s hearts.
– Amos 1:9 – what is the “brotherly covenant”?
– John 20:7 – Explain why the napkin was separate.
– John 20:2 – Who is the “other disciple”?
– Explain how Christ was separated from God at the crucifixion.
– Where did the term dispensation come from?

Thursday 4-29-10
– Revelation 6:9-11 – why were they given robes if they were just souls?
– Explain John 2:1-11.
– Is the phrase the “third day” always a reference to the 2nd coming?
– Explain why we sleep.
– What about premonitions from dreams?
– What about Satan’s influence over unsaved people’s dreams?
– Exodus 9:6-19 – What’s the timeline of these events?
– 2 Kings 2:13.

Thursday 5-6-10
– Why can God not hear unsaved people’s prayers?
– Isn’t it true that God doesn’t know unsaved people?
– If Christ died for the sins of the world, why doesn’t everyone get into Heaven?
– Why is God obligated to hear us when we open up our hearts to Him?
– Explain John 2:10.

Thursday 5-13-10
– Why can’t the carnal mind be subject to God?
– Acts 28:15 – if the 3 taverns is a city, why isn’t is capitalized?
– Judges 9:7-21 – Explain this passage.
– Do all the numbers mean something in the Bible?
– Why is 666 the number of the anti-christ?

Thursday 5-20-10
– Explain 1 Jon 5:7-8
– Explain the unholy trinity. What does the image of the unholy trinity look like?
– Daniel 2 vs Daniel 7
– Explain Psalm 18:31
– Revelation 3:5 – what does it mean that he’s going to not blot out a name from the book of life?
– What is the definitive verse on the Tribulation saints?
– What is the teaching for the church on marriage, divorce, and remarriage?

Thursday 5-27-10
– Any significance to the frogs in Greece?
– Job 19:26 – What is Job referring to when he says he will see God in his flesh?
– Is there anything in the Bible on North Korea being at war?
– An unsaved person is without what four things?
– What does the bible say about suicide?

Thursday 6-3-10
– What are the Babylonian Penniform Tablets?
– Who is the “elect lady” in 2 John 1:1?
– What is the doctrinal application of the pool at Bethesda in John 5?
– Why did Abraham offer the ram and not a lamb in Genesis 22?

Thursday 6-10-10
– What is the definitive verse on sin?
– Explain the second half of 1 John 5:17.
– Genesis 47:22 – who are these priests?
– Explain John 20:21-23.
– Matthew 18:21-22 – what is the significance to seventy times seven?

Thursday 6-17-10
– Psalm 60:7-8 – Explain this passage.
– I Samuel 22:2 vs I Kings 22:6 – Is there any correlation to David having 400 men and Saul having 400 men?
– Psalm 2:7 – What “day” is this?
– Who are the two men with the Lord in Genesis 18:2?
– What bodily form are the two angels in Genesis 18:2 in?
– Did the angels that went with Lucifer look like Christ?
– Could the genealogy in Luke 3 help you determine the difference between the godly line and ungodly line in Genesis 4?

Thursday 6-24-10
– Zechariah 3:8 – Why is the branch capitalized?
– Song of Solomon 2:14 – What are the secret places?

Thursday 7-1-10
– How to Put Notes in Your Bible part 1

Thursday 7-8-10
– How to Put Notes in Your Bible part 2

Thursday 7-15-10
– How to Put Notes in Your Bible part 3

Thursday 7-22-10
– How to Put Notes in Your Bible part 4

Thursday 7-29-10
– How to Put Notes in Your Bible part 5

Thursday 8-5-10
– How to Put Notes in Your Bible part 6

Thursday 8-12-10
– How to Put Notes in Your Bible part 7

Thursday 8-19-10
– Exodus outline. Define definitive verse.
– Genesis 3:14 – Is there a connection between the serpent eating dust and man coming from dust?
– Matthew 25:31-46 – What is the context of the sheep and goats?
– What are the 7 definitive passages on the 7 Judgments?

Thursday 8-26-10
– Leviticus outline.
– I Kings 22:43 – How can he walk with the Lord and still not remove the high places?
– I Kings 8:9 – The Ark is missing 3 things, why?
– What are the 7 things that God rejoices over?

Thursday 9-2-10
– Jimmy Stimetz and Zach Sanders

Thursday 9-9-10
– Numbers outline.
– Psalm 118:22 – Who is the stone?
– I Kings 14:13 – What was the “good thing” that he saw in him?
– What are the Proverbs that go along with the kings of Israel?

Thursday 9-16-10
– Deuteronomy outline.
– Isaiah 63:2 – Will Jesus’ garments already be stained with blood when he comes at the Second Coming?
– Why is the Second Coming likened to different things
– Revelation 21:1 – What sea is he referring to?
– What is a leviathan?
– What is an oracle?
– Revelation 4:6-9 Do these 4 creatures line up with the 4 Gospels?

Thursday 9-23-10
– Joshua outline.
– Genesis 2:18-22 – Why did God wait to create Eve?
– Explain standing and state.
– Exodus 6:30 – Why does Moses say he has uncircumcised lips?

Thursday 9-30-10
– Judges outline.
– Does the devil have the power to influence our choices?
– Do people who practice witchcraft or devil worship have any power?
– What is the Koran?

Thursday 10-7-10
– Ruth outline.
– What is the Urim and Thummim?

Thursday 10-14-10

– I Samuel outline.
– I Samuel 16:23 – What is the evil spirit from God?
– Lamentations 1:3 – Why does it say that Judah is in captivity when they are not yet?
– Why are there 5 crowns for Christians when 5 is the number of death?
– Isaiah 24:13 – Is this verse talking about the rapture of the Tribulation Saints?

Thursday 10-21-10
– 2 Samuel outline.
– Explain Daniel’s 70th Week.

Thursday 10-28-10
– Job 39:9 – Were there unicorns on earth at some point?
– What was Goliath?
– Where did he come from?
– Isaiah 66:24 – Is this a specific place on earth?

Thursday 11-4-10
– Kings of Israel Breakdown part 1

Thursday 11-11-10
– Kings of Israel Breakdown part 2

Thursday 11-18-10
– Kings of Israel Breakdown part 3

Thursday 12-2-10
– Ezra outline.
– Job 38:22-23 What are the treasures of the hail and snow?
– What’s up with Holy Ghost possession and talking in tongues?
– Why do Catholics have extra books in their Bibles?
– Do religious leaders have “higher powers”?
– Why do men in the Old Testament have multiple wives?
– Do animals have souls?

Thursday 12-9-10
– Nehemiah outline.
– Genesis 9:20-26 Why was Noah upset that Ham saw him naked?
– Why did Noah curse Canaan and not Ham?
– Can people be hypnotized?
– How do we minister to the Lord?

Thursday 12-16-10
– Esther outline.
– Who are the 18 types of anti-christ?
– What’s the difference between free will and predestination?
– Explain Jeremiah 5:6.
– What are the “dark sayings” in Proverbs 1:6?

Thursday 12-23-10
– Job outline.
– What is the whirlwind in Ezekiel 1:4?
– Explain casting lots.
– Proverbs 22:28, 23:10 – What are the landmarks?

Thursday 12-30-10
– Psalms outline.
– What is the Marriage of the Lamb?


Thursday 1-8-09
– 1 Corinthians 7:29 – Continuations of rules on marriage, divorce, and remarriage
– Mark 13:32 and Acts 1:7 – Explain the difference and why does it say Jesus doesn’t know the time?
– What are the main passages on the rapture?

Thursday 1-15-09
– What does it mean “heirs of God” in Romans 8:17?
– What is the “woeful day” in Jeremiah 17:16?
– Why is the word pastor first mention in Jeremiah?
– What is happening in Jude 1:9?
– How is Colosse related to Laodicea?

Thursday 1-22-09
– What are the 7 legal terms in Psalms?
– Revelation 19:18 – What do the phrases “great and small” and “bond and the free” mean?
– Why was the English language used for the King James Bible?
– What is the history of the English Bible?

Thursday 1-29-09
– What are the three basic reasons the Millennium exist?
– What is our Millennial inheritance?
– What are the five crowns we can receive?
– Is our Millennial inheritance and the five crowns the same?
– 2 Corinthians 5:10 – What is the Judgement Seat of Christ?

Thursday 2-5-09
– Psalm 16:7 – What does the “night seasons” mean?
– What does the basket of summer fruit in Amos 8:1-2?
– Is the lying spirit in 1 Kings 22:22 part of the seven spirits of God in Isaiah 11:2?

Thursday 2-12-09
– What the difference between praying without ceasing and repetitive prayer?
– What is the doctrinal context of the Song of Moses in Exodus 15? Is the song in Deuteronomy 32 the same song?

Thursday 2-19-09
– Explain Ezekiel 37
– John 20:22 – How did they get the Holy Spirit?
– When a Christian dies, do they go to the Judgment Seat of Christ right away?
– Do angels carry you to heaven like Lazarus was in Luke 16?
– Is there time in Hell?
– What is the difference between Hell and the Lake of Fire?

Thursday 2-26-09
– Is it true when people have a near death experience, they see a light or a piece of heaven?
– Where is the biblical definitive verse when people are dead?
– When does life begin?
– Revelation 9:1-10 – Are the locusts real? Explain these verses

Thursday 3-5-09
– Were there 4 seasons of the year before the fall in Genesis 3?
– Will the end of the world happen on 12-21-2012?
– How many ways is the name of Nebuchadnezzar spelled?
– Exodus 34:14 – Why is God’s name “Jealous”?
– 1 Chronicles 29:29 – Where are the books of Gad and Nathan?
– James 4:5 – Where in the Bible is this phrase quoted from?
– How do we apply biblical principles to the issues in our life?

