Camp 2019

OPBC’s 2019 Youth Camp went from July 22nd to July 25th at the Salvation Army’s Three Trails Camp & Retreat Center in Independence, MO. There were over 130 kids that attended camp, with over 200 people total including the counselors and helpers!

The theme of the 2019 camp was “Overcoming.” A common issue in the world today is everyone wants to claim the status of a “victim.” The goal of this week was to focus on how to rather than being a victim, become a “victor” and overcome the trials and tribulations in our life.

Please check out the material from OPBC’s 2019 summer camp to get a taste of what the incredible week was like. If you are interested in sending your kid(s) to camp next year, please see the Contacts page to get in touch with Pastor Bob or one of the web hosts to get signed up!