Thursday 3-12-09
– Was Job’s wife saved/unsaved?  Ezekiel 18:24, 18:5, 3:20 I John 3
– What happens to a person in O.T. who can’t make the right sacrifices? example of Samson: Judges 16, Hebrews 11:32, 1 Samuel 15:22, Psalms 51
– The Septuagint/LXX out of Egypt, Hexplaxa 5th Column? Daniel 1, 2 Chronicles 36, Psalms 78, Malachi 2:7, 4:7, Deuteronomy 31:25, 17:18, 7:6
– What is the difference between angel of the Lord and angel of God? Galatians 4:12

Thursday 3-19-09
– Can you elaborate on the sacrifice pillar (one of the 7 pillars of God)? 1 Corinthians 13, Revelation 3, example of David: 2 Samuel 24:18-25
– Why do spouses go back to abusers?
– Age of accountability for children Romans 3, 5, 7
– Praying for yourself

Thursday 3-26-09
– What is the curse causeless? Proverbs 26:2, Ecclesiastes 10:20, Revelation 18, Matthew 13:31
– Should a woman pray with her head covered? 1 Corinthians 11:4, 1 Timothy 2:8-9, Exodus 17:8-16, Luke 16, 1 Peter 3:1

Thursday 4-2-09
– Elijah principle on bi-polar/depression: 1 Kings 19, Proverbs 12:25, Proverbs 25:28
– David/Jebusite principle on breaking strongholds: 2 Samuel 5:6-10, 1 Corinthians 6:12-20, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Ephesians 5:26

Thursday 4-9-09
– How to find a relationship based on the Word of God: Genesis 24, 2 Corinthians 6:14-17, John 4, 2 Corinthians 11:2
– Is Ruth also a type of the Church?
– Proverbs 19:21 – “Council” vs. “counsel”?

Thursday 4-16-09
– What is the north wind? Song of Solomon 4:16, Psalm 75:6-7, Job 26:7, Psalm 48:1-2, Hebrews 8:5, Hebrews 12:22, Isaiah 55:11
– What are the different gospels in the Bible? Acts 20:24, Matthew 24, Matthew 4:23, 1 Peter 4:6, Revelation 14:6, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, Mark 1:1
– What is the difference between God killing (“smiting”) and a man killing someone – Deuteronomy 32:39, 1 Samuel 2:6
– Should you own a gun? Compare Matthew 10:5-10 and Luke 22:35-37

Thursday 4-23-09
– Where do the races come from? Genesis 9:18-19
– Explain the first couple of chapters in Proverbs on how to get the wisdom of God? Proverbs 1:1-6, Proverbs 2:10, 1 Samuel 3, Proverbs 2:1-5, 1 Thessalonians 2:13, Psalm 119:11, 2 Timothy 2:15, Isaiah 55:8
– Wise man described in 9 ways
– Foolish man described in 8 ways

Thursday 4-30-09
– How can 8-12k demons get into one person? Mark 5:9, Romans 1:19-20, Ecclesiastes 10:1, Ecclesiastes 1:20, 2 Corinthians 2:14-15, Proverbs 30:14-15, Zechariah 5, Matthew 12:22
– What is conscience? John 8:1-9, Deuteronomy 22:22, Leviticus 20:10, Romans 2:14-15, Proverbs 20:27

Thursday 5-7-09
– Explain the timeline of Proverbs 30:18-33

Thursday 5-14-09
– Please go through the names that God changes in the Bible
– Explain 2 Kings 6:24-31
– Galatians 5:25 – What is the difference between “live in the Spirit” and “walk in the Spirit” in Galatians 5:25?
– Which verses explain what threshingfloors are?
– 1 Kings 3:7 – How old is Solomon?

Thursday 5-21-09
– 2 Kings 4:35 – Is “to and fro” a reference to Satan?
– Titus 3:10 – What does admonition mean?
– Explain Hebrews 7:3
– Genesis 17:20 and 25:16 – Who are these 12 princes?
– Where do all the people groups in the Bible end up in eternity?
– What the difference between the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God?

Thursday 5-28-09
– John 9:1-3 – Why would God put a person in tough scenario just for the honor and glory to Himself?
– At the Rapture, what will happen to our flesh and the children under the age of accountability?
– How do the people in the remote places in the world get the Word of God to get saved?
– Does a demon take over the Christian’s body when the Rapture happens?
– How can we as a person understand about God and how He is?
– Why did God allow the Crusades to have Christians to kill Muslims?
– How can Jesus Christ be the same yesterday, today and forever when Jesus Christ has changed throughout history?

Thursday 6-4-09
– Micah 5:5 – who are the 7 Shepherds and 8 principal men?
– Explain Daniel’s 70th week
– Daniel 7 – What do the three animals in this chapter show us about the Gentile nations in history?
– Explain “times of the Gentiles” and the “fulness of the Gentiles”?
– Explain Zechariah 12

Thursday 6-11-09
– Luke 16:22 – Since the beggar got carried by angels to Abraham’s Bosom, how did the rich man get to hell?
– Acts 12:15 – Why did they say “it is his angel”?
– Daniel 10:13 – Who is “me”?
– What the difference between hell and the bottomless pit?
– Why are there so many strange stories in the book of Judges?

Thursday 6-18-09
– Genesis 6 – If the sons of God came down and made the race of giants here, why are they not doing that now?
– How will the Anti-Christ get the whole world to buy into his ways in the Tribulation Period?

Thursday 6-25-09
– 1 John 2:13 and 14 – Why does it mention how the young men have overcome the wicked one twice?
– What are the seven stages of Spiritual Growth?
– How does a Catholic say they believe in the resurrection of Christ can save you but have an element of work with that?
– Why does the Roman Catholic Church sprinkle babies?

Thursday 7-2-09
– Revelation 8:11 – What or who is Wormwood?
– Explain the book of Revelation breakdown?
– Joshua 18:1 – What or who is Shiloh?
– How do you know that stars are angels?
– Exodus 16 – How does the manna compare to the Word of God?

Thursday 7-9-09
– 2 Corinthians 5:17 – Compare the old man vs the new man
– How do you know that heavens are in a pyramid/triangle shape?
– Who built the Giant Pyramid? Why is the Great Pyramid so great?
– Explain the 8 Covenants in the Bible

Thursday 7-16-09
– Amos 5:18 – Why is the Day of the Lord a bad thing?
– Explain Revelation 14:14
– When does the Millennium Reign start?
– Who is the type of people that are at the start of Millennium Reign?
– Explain Matthew 20:1-16

Thursday 7-23-09
– When Daniel was told shut up the words in Daniels 12:4, is it the same in Revelation 10:4 as John did not write?
– Leviticus 11:1-8 – Why is there a list of unclean animals?
– Explain the 7 barren women in the Bible

Thursday 7-30-09
– Is there atomic structure in the Bible?
– Where does the cosmic radiation come from?

Thursday 8-6-09
– After the Millennial Reign is done, can man sin that will cause this to happen all over again?
– Obadiah 1:21 – Why is the word “saviors” plural?
– What is the order of events from the Church Age to Eternity?
– In Eternity, how old do people get?
– How old was Adam created at?
– Genesis 3 – How did Eve fall for the Devil’s trickery?

Thursday 8-13-09
– Explain 2 Samuel 22
– How did the Jews have a relationship with God during the 400 silent years?

Thursday 8-27-09
– Explain the concept of Abraham’s Bosom
– Revelation 10:4 – Why did God tell John to not write something?
– How is America shown in the Bible?

Thursday 9-3-09
– What is the shortest and longest chapters in the Bible? What is the middle chapter and middle word in the Bible?
– If someone been baptized by sprinkling, do they need to be baptized the correct way?
– How do you show people in the Bible that the mode of sprinkling vs total immersion?
– How do you explain that thief on the cross not getting baptized?
– How do you learn church history?
– How do you debate the evolution vs creation?
– Please explain the three gifts the wise brought in Matthew 2:11. How did the Devil know there will be a virgin birth?

Thursday 9-10-09
– Outline the book of Esther
– How does the layout of the books in the Bible show the Pre-Millennium Reign of Christ?
– Why is the order of the books in the Bible different between our Bible and a Jewish Bible?

Thursday 9-17-09
– How do you know the book of Hebrews was written by Paul?
– What is the historical meaning of the book of Hebrews?
– Is there such a sin that we cannot get forgiven for?
– Explain the former and the latter rain

Thursday 9-24-09
– How does Christ and David both reign on the throne in the Millennium Reign?
– Where in the Bible say that a woman is not to be a pastor?
– Can a woman teach, have authority, over the man?
– If a church has a woman pastor or deacon leadership, are they in sin?
– How do you explain the last trump in 1 Corinthians 15:52 when we have seven trumpets in book of Revelation?
– Why does the Holy Spirit move from east to west?
– Should I work on Sunday?

Thursday 10-1-09
– What happen to the people that died before Christ died on the cross? How about the Jews today?
– What and where is the great gulf in Luke 16:26?
– Where is purgatory?
– What the different between the marriage of the Lamb and the marriage supper of the Lamb?
– What is the baptism of fire in Luke 3:16?
– How do you know this fire is Hell in Luke 3:16?
– Who is the son of perdition in John 17:12?
– Can you explain the seven kings mention in Revelation 17:10?
– Does the Devil have a body stand before God at the great White Throne?
– Who is the woman in Revelation 17?
– How do you see the Devil down through history?

Thursday 10-8-09
– Do angels have souls?
– Is the Lake of Fire the final destination for the disobedient soul?
– Do real prophets still exist like the Old Testament?
– Is water baptism a part of salvation?
– Debate with Church of Christ members

Thursday 10-15-09
– Explaining the beliefs of the Church of Christ. How to respond to someone in the Church of Christ using history and manuscript evidence.

Thursday 10-22-09
– Why in Matthew 4 was Christ was tempted by those three certain things by the Devil?
– Zechariah 1:20 – who are the four carpenters?
– What is the outline of Zechariah?
– Why do people believe post millennium rather than pre millennium?
– How will the Rapture affect the rest of the world?
– What about the planet Wormwood coming to hit the Earth in 2012?

Thursday 10-29-09
– Psalm 91 – What does “clothed in sackcloth and ashes” mean?
– What is the definitive passage on fasting?
– Proverbs 31:1-9 – How do we understand the two different type of wines in the Bible?

Thursday 11-5-09
– Exodus 33:11 – Why did Joshua not follow Moses?
– What does the cedar tree a reference to in the Bible?
– Hebrews 5:8 – Why did Christ have to learned to be obedience by the things which he suffered?
– Why is the book of Numbers called the book of Numbers?
– Genesis 20:16 – What does the phrase “covering of the eyes” mean?
– At whet point did the Devil know that Jesus is the Messiah?
– Mark 14:51-52 – Who is this certain young man?

Thursday 11-12-09
– How can a Jew get all of God’s blessing during the church age?
– Are there any good Jews who are keeping all the OT commandments during the church age?
– How will the Jew recognize the Anti-Christ in the Tribulation Period?
– Ephesians 2:19 and 3:15 – Is the household and families the same?
– Explain the seven households of God
– Explain the two lines of manuscripts
– How did the early Christian know they have the right Bible?
– How did the English language change through history?

Thursday 11-19-09
– Why does it say the same thing in Songs of Solomon 2:7 and 3:5?
– John 21:15-17 – Why did Jesus ask Peter three times if he loved Him?
– Was Jonah swallowed by the whale?
– Matthew 8:22 -What does it mean “let the dead bury their dead”?
– Explain Matthew 9:15
– Why does 666 represent the anti-Christ?

Thursday 12-3-09
– 1 Samuel 1:12 – What does it mean when Eli marked her mouth?
– 1 Samuel 1:13 – Why does Eli think that Hannah is drunken?
– 1 Kings 17 -How is David the type of Christ and a type of Christian?
– Can science and/or philosophy and religion go together?

Thursday 12-10-09 (Church of Christ people are back from 10-8-09)
– According to the Church of Christ people, what were the church history from the prophet’s viewpoint about the Lord’s church?
– How was the Church of Christ being fulfillment in the New Testament?
– Where is the Church of Christ landmark that set your Church of Christ in the New Testament and forward to today?
– How do you say you are the true church when your church did not start until Alexander Campbell started?
– Where is the Church of Christ before that?
– Why would you, the Church of Christ, use the King James Bible to teach your doctrine since this Bible you use is preserved by our people down through history that you say are in hell?

Thursday 12-17-09
– Can things that happen in the Tribulation period that not in the Bible?
– John 14:2 – What does it mean that we get a mansion?
– Roman 9:29 – Why is Sodoma and Gomorrha mention here?
– How will the Tribulation Period be like to the Jews?
– Is David a High Priest like Jesus Christ?
– Revelation 12:3 – Who is the dragon a picture of which people group?
– Is there anyone in the Jewish people that are holding the line like us Christians are doing?
– What is the Dome of the Rock?
– What does the phrase “pisseth against the wall” mean in the Bible?


Thursday 1-3-08

Thursday 1-10-08
– 1 King 19:19 – is this the transfer of leadership between Elijah and Elisha?
– Was Jesus crucified in his hand or wrist?
– Did Adam have a second wife?
– Does God speak to people in dreams today?
– Does God speak in still small voice today?
– Why didn’t God kill David when he ate the shew bread?
– Why is the Devil called the serpent in Genesis 3 and not an angel of light?

Thursday 1-17-08
– Ephesians 5:22 – What is the body mystery?
– Why did Adam take the fruit and eat it instead of holding the line and keeping God’s words?
– Explain 1 Corinthians 13:9
– Is Judas one of the 12 apostles that will sit on the throne?

Thursday 1-24-08
– How does God who knows all, then does he already know who is saved?
– Joshua 1:1 Who is Nun?
– Job 41:12 – What is part, power, and comely proportion?
– Satan and his 7 garment changes

Thursday 1-31-08
– How does Paul writing to 7 churches line up with the 7 churches John writes to in Revelation?
– When was the Kingdom of Heaven officially lost?
– Matthew 17:24-27 – Why did Jesus pay the taxes with a fish?
– How did the Jew see the first coming and end up rejecting him?
– Matthew 23:14 – What is the greater damnation?
– Explain Matthew 25
– Matthew 17:28 – Who will see the Son of Man coming in His Kingdom? Luke 9:28
– 1 Peter 1:1 – Who are the strangers?

Thursday 2-7-08
– Is heaven and hell a real place?
– What does Matthew 4:15-16 mean?
– What is the Devil’s kingdom?
– Who gets in the Kingdom of Heaven?
– Psalm 78:54 – Where is this mountain?
– What are the “three taversn” in Acts 28:15?
– Who are the four black men in the New Testament?

Thursday 2-14-08
– Where is God when the Devil is loosed in Revelation 20:7?
– In John 20:22 did they receive the Holy Ghost here? What does remit and retain mean in verse 23?
– Who is the “it” in 1 Peter 1:11?
– Define Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost
– What is the doctrine of propitiation?

Thursday 2-28-08
– What are the 48 prophecies that came true at the First Coming of Christ?
– Who is Sisera in Judges 4:13?
– What is the iron and clay in Daniel 2?

Thursday 3-6-08
– In Genesis 1:1, is this where all the created being, for example angels, cherub?
– Explain the Genesis 1:2 to 1:11.
– Isa 53:10, what does this mean?
– In Roman 1:14, is being in debt against God’s plan?
– In Proverbs 30:4 whom are these questions ask to?
– The seven covenants that God made with man listed.
– Genesis 9:25-27 explain.

Thursday 3-13-08
– Please explain Peter’s question and Jesus’s answer in Matthew 19:27-28.
– ”Regeneration” in Matthew 19:28 explain.
– Archbishop Usher timeline explain.
– 2 Peter 3:8 vs Genesis chapter one seven days of creation.
– Matthew 17:1 and Luke 9:28 compare.

Thursday 3-20-08
– In Acts 17:26-27 and Deuteronomy 32:7-8, explain the bounds.
– What does it mean earth divided in Genesis 10:28?
– Please explain Psalm 147:16, hoarfrost.
– Matthew 12:54 who are the seven other spirits?
– Proverbs 6:12-19 explain.
– Why we know there is a gap in Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.
– Please explain Isaiah 24:1.
– God have a plan for earth, Isaiah 45:18.
– Is the Devil focusing on us to mess up our life?
– How did God reach the people in early Americas before the white man came?

Thursday 3-27-08
– Please explain the different between a saved person and an unsaved person.
– Body, soul, and spirit explain.
– How can I become a strong Christian?
– How did Satan not mess up God’s plan by killing Abel?

Thursday 4-3-08
– How many Jews came out of Egypt?
– How did God build the bible?
– Can animals love us?
– Where do animal’s spirit goes when they die?
– What does John 20:22 mean he breathe on them and they receiving the Holy Ghost?
– What does 1 Chronicles 4:10 story mean?
– Why is Lucifer walking up and down instead of to and fro in Ezekiel 28:14?

Thursday 4-10-08
– In Revelation 21 what will keep the sin issue happening again?
– Did Jonathan and David have a gay relationship?
– What does the word “meet” mean in Genesis 2:18?
– What are the 7 pillars in Proverbs 9:1?
– Why do we suffer so much?

Thursday 4-17-08
– What are the 3 main character of suicide?
– The 7 suicide in the Bible listed.
– If a Christian committed suicide, is that person a poor Christian?
– Can a Christian still go to heaven if they committed suicide?
– When should we apply the Biblical principles in our life?
– How did Solomon change from the type of Christ to the Anti- Christ?
– What does Luke 20:25 mean?

Thursday 4-24-08
– When the American government get involve in the wars against the communist in the Middle East, how did it affect the world?
– Why did President Kennedy pulled out of the Bay of the Pigs?
– How did the Roman Catholic Church and Hitler work together?
– In 2 Samuel 11:6-27, what does this story between King David and Uriah mean?

Thursday 5-1-08
– What the timeline from Genesis 4:1 to verse 17?
– How do we know that the wine in John chapter 2 is grape juice?
– Can a Christian drink alcohol?  What does John 15:1-6 mean?
– When God took the Kingdom of Heaven away, can the individual Jews still get the blessing from God by loving Him and following the Laws?
– Why did Jesus tell this person not to tell anyone about the healing in Mark 7:36?

Thursday 5-8-08
– What is the Septuagint or the LXX?
– Who are the lost tribes of Israel?
– Where is the Ark of the Covenant?
– Explain Psalm 37
– Explain the Green Bay Tree

Thursday 5-15-08
– Is there life in outer space and are UFO’s real?

Thursday 5-22-08
– Explain Genesis 22:1-13
– How will the anti-christ and the Sons of God show up?
– Who are the 10 nations allied with the Roman Catholic Church in the tribulation period in Daniel 11?
– How will people that claim to follow or believe in Jesus but not get truly saved, not see who the anti-christ is after the rapture happens?
– Can a person truly be saved and walk away from the faith and still be saved?
– When we want to do what is right, will God reject me because of my past?
– Matthew 7:17-20 – Can we know if someone is a Christian by looking at their fruits?

Thursday 5-29-08
– In the 1 Samuel 3:1 what is an open vision?
– What characteristics does Samuel have that every Christian should have?
– What does Shiloh mean?
– How does the widows fall under the care of the church?
– Who is the small and great in Revelation 20:12? If salvation is by grace, why are the people’s works being judged?
– Are there different levels to hell?

Thursday 6-5-08
– What are ten questions you ask a pastor or yourself as a Christian to find out if they know the Bible?
– How did the Jews view the afterlife?
– Who is Judas in Matthew 1:2?
– Explain the three people groups
– How does a Gentile get into eternity after the 2nd Coming of Christ?

Thursday 6-12-08
– What are the one stone and seven eyes in Zechariah 3:9?
– What happens when the Nation of Israel reject God, His words and the Holy Spirit?
– Why are there 13 parables in Matthew?
– Will we as Christians know who the antichrist is before the rapture takes place?
– Is the antichrist alive today?

Thursday 6-19-08 
– Who is the son of perdition?
– How will the antichrist come to the world and show himself as Christ?
– Where did Judas go in Acts 1:25?
– Did Jesus know Judas was a devil?
– How did Judas come to be born as half man and half devil?
– Is cloning in the Bible?

Thursday 6-26-08
– Why are we called “Christians”?
– How is Noah a type of Israel?
– How can we as Christians support the Nation of Israel since they hate us?
– Will the United States go against the Nation of Israel?
– What is God’s stand on the Middle East nations?

Thursday 7-3-08
– What is the time length of the Gap in Genesis 1:1 and 1:2?
– Explain the parable in Matthew 22:1-14
– Where does the lake of fire come from?
– Is there a barrier between Heaven and Hell?
– How do we get the complete picture of Christ going through hell on the cross?
– Where does the Christian fit in the Great White Throne?
– How do you explain Eternal security to someone that doesn’t understand it?
– What are the two immutable things God cannot do in Hebrews 6:18?

Thursday 7-10-08
– What does the phase” Fear of the Lord” mean in Proverbs 2:5?
– Where did the term” Jews” come from?
– What the different between the salvation of the Old Testament and the New Testament?
– During the Tribulation Period, who left to share the Words of God?
– Why did the Muslim and Roman Catholic Church fight for Jerusalem throughout history?
– Where are the three raptures in the Bible?
– When the Old Testament saints did arose to Heaven?
– How did Mary know it was Jesus in John 20:16?

Thursday 7-17-08
– Did Thomas have a twin brother named Didymus?
– Is Song of Solomon 4:2 referring to the Judgement Seat of Christ?
– Explain the parable in Matthew 21:33-40
– Who gets the Kingdom of God in Matthew 21:43?
– Can you clarify some of the Doctrines of Salvation?
– What are the seven garments changes that the Devil does?
– Explain Matthew 13:33

Thursday 7-24-08
– Is Adino in 2 Samuel 23:8 the same as the person as in 1 Chronicles 11:11?
– Who are the saints that come out of the grave in Matthew 27:52?
– Where does the Tribulation Saints go when they died during the Tribulation Period?
– Why is Abraham’s bosom being used again in the Millennium?
– What does the Bible say about capital punishment?
– How can Matthew write about something that it is clear that he was not present at the event?

Thursday 7-31-08
– What does Jesus mean with what he said in John 2:4?
– Explain Song of Solomon 4:9
– What did the Devil miss in the Bible?

Thursday 8-7-08
– How did Nebuchadnezzar know the fourth person in the furnace was the Son of God in Daniel 3:25?
– Why is God a Trinity?
– What are the roles of cherubims, seraphims, angels, and archangels?
– Why does the cherubim have four faces?
– What was Lucifer role before the fall?

Thursday 8-14-08
– What the difference between the temple in the Old Testament and the New Testament?
– In the Old Testament, what does God look at from the people of Israel, the action or the heart?
– How does someone in the Old Testament get the sure mercies of David?
– Are the wheel in Ezekiel chapter 1 and 10 UFOs?
– In Judges 3:15, what the big deal that Ehud is left-handed?

Thursday 8-21-08
– What are the 3 types of spiritual gifts?

Thursday 8-28-08
– Why is Uncircumcision and Circumcision capitalized in Ephesians 2:11?
– What are the meanings of each name for God, like LORD, Lord, Jesus Christ, and Christ Jesus?
– If we do not know the correct name in our prayer, are we doing our prayer wrong?

Thursday 9-4-08
– Who is being blessed and cursed in Genesis 12:3?
– How does one be anointed with oil as in James 5:14?
– What is the cloven tongue in Acts 2:3?
– Who are the “all that are afar off” in Acts 2:39?

Thursday 9-11-08
– When Christ died, did He go directly to Heaven?
– What are the mysteries mention in 1 Corinthians 4:1?
– How did Abraham know he was talking with God?
– How you know what the angels look like?
– Why did Noah take the animals by 2 instead of by 7?

Thursday 9-18-08
– How is Jerusalem the mother of all in Galatians 4:26?
– Explain “Peace of God” vs “Peace with God”
– Why are Noah, Daniel, and Job mentioned in Ezekiel 14:14?
– Explain Matthew 4:12-16

Thursday 9-25-08
– Why Jesus did raise the 3 people in the gospels?
– Why did God write the Bible for us?
– Did God know His Son was going to die?
– Proverbs 3:12-18 – Why is the tree of life mentioned here?
– Who is Mark in 2 Timothy 4:11?

Thursday 10-2-08
– How far can you take the Greek and Hebrew in understanding the Bible?
– How is the Bible translated into other languages from the King James Bible in English?
– Romans 5:12 and 5:19 – Explain the words “all” and “many” in these verses
– Can a 4 or 5 year old be saved?
– Why do I grow so much in this church but did not grow in the past churches I have been to?

Thursday 10-9-08
– Are the current events that happening in the world today part of God‘s plan?
– Explain the 3 types of death in the Bible
– How do I deal with sin issues as a Christian?
– How do I deal with people who are angry at me at no fault of my own?
– Explain 2 Timothy 3:16
– Are the 12 stones in the priest’s breastplate in Exodus the same as the 12 stones in the foundation of New Jerusalem?
– Who will be the next Prime Minister of Israel?
– How do we know that the Anti-Christ is alive today?

Thursday 10-16-08
– 1 Corinthians 14:34 – Should a woman not speak in church?
– How can I be valuable to God in the ministry?
– Ezekiel 3:15-19 – Are we going to have the blood of the unsaved on our hands if we do not preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ?
– How is Melchizedek a priest of the most high God in Genesis 14:18?

Thursday 10-23-08
– How did Halloween start in history?
– What does “kick against the pricks” mean in Acts 9:5?
– Explain Isaiah 14
– Does anyone remember their life while in Hell?

Thursday 10-30-08
– How can I balance my life with the world’s music and being in God’s words and His ministry?
– What do you think about modern Christian music?
– Was Abel saved by the blood?
– Matthew 1 – Why are the names here spelled different than in the Old Testament?
– What does the 14th generation in Matthew 1:17 mean?

Thursday 11-6-08
– What fruit did Adam eat?
– What are the seven trees in the garden?
– What does the fig tree picture in Song of Solomon 2:13?
– Can you breakdown Song of Solomon 2?

Thursday 11-13-08
– Who are Gog and Magog in Revelation 20:8?
– What does Isaiah 42:8-9 mean?

Thursday 11-20-08
– How do you build your relationship with God?
– How do we understand the price Christ paid for me?

Thursday 12-4-08
– In Proverbs 26:25, are these seven abominations found in Proverbs 6:16-19?
– Why are the two staves named Beauty and Bands in Zechariah 11:7?
– What is the different between hate and abomination?
– Explain Proverbs 7
– Does everyone get a glorified body?
– In eternity, what will the people will look like?

Thursday 12-11-08 (The recording got mixed around, the beginning actually starts 25 minutes, 30 seconds in. So start listening at 25:30 and then go back to the beginning to get the last part.)
– In the OT why is allow for a man to have more than one wife?
– Why can’t the woman have more than one husband?
– In Romans 7:23, what are my members?
– What are the 19 rules of marriage, divorce, and remarriage in 1 Corinthians 7?

Thursday 12-18-08
– Explain Acts 19:1-7?
– Compare Joel 2:32 with Romans 10:13
– What is the difference between the terrible day of the Lord in Joel 2:31 and notable day of the Lord in Acts 2:20?
– In Acts 7:45, why is the name Jesus mention in here?
– In Revelation 13:1, who are the ten horns and the seven heads?


Thursday 1-4-07
– 1 Corinthians 4:20 Kingdom of God vs Kingdom of Heaven?
– Job 24:24 explain?
– Genesis 1:26 did the Jews have a concept of the trinity?
– Numbers 3:40-43 what’s the significance?
– How did they decide how much money people were sold for?
– John 16:25 what does he mean “spoken unto you in proverbs”?
– Proverb vs. a parable?

Thursday 1-11-07
– What does the phrase “complete in him” mean?
– What is the book of Romans about?
– Isaiah 14:13 who is this verse referring to?
– What are the stars of God?
– Do animals go to heaven?
– Matthew 27:3 what does it mean that Judas repented himself?
– Can you get saved before the age of accountability?

Thursday 1-18-07
– What are the 3 ways in the Bible to study church history?
– How does God view sin and sinners?

Thursday 1-25-07
– Proverbs 15:27 what is inspirational application?
– What is the law of attraction?
– What does it mean that he has doves eyes in Song of Solomon?
– Genesis 8 why is the Holy Spirit a dove?
– What does Noah’s ark represent?
– What do Enoch and Methuselah represent?

Thursday 2-1-07
– What is a millennial inheritance?
– Explain the 5 crowns at the Judgement seat of Christ?

Thursday 2-8-07
– What’s going to happen to our bodies when the rapture happens?
– Is sin brought up to the judgement seat of Christ?
– 1 Thessalonians 4:13?
– Acts 7:55 why is Jesus standing?
– Was Job a jew or gentile?
– Judges 13?

Thursday 2-15-07
– Matthew 24:39 is the one taken to judgement?
– Mark 16:15?
– Was there hell before satan fell?
– Does the antichrist know he’s the antichrist?
– Did Christ’s sweat/tears turn into actual literal blood?
– What does it mean that Jesus was in agony in the garden?
– What is the purpose of prayer?

Thursday 2-22-07
– Revelation 14:2, 17:1, 17:5 what is the water?
– Why does it say “Lord’s Christ”?
– Leviticus 14:24-25 why does he do this with the lamb?
– Deuteronomy 2?
– Revelation 19:4 who are the 24 elders?
– Who are the 4 beasts?
– What is a dispensation?

Thursday 3-1-07
– Judges 14 where’d he get his strength from in his hair?
– If Samson broke his vow how did he get/keep his strength?
– How do you witness to someone who’s been burned by religion?
– Did Christ drink wine or turn water into fermented wine in John?

Thursday 3-8-07
– What is Good Friday and Ash Wednesday?
– Why did Jesus wait 3 days before resurrecting himself?
– What does the “Jesus fish” today represent?

Thursday 3-15-07
– Do angels have souls?
– who will be in the millennium?
– When people die in eternity, where do they go?

Thursday 3-22-07
– Revelation 2:7?
– Luke 23:24-25 will Pilot be accountable for crucifying Jesus?
– What is God trying to teach us when we lose loved ones?

Thursday 3-29-07
– Why do churches primarily use drums and organs and their services?
– 1 Corinthians 13:8 what is charity?
– 1 Kings 7?
– Joshua 5:13?

Thursday 4-5-07

Thursday 4-12-07
– Who are the 144,000 in the tribulation?
– Are they successful in their efforts?
– Do they go around the world or stay in one location?
– After Jesus died, were his bones left behind?
– Are there more than 4 gospels?
– Colossians 3:16 psalms vs hymns vs spiritual songs?
– Ezekiel 39:8-11 what 7 years are these?
– What does it mean in 2 Peter 3 that the earth will get renovated by fire?

Thursday 4-19-07

Thursday 4-26-07
– Is there such thing as unpardonable sin?
– How does God view someone out of fellowship for a long time?
– Nahum 1:8 what is the overwhelming flood?
– Genesis 9:11?
– Joshua 17:13 paying tribute?
– where in the Bible does it say our atmosphere changed?
– Revelation 6:8 what is the 4th part of the earth?

Thursday 5-3-07
– Revelation 8:11 – why is wormwood capitalized here and no where else?
– Revelation 10 what is the “little book”?
– Acts 19?
– Jeremiah 51:29?
– Matthew 11:7?
– Ezekiel 4:12?
– 1 Samuel 17:14 why 5 stones?

Thursday 5-10-07

Thursday 5-17-07
– What are the 12 mysteries to the Nation of Israel?
– What’s the difference between hell and the bottomless pit?
– Why is Moses called a “bloody man”?
– Exodus 28:31 is this a picture of the universe?

Thursday 5-24-07

Thursday 5-31-07

Thursday 6-7-07
– What is the “operation made without hands” Colossians 2?
– 1 Corinthians 11:6 explain?
– When did people stop speaking in tongues?
– How do you witness to a homosexual?

Thursday 6-14-07
– history of the Baptists?

Thursday 6-21-07
– What are the 12 boundaries of earth… Do they line up to the 12 tribes?
– Explain the 2 lines of Bibles?
– Why did the pilgrims come to the US?
– What does the Church do in the Ages of Ages?

Thursday 6-28-07

Thursday 7-5-07
– What are precepts, statutes, laws, commandments, judgements, testimonies, and ordinances?
– Job 26 how do you know these are the questions asked at Judgement Seat of Christ?
– Is the sun the largest star in our solar system?

Thursday 7-12-07
– Ezekiel 28:13 is this a reference to the first garden of Eden?

Thursday 7-19-07
– Joshua 8:3 what is a mighty man of valour?
– 1 John 5:1?
– Daniel 1:2?
– What are the “sins of our fathers”?
– Proverbs 24:16?

Thursday 7-26-07

Thursday 8-2-07

Thursday 8-9-07

Thursday 8-16-07

Thursday 8-30-07

Thursday 9-6-07

Thursday 9-13-07

Thursday 9-20-07

Thursday 9-27-07

Thursday 10-4-07

Thursday 10-11-07

Thursday 10-25-07

Thursday 11-1-07

Thursday 11-8-07

Thursday 11-15-07

Thursday 11-29-07

Thursday 12-6-07

Thursday 12-13-07

Thursday 12-20-07

Thursday 12-27-07


Thursday 1-5-06
– Luke 1 – Explain the chapter and what is taking place?
– Explain how and why the Nation of Israel split north and south?
– What’s the difference between an NIV and KJV?
– Genesis 6:2 – who are the sons of God?

Thursday 1-12-06
– Did the apostle Peter go to heaven?
– Is this the same Peter that wrote 1 and 2 Peter?
– What are the 7 deadly sins?
– What are the 7 seals in Revelation 6?
– Can saved people become demon-possessed?

Thursday 1-19-06
– Mark 3/Matthew 12:31 explain this verse?
– Isaiah 20:2 was Isaiah really naked?
– Why did God tell him to do this?
– What does handling the Word of God deceitfully mean?
– Is there such a thing as an untimely death?
– Matthew 25:1-10 explain the parable of the 10 virgins?
– Who makes up the household of God?
– What is the outline of Song of Solomon?

Thursday 1-26-06
– Phillippians 1:15 what does it mean to “preach Christ of contention”?
– Revelation 12:2 who is the woman and child?
– Was King James a homosexual?
– 2 Corinthians 6:18 why does he say daughter?
– Genesis 4:25?
– What is a proselyte Jew?
– What kind of Jew was Jesus?
– How do you witness to a Jew?
– Mark 10:14-15 what is someone doesn’t have child-like faith?
– 2 Corinthians 9:7-8 does God like it when we give our money to charities, or just the local church?

Thursday 2-2-06

Thursday 2-9-06
– Acts 10:1-17 explain this passage?
– Genesis 4 – Why did he name a city Enoch and then name his son Enoch?
– Galatians 5:22-23 why isn’t fruit plural?
– Revelation 13:1 what do the 7 heads represent?
– Do the nations in Revelation 13 line up to Psalm 83?
– What does the Bible say about murder?

Thursday 2-16-06

Thursday 2-23-06
– Zechariah 4:11 who are the 2 olive trees?
– Exodus 20:26 explain?
– What does the Bible say about drinking alcohol?
– Did Jesus drink wine?

Thursday 3-2-06
– Revelation 22:2 what is the purpose of the tree of life?
– Why are there 12 types of fruit on the tree of life?
– Will people who are born in eternity be allowed to make a choice of whether to stay with God or not?
– At what point will someone eat of the tree of life?
– Is there a difference between the leaves and fruit on the tree of life?

Thursday 3-9-06
– Matthew 3 – is this baptism different than a Christian’s baptism?
– Hebrews 9:19 why did Moses sprinkle the book?
– Explain Hebrews 11 inspirationally?
– Is there a difference between turtle dove and turtle?
– Did Adam and Eve go to heaven?
– John 6:48-50 explain?
– Why did the sacrificial animal have to be without blemish?
– Where are the OT saints right now?
– Exodus 3:2 why does God appear to Moses as a burning bush?

Thursday 3-16-06
– Explain how healing and miracles apply to church age?
– Are the 10 nations in Daniel all gentile nations?
– What question will be asked at the Judgement seat of Christ?

Thursday 3-23-06
– Does at least one parent have to be saved for a child to go to heaven?
– If you don’t obey your parents will you still go to heaven?
– When is a marriage recognized by God?

Thursday 3-30-06
– John 20:17 – where does Jesus go after he died?
– Matthew 28:2 which heaven is this?
– explain the body, soul, and spirit?
– what happens to our spirit when we die?
– 1 John 5:7-9 explain?
– 1 John 5:17 what is the “sin not unto death”?

Thursday 4-6-06

Thursday 4-13-06
– Explain Revelation 17:5 Mystery Babylon the Great?
– What do you say to someone who wants to use a non-King James Bible?
– what day of the week was Jesus crucified on?

Thursday 4-20-06
– Genesis 38 – Explain this story about Judah and Tamar?
– Acts 2:31 – why does NKJV say Hades and not hell?
– Proverbs 24:16 who is the “just man”?
– what does it mean to dress and keep a perfect garden?
– How do you explain to someone that the Bible is inspired by God?
– Genesis 8:7 why doesn’t the raven return?

Thursday 4-27-06
– Can the Devil read your mind?
– How many times is the Devil kicked out of heaven?
– If you doubt your salvation, does that mean you’re not saved?
– Genesis 4:15 – what is the mark set upon Cain?
– Matthew 27:5 vs Acts 1 – if Judas hung himself how did his bowels gush out?
– Matthew 26:50 is there any significance to Judas kissing Jesus?
– Does the Bible say what kind of tree Christ was crucified on?

Thursday 5-4-06
– Romans 2:11 what does it mean that God is no respector of persons?
– Exodus 32 How can the Lord do evil and not be evil?
– Is Job treating his wife properly according to OT standards?
– Why did God allow multiple wives in OT?
– Genesis 5 why isn’t Abel in the line?

Thursday 5-11-06
– Matthew 19:12 what is a eunuch?
– Isaiah 61:10 what are the ornaments and jewels?
– Explain how Noah’s Ark is a picture of the universe?
– Exodus 2 is the basket Moses put in a type of the universe?
– What is gopher wood?
– 2 Samuel 9 Explain the inspiration aspect of this story

Thursday 5-18-06

Thursday 5-25-06
– The Davinci Code

Thursday 6-1-06

Thursday 6-8-06
– Genesis 1:6 is the firmament a type of the cross?
– Exodus 29:5 is this the breastplate of righteousness in Ephesians 6?
– Isaiah 2 what did Mt Zion mean to Isaiah?
– What is Scientology?
– What are the 7 great awakenings?
– What are the 7 american cults?
– How does God communicate the gospel to people living in remote areas?
– Are works needed for salvation?

Thursday 6-15-06

Thursday 6-22-06

Thursday 6-29-06

Thursday 7-6-06

Thursday 7-13-06

Thursday 7-20-06

Thursday 7-27-06

Thursday 8-3-06

Thursday 8-10-06

Thursday 8-17-06
– Why do Catholics call their priests “father”?
– What is the definition of a cult?
– Explain the Kingdom of Heaven?
– Explain where and what hell is?
– what happens to hell after the earth is renovated by fire?
– Who are the angels that kept not their first estate?
– If angels don’t have bodies, what part of them burns in the Lake of Fire?
– Why is the Melchizadec priesthood superior to the Levitical priesthood?

Thursday 8-24-06

Thursday 8-31-06
– What is the earliest english translation?
– Leviticus 2 what is the significance to all the different sacrifices?
– 1 Corinthians 16:22 what does Anathem and Maranatha mean?
– 1 Corinthians 11:14 explain?
– Why do people say Peter is standing at the gates of heaven?

Thursday 9-14-06
– Ecclesiastes 5:3?
– Song of Solomon 8:8?
– Song of Solomon 8:1?
– Is there a covenant given to the church?
– Song of Solomon 8:12?
– Ecclesiastes 7:6?

Thursday 9-21-06
– Ezekiel 24:3?
– Proverbs 20:10 what does “divers” mean?
– Are the Jews still looking for a messiah?
– Deuteronomy 28:55?

Thursday 9-28-06

Thursday 10-5-06
– Are guardian angels real?
– What is an archangel?
– Is Hagar a type of the church?
– Is there any truth to astrology and every zodiac sign characteristic true for ever person born under certain “signs”?
– What does it mean in Ecclesiastes that there’s “no new thing under the sun”?
– How does the Kingdom of Heaven and Kingdom of God fit into the new heavens, new earth and new Jerusalem?

Thursday 10-12-06
– Why should we fast?
– What is rama-don?
– What does the Bible say about abortion and when life begins?

Thursday 10-19-06
– Is there a difference between a KJV and an NIV Bible?

Thursday 10-26-06
– What does the Bible say about atomic structure?

Thursday 11-2-06
– 1 Samuel 25:18 Is there any significance to Abigail preparing these items?
– Is there such a thing as sinning in ignorance?
– Matthew 16:9-12 explain?
– Goliath’s brothers also being his sons?

Thursday 11-9-06
– Why did the Devil go after Job?
– Does the Devil target certain people to attack?
– At what point do you know God saved you?
– What do you have to know in order to get saved?
– If you’re possessed by a demon how do you get rid of it?
– Why do you always hear of Catholics performing exocisms?
– Can saved people be demon possessed?

Thursday 11-30-06

Thursday 12-7-06

Thursday 12-14-06

Thursday 12-21-06
– Daniel 2:2/4:6-7/5:11 magicians references – are they the same as the magi in Matthew 2?
– Revelation 3:14 church of the Laodiceans why is it phrased that way?
– Revelation 2:13 is Antipas going to come back in the tribulation?
– What day was Jesus born on?

Thursday 12-28-06
– Acts 1:10-11 who are the 2 men and why are the in white apparel?
– Revelation 20:11 what is the book?


Thursday 1-6-05
– Matthew 13:52 – what is this treasure?
– Explain Matthew 15:7-9
– Job 38:33 – what are the “ordinances of heaven”?
– Song of Solomon 2:14 – what does it mean when it says he is looking out of the lattice of heaven?
– Explain the unholy trinity in Revelation 13

Thursday 1-13-05
– Explain Genesis 30:1-6
– What is creationism?
– Psalm 32 – is this talking about the former and latter rain?
– Psalm 56 vs Job 38:37
– Explain Song of Solomon 1:6

Thursday 1-20-05
– Micah 2:16 – what are the statues of Omar?
– Matthew 25:14 – explain the parable of the talents
– Does the remnant in Zephaniah deal with the Nation of Israel?
– Zephaniah 3:4 – is this a reference to Rome?
– 2 Corinthians 5 – what is the Judgment Seat of Christ?

Thursday 1-27-05
– 1 Peter 1:2 – who is this book written to?
– Explain Isaiah 40:6-7
– Mark 7:1 – why did the pharisees get upset when the disciples didn’t wash their hands?
– Explain Ezekiel 34:1-10
– How do you know when it is the right time to win someone to Christ?

Thursday 2-3-05
– Explain Zechariah 11:7 with “Beauty” and “Bands”
– Explain the “flying roll” in Zechariah 5
– Explain the “day of small things” in Zechariah 4:10
– Explain 2 Samuel 9

Thursday 2-10-05
– What did Satan look like when he came to Eve in Genesis 3?
– Explain Isaiah 27
– Explain Job 38:37
– Explain Revelation 2:13 about “where Satan’s seat is” and “where Satan dwelleth”
– Can Satan physically kill you himself?
– Why do people think that bad things that happen in their life is God’s punishment?
– Does the Bible say anything about hallucinations?

Thursday 2-17-05
– Explain the 7 Laws of the Bible
– Genesis 35:16-19 – where does her soul depart to? How did the people with her know her soul was departing?
– Does your spirit go to the same place as your soul?
– Luke 16 – is the rich man talking to the Abraham of the Old Testament?
– Where is Abraham’s Bosom located?
– Explain Psalm 16:10/Acts 2:27

Thursday 2-24-05
– What makes the moon look red?
– How do you know which are the good and bad tribes of the Nation of Israel?
– Is there such a thing as “backsliding” in your relationship with God?
– If you are in a backsliding condition, will you get to come back with Christ at the 2nd Coming?
– Since we all come from Adam and Even, what does that make us to other people?
– Why do men say there are contradictions in the Bible?

Thursday 3-3-05
– Explain how prayer and fasting works
– Explain why Jesus fasted
– Explain Job 33:14

Thursday 3-10-05
– Genesis 37:9 – what are the stars and why are there only 11?
– Explain the meaning of numbers in the Bible (Bible numerology)
– Explain Isaiah 59:4-5
– Explain Ecclesiastes 7:26
– 1 Timothy 6:10 – what does it mean when it says “money is the root of all evil”?

Thursday 3-17-05
– 1 Timothy 6 – what is “science falsely so called”?
– What are the prophetical verses about Jesus Christ in the Old Testament?
– Explain the concept of tongues in the Bible

Thursday 3-24-05
– Explain Song of Solomon 8:8-12
– Explain the parable of the vineyard in Matthew 21
– Revelation 22:9 – who are these prophets?
– Who are the 200 that keep the fruit in Song of Solomon 8:12?
– 1 Kings 6 vs Acts 13

Thursday 3-31-05

Thursday 4-7-05

Thursday 4-14-05
– Making your reference Bible part 1

Thursday 4-21-05

Thursday 4-28-05

Thursday 5-5-05

Thursday 5-12-05

Thursday 5-19-05

Thursday 5-26-05

Thursday 6-2-05

Thursday 6-9-05

Thursday 6-16-05

Thursday 6-23-05

Thursday 6-30-05

Thursday 7-7-05

Thursday 7-14-05

Thursday 7-28-05

Thursday 8-4-05

Thursday 8-11-05

Thursday 8-18-05
– Joshua 1 vs. Deuteronomy 31:6 vs. Joshua 10:25 – “be of a good courage” vs. “be of good courage”?
– Matthew 4 – how did the angels minister unto Jesus?
– Explain 1 Corinthians 11:10 with women and short hair
– Explain Acts 10:45-46 with tongues
– Explain Acts 10:16 and the significance of the 3 times
– Jude 1:23 – is this Jesus’ garment at the 2nd coming when it is covered with blood?

Thursday 8-25-05
– Explain Judges 3:15 and the left handed man
– Explain the way, doctrine, and error of Baalim

Thursday 9-1-05
– How do you explain the loss of a child to someone who wants to blame God for it?
– Will all animals get along together in the Millennium and eternity?
– James 1:27 – is he separating God and the Father in this verse?
– Matthew 16:23 – why is Jesus calling Peter Satan?
– How old was Peter when he walked with Jesus?
– Explain Matthew 15:6

Thursday 9-15-05
– How should a Christian view persecution in their life?
– What is the difference between Bible principles and Bible promises?
– Explain 1 Peter 3:12
– The Bible vs. the theory of evolution

Thursday 9-22-05
– What is conviction, and why is the word not found in the Bible?
– What is affliction?
– What is chastening?
– Explain John 8:9
– Do spiritual bodies have gender?
– What kind of bodies will people have in the Millennium who don’t bare the shame and reproach right now?

Thursday 9-29-05
– John 3:25 – was baptism in the Old Testament for a purification/physical cleansing?
– Jeremiah 31:30 – what does it mean “every man that eateth the sour grape”?
– How do you do a character study from the Bible?
– What are the 4 types of spirits in the Bible?
– Characters studies on Peter and Moses

Thursday 10-6-05
– Explain Revelation 8:1 and the “silence in heaven”
– Explain Revelation 8:7-12 and the repetition of one-third
– Is the whore in Revelation 17 connected to the Roman Catholic Church?
– Will the anti-christ be connected to the Roman Catholic Church, or possibly be the Pope himself?
– How would you approach a Roman Catholic regarding salvation?
– Should we take our Bible doctrine, as New Testament Christians from the Gospel of John?
– Explain the old nature vs. the new nature
– What is the spirit of man?

Thursday 10-13-05

Thursday 10-20-05
– What happens between the time someone dies and when they get to hell?

Thursday 10-27-05
– How do you deal with cults?
– Is it ok to dance if you are a Christian?
– Did God preserve his Word for us?
– 1 Corinthians 11:29 – what kind of damnation is this?
– Is there such a thing as a haunted house?

Thursday 11-3-05
– Who are the two witnesses in Revelation 11:3?
– What happens to our bodies after the rapture?
– Where are demons right now?
– Where is the Lake of Fire?
– Is there going to be a new Lake of Fire after the earth is renovated by fire?
– Revelation 4:4 who are the 24 elders?
– Revelation 4:7-8 who are these beasts?
– Revelation 6:2 – who is this riding the white horse?
– What do the horses represent?

Thursday 11-10-05
– Explain the concept of a “baby dedication”
– Why do you believe in God?
– Explain the 3 parts of the rapture?
– Matthew 27:52 – why does this happen with this rapture but no the others?
– Are there 3 different baptisms with water in Acts?
– Is there such a thing as a Jewish Christian?

Thursday 11-17-05
– What fruit did Eve eat?
– Explain why the genealogy of Jesus in Luke goes through Mary and not Joseph
– Where did we get the phrase “an apple a day” if Eve at a grape?
– What does the blood and water in John 19:34 represent?
– Genesis 6 – how did people view what Noah was doing?
– If everyone is following the same Bible, how do people come to believe different things?

Thursday 12-1-05

Thursday 12-8-05
– Explain where “non-denominational” churches come from
– Explain Matthew 17:24-27
– 1 John 5:17 – what is a “sin not unto death”?
– Why did God only mention destroying Sodom and Gomorrah when he destroyed other cities at the same time?
– Explain the differences between the birth of Jesus in Matthew and Luke
– What is speaking in tongues?

Thursday 12-15-05
– Hebrews 11 – why aren’t there Old Testament people’s bad deeds mentioned here?
– Is there a difference between “by faith” and “through faith”?
– Explain Isaiah 14:13 and the 5 “I will”s
– Job 38 – who are the morning stars?
– Psalm 119:11 – explain what this verse is saying about “hiding the Word of God” and “might not sin”

Thursday 12-22-05
– Explain how we know that Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th
– Why don’t Christians celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles?


Thursday 1-8-04

Thursday 1-15-04
– Where did dinosaurs come from?
– Explain Isaiah 41:12

Thursday 1-22-04
– Explain the armor of God in Ephesians 6
– Numbers 3:10 – “stranger that cometh night” is this a reference to Christ being crucified?
– Explain 1 Peter 4:12

Thursday 1-29-04
– Is the baptism of John the same as our baptism?
– What is Lazarus a picture of? Why does the Bible say Jesus loved Lazarus?
– What is the best way to learn and understand the Bible?

Thursday 2-12-04
– What are your thoughts on the movie “Passion of Christ”?

Thursday 2-19-04
– Is it ok to divorce someone if they refuse to get saved?
– What does it mean to remain unmarried in 1 Corinthians 7:11?
– What about someone who tries to justify their divorce by saying God didn’t want me to marry this person in the first place?
– What about a spouse who is mentally abused?
– 1 Corinthians 3:13 – what is the “work” in this verse?
– Deuteronomy 19-20 – explain what the trees represent
– Do we have to obey our government and go against what the Bible says?

Thursday 2-26-04
– Luke 23:12 – why were Pilate and Herod able to become friends?
– What does it mean when Pilate “washed his hands”? Is this event a picture of the tribulation?
– What happens in the Millennium?
– Will Christ be in a physical body during the Millennium?
– How do people get saved if there is no more church?

Thursday 3-11-04
– 1 Corinthians 7:14 – what does it mean that God sanctifies their marriage?
– Explain Philippians 1:28
– Hosea 2:14 – is this Christ in the tribulation revealing himself to the Nation of Israel?

Thursday 3-18-04 
– Discussion on Passion of Christ movie part 1

Thursday 3-25-04
– Discussion on Passion of Christ movie part 2

Thursday 4-1-04
– Judges 14:8 – explain the story about Sampson and the honey from the lion’s mouth
– Explain Matthew 14:25 and the 4 watches

Thursday 4-8-04
– Explain when they Bible says how Jesus marvelled at something
– Where did the idea of “good friday” come from?

Thursday 4-15-04
– Will the Devil allow a movie to be made that reveals who he is?
– Explain Isaiah 14:12
– Who is the “bright and morning star” in Revelation 22:16?
– Explain Ezekiel 1 and the four-faced creatures

Thursday 4-22-04
– Leviticus 24:7 – what does the frankincense represent?
– 1 Kings 6 – what does the temple that Solomon built represent?
– 1 Kings 6:7 – why did they make the stores outside the city?

Thursday 4-29-04
– How fast does light travel?
– How will we be able to tell who people are in heaven?
– How can God have fellowship with us if we still sin?
– Exodus 23:20 – would you equate this angel to the Holy Spirit?

Thursday 5-6-04
– What is a Christian’s role in the Millennium?
– Explain 2 Corinthians 10:6
– Zechariah 14:18 – who are the families going up?

Thursday 5-13-04
– What office of God was Moses interacting with?
– Did God have zero tolerance for the Nation of Israel?
– Should we fear God because of his level of tolerance?
– What are the different bodies of Christ?
– Why does the Bible say Jonah was in a fish in Jonah 1:17 and a whale in Matthew 12:40?
– Who was the first Christian?

Thursday 5-20-04
– Where did Cain get his wife?
– Explain Genesis 10:25
– Job 1:4 – why did Job offer sacrifices for his kids?

Thursday 5-27-04
– Are psychics of God because they do good and seemingly prophesy things?
– Why is the sabbath so important in the Old Testament?

Thursday 6-3-04
– Explain the “Ages of Ages” in Deuteronomy 7:9
– Explain the land grant given to Abraham

Thursday 6-10-04
– Explain the 7 pillars in Proverbs 9:1
– Philippians 1:16 – who is “the one”?
– Explain Genesis 24:32

Thursday 6-24-04
– Joyce Myers – going against the grain when she preaches and speaks in tongues
– Where in the Bible does it say that women are not to preach?
– Explain Hosea 2:21-23
– Explain Judges 9:8-15

Thursday 7-1-04
– What does the Bible say about homosexuality?
– Colossians 3:8 – what is filthy communication?
– What are the 7 times the Spirit of God moved on earth?
– Explain Ezekiel 31 and the trees in the Garden of Eden

Thursday 7-8-04

Thursday 7-22-04 (Jimmy Stimetz)
– How could you tell the difference between Satan and Jesus if they appeared physically?
– What are the characteristics of the anti-christ?
– Explain John 10 and Jesus as the good shepard
– Are some of the characteristics of the anti-christ that he will be fat and a homosexual?
– How does the Catholic Church explain the verses in the Bible that go against what they teach?
– What version of the Bible does the Catholic Church use?
– What are the 18 types of the anti-christ?
– What are the 21 types of Christ?
– 2 Kings 9:30 – why did she paint her face?
– Why did Jacob get the blessing instead of Esau?
– What is a grove?
– Explain the bay tree in Psalm 37:35
– Explain Acts 18:18

Thursday 7-29-04
– 1 Chronicles 20:6 – is there any significance to him having 6 fingers and toes?
– 1 Chronicles 21:1 – what was wrong with David numbering the people?
– Genesis 4:9 – what is Cain afraid of?
– Genesis 4:11 – why is the land referred to as a her?
– 2 Samuel 23 – who are the lion-like men?
– Explain Nebuchadnezzar turning into a lion?
– What do staffs represent?
– What is the principle when someone is killed with their own weapon?
– Explain Exodus 16:16

Thursday 8-5-04
– Explain what a dispensation is
– How does Paul know he’s from the tribe of Benjamin?
– When God changes Jacob’s name, does that picture the restoration of the Nation of Israel?
– Explain Isaiah 65:25

Thursday 8-12-04
– Who are the two “great” women in the Bible?

Thursday 8-19-04
– Micah 5:5 – who are the 7 shepards and 8 principled men?
– What kind of bodies will Moses and Elijah have in the tribulation period?
– What are the characteristics of the anti-christ?
– Explain 2 Kings 23:5

Thursday 9-2-04
– Explain what a church is and the different types of them
– Explain the cedars of Lebanon in Zechariah 11
– Explain Psalm 29
– Explain Ezekiel 31:8-9
– Explain the 7 Thunders in Revelation
– Explain Tarshish in Jonah
– Explain the genealogy of Benjamin in 1 Chronicles 17
– Explain Psalm 33:2
– How do you know that Melchizedek is from the line of Shem?

Thursday 9-9-04
– Genesis 36:33 – different way to spell Job’s name?
– Is there any connection between Saul in the Old Testament and Saul/Paul in the New Testament having the same name?
– Why are birthdays bad in the Bible? What are the 2 birthdays talked about?
– Does the phrase “all roads lead to Rome” have any Biblical significance?
– Explain how Christ’s birth and return occur during the Feast of Tabernacles
– Jeremiah 10 – why do people think Christ was born on December 25th?
– What do the gold, frankincense, and myrrh represent in Matthew 2?

Thursday 9-16-04
– Job 38:7 and Isaiah 14:12 – what is the significance if something happens in the morning?
– Should we lift up our eyes when we pray?
– Exodus 28:41 – sanctified vs. consecrated
– Explain Psalm 72:16
– Explain laughter in the Bible

Thursday 9-23-04
– Exodus 32:32 – what book is he referring to?
– Explain Joshua 14:12
– What are the 5 divisions in Psalms?
– What are the 3 questions to ask an unsaved man?

Thursday 9-30-04
– How do you know that the dinosaurs got wiped out in the flood of Genesis 6?
– Philippians 2:12 – what does it mean to work out your own salvation?
– Ephesians 4 – what does it mean when it says “ye have not learned so in Christ”?
– Explain Genesis 19:12-14
– Proverbs 30:11-14 – what are these generations?
– Explain Proverbs 30

Thursday 10-7-04
– Explain the word “translate” found 3 times in the Bible
– Ezekiel 39:25 – who is Gomer?
– Numbers 19:6 – explain the red heifer sacrifice
– Explain Deuteronomy 23:2
– Explain Deuteronomy 23:27
– Explain 1 Thessalonians 2

Thursday 10-14-04
– Numbers 19:6 – what is the significance of cedar, wood, and hysop?
– Psalm 85:10, 89:14, and 86:15 – what is the connection between mercy and truth?
– Isaiah 11:15 – what is a dry shod?
– Why is the last paragraph mark found in Acts 20?
– Explain Jonah 2:3
– Isaiah 10 – is this fish Leviathan? Jonah 2:10
– Genesis 1:11 vs Genesis 1:29 – what is the difference?

Thursday 10-21-04
– Is the apostle John found in Song of Solomon?
– Ecclesiastes 1:1 – what do these 3 titles mean?
– Explain Song of Solomon 4:7?

Thursday 10-28-04
– Job 28:12 – what do all these minerals stand for?

Thursday 11-4-04

Thursday 11-11-04

Thursday 11-18-04

Thursday 12-2-04

Thursday 12-9-04

Thursday 12-16-04


Thursday 7-3-03
– Psalms 35:1, 119:154, I Samuel 24:15, & 25:39 – What is “our cause” in these passages?
– Why does David say it like this “Plead my cause”?
– Ephesians 5:22-23 – Is this a Spiritual or Physical mandate?
– Mark 7:25-30 & Matthew 15:21-28 – Is Jesus calling the woman a dog?
– Why did Jesus pick this woman’s story and add it to the Bible?

Thursday 7-10-03
– Revelation 5:6 – Is the Lamb Jesus in this verse?
– Revelation 6:5-6 – What is the oil and the wine?
– John 6:53-63 – What is Jesus trying to tell his Disciples that they don’t understand?
– Job 22:12-17 – Does this passage talk about outer space & the 2nd Heaven?

Thursday 7-17-03
– 1 Timothy 6:20 – What does “science falsely so called” mean?
– What are the 7 Great Awakenings in America & 7 Cults started from America?
– Acts 2:34 – Is there a time element between when you die and when you get to heaven?
– 1 Thessalonians 4:14 – When it says “when God bring with him” is that their soul?
– Ephesians 2:5-6 – The minute you get saved, do you have a spiritual circumcision and your soul went to heaven?
– Genesis 32:24-32 – How did God all of a sudden show up and why were He & Jacob wrestling?
– Have the majority of the people of Israel read the Old Testament and are they being obedient?
– Genesis 32:26 – What is he saying?
– Revelation 8:1 – What is the “space of half an hour”?

Thursday 7-24-03
– Genesis 30:37-43 – What is going on in these verses?
– Genesis 3:22 – Who is the “Us” in this verse & what is the “tree of life” in this verse?
– Why would God bring the tree of life back down from Heaven to Earth if we all have Eternal life?
– Revelation 22 – How will there still be 12 months in Eternity if there is no time in Eternity?

Thursday 7-31-03
– Genesis 3:15 – What does “bruise his heel” represent? What is the “it” in the same verse?
– Daniel 2:43 – Can angelic seed and human seed mix today in present time?
– Is the anti-Christ going to be half angelic and half human?
– Job 5:6-7 – What does “as the sparks fly upward” mean?
– Hosea 4:11 – What are the 2 kinds of wine in the Bible?
– Is it wrong for Christians to drink alcohol?
– Can a saved person fall in love with someone on the inside and outside?
– How do you convince someone that being gay is a sin who says they have had homosexual feelings since they were 5 years old?
– Can a person be born gay?

Thursday 8-7-03
– Judges 3:16-22 – Why did dirt come out of Eglon’s belly?
– Proverbs 9:1 – What does “she hath hewn out her seven pillars” mean?
– Ephesians 2:19-22 – What is the “household of God”?
– Will there be a difference between the way a Jew and Gentile is saved in the Tribulation?
– What is the difference between the Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost?

Thursday 8-14-03
– What does the Bible say about women’s place in the ministry?
– Does the Bible mention women being pastors?
– Explain Exodus 16:36
– Explain 2 Corinthians 9:1-5
– Do we have more demonic activity coming to Earth because Jupiter is closer than it has been before?

Thursday 8-21-03
– How does Isaiah break down where you have the Old Testament, New Testament and the Church Age in those 66 chapters with 66 books in the Bible?
– How do you know that Isaiah was written 800 years before Christ?
– Why does God favor the Jews when we all are God’s children?
– Does God talk to people today like He did in the Old Testament?
– Where did Cain get his wife?
– Genesis 3:16 – Did Eve have kids before the fall?
– What does Cain, Abel, and Seth represent?
– What do names in the Bible that start with the letter B mean?
– Explain Psalm 22:20-21
– Did Christ go to hell for 3 days and did Satan ever have control of Christ?

Thursday 8-28-03
– Explain the Water Gate in Nehemiah
– 2 Timothy 3:17 – What does “furnished” mean?
– Explain Romans 8:26
– 2 Timothy 4:1 – Explain the doctrines of devils

Thursday 9-4-03
– Ecclesiastes 10:20 – Can the devil and unclean spirits read your thoughts?
– Judges 4:21 – why would Jael drive a nail through Sisera’s temple?
– Why did they cut off thumbs and big toes in the Old Testament?
– Judges 1:19 – What are the chariots of iron?
– Once you are saved, are you always saved?
– Are there different levels of heaven after we die?
– Are there different levels of hell?
– How does God judge a Christian that kills someone in a war?

Thursday 9-11-03
– Proverbs 8:3 – Do these gates line up to those in Nehemiah 9?
– Why is wisdom likened to a ‘she’?
– Numbers 2:10 – Why are the tribe’s structure so specific?
– Why are there 9 gates in Nehemiah and 12 gates in Revelation 21?
– Why are the Levites not numbered with the children of Israel?
– Revelation 21 – Do they not need a veil in the tabernacle in eternity?
– Hebrews 13:2 – How does this apply inspirationally?
– How do the “old lions” and “young lions” in the Old Testament connect to the devil?
– Where does the number 666 come from that is connected with the devil?
– Revelation 20:7 – Does the devil have to change tactics after the Millennial reign?

Thursday 9-18-03
– If the devil can’t read our minds, how come he makes us do bad things?
– Jeremiah 4:23 – What is this judgment?
– Is the light that is in Genesis 1:4 the same light that’s in us?
– Genesis 18 – What is taking place in this chapter?
– Is tithing a part of the New Testament Church?
– Is Ishmael 13 years old when kicked out with his mother?
– Revelation 20:9 – Who is the camp of the saints?
– Matthew 15:27 – What does he mean by “cast it to dogs”?
– Explain Proverbs 11:22

Thursday 9-25-03
– Study on the birthday of Jesus Christ

Thursday 10-2-03
– Genesis 24 – 19 principles for finding a spouse
– Ezekiel 1:24 – How are the cheribums’ wings connected to the voice of God?
– 1 Kings 2:28 – Why grab ahold of the horns of the altar?
– Leviticus 6 – Why does the priest change clothes so much?
– Exodus 17 – What is this battle a picture of?

Thursday 10-9-03
– Genesis 3 – What type of fruit did Adam and Eve eat?
– Ezekiel 31:5 – Is this considered Satan’s tree?
– Matthew 24:32 – Explain the parable of the fig tree

Thursday 10-16-03
– What was God’s original purpose for creating man?
– Is heaven a physical or spiritual place?
– Is the brain and the mind the same thing?
– Joel 2 – Explain the chapter in regard to tongues
– Acts 12:21 – Does this fit into the tribulation period? Do they really think Herod is a god?

Thursday 10-23-03

Thursday 10-30-03
– Breakdown of Ruckman’s Bible timeline chart
– Genesis 6 – Is open theology Biblical?
– Leviticus 8:7 – Explain the reasoning for the clothing
– 2 Kings 4:29-35 – Why can’t Gehazi revive the child?

Thursday 11-6-03
– Colossians 2:11 – Why do parents circumcise their kids today?
– Explain Hebrews 9:15
– 2 Chronicles 20:15 – What battle is he talking about?
– Why don’t the Jews believe Christ is who he is?

Thursday 11-13-03
– Why isnt Solomon in God’s hall of fame of Hebrews 11?
– Song of Solomon 2:10-12 – Does the month of the rapture line up with the feast month in Leviticus?
– Song of Solomon 2:13 – Is this the rapture of the tribulation saints?
– Song of Solomon 5:9 – Is this what Christ actually looks like?
– Gen 49:11-12 – Does this line up with Song of Solomon 5?
– Ecclesiastes 11:9-10 – Is he saying it’s bad to be a child?
– Was Solomon wise in the world or wise in the knowledge of God?
– What does it mean to be a revenger of blood in the bible?
– Did they not need rain before the flood?

Thursday 11-20-03

Thursday 12-4-03

Thursday 12-11-